LG G-Slate V909 4G User Manual &Datasheet Specifications for T-Mobile

We ever mentioned about this Tablet from LG, called as LG G-Slate V909, that the User Manual of this Tablet, that been available in PDF File formats is not the “Real” Manual. Finally, to day, after we revisit the LG G-Slate Supports Page, we found an additional Manual called as Quick Start Guide. But, after we download this QSG, we found an interesting info: The Quick Start Guide is actually the User Guide of LG G-Slate T-Mobile 4G. That why we are in hurry on writing this post and wanna share this information to all of you that already had LG G-Slate. Another good news for you regarding the Manual of LG G-Slate is we also found the User Manual of this Tablet from T-Mobile Carrier Site which available both English and Spanish Edition Languages. But before we shared the manual, let take a closer look about this Tablet in the design and Specifications.

LGG Slate V909 T-Mobile 4G Manual User Guide Spec Datasheet Overview

LGG Slate V909 T-Mobile 4G Manual User Guide Spec Datasheet - Overview

Works together with T-Mobile Carrier, LG G-Slate also known as T-Mobile G-Slate 4G. The 4G means that along with T-Mobile this Tablet supports for fourth 4th Generation of Data Networks Technology. This was the first tablet from T-Mobile that supports for this 4G Technology (HSPA+). Using HSPDA 900/1700/2100 Mhz Frequency and GSM 850, 1800, 1900 Mhz, this Tablet supports both GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and 3G / 4G up to 10.2 Mbps HSDPA and 2Mbps for HSUPA.

This Phone also has well-known name as LG G-Slate 3D because of the ability on producing 3D Video and 3D Player by using its 3D LCD Capacitive Touchscreen.

LG G-Slate V909 T-Mobile 4G Manual User Guide Quick Resume

Quick Resume Picture: Keys and Parts of LG G-Slate V909 T-Mobile 4G that would guide you to understand the Tablet closely. You can get this Tutorial under “Device Component” started on page 18 of the User Manual of G-Slate (in PDF File). Actually the looks and elaboration of the Keys Parts of this Gadget is more details that what we served in this image. It consist elaborations and explanation details of each Keys and Parts. For example,

the Power/Lock Key has a function to locks the screen on your device or by Press and hold to open the power off menu. The Camera Flash would help picture and video quality when taking picture or recording videos in low light condition or the Reset button to reboots you device or Ambient Light Sensor to detects available environmental light and automatically increases or decreases the display’s back-lighting.

LG G-Slate V909 T-Mobile 4G Manual User Guide Spec Datasheet Keys Parts Resume

LG G-Slate V909 T-Mobile 4G Manual User Guide Spec Datasheet - Keys Parts - Resume

As usually, in the matter you find that your Tablet does not reponse (stop responding) to user input or the screen freeze you can restart your device but Removing the back cover (get this tutorial under PDF Download Tab) and Press RESET Button. If this trick doesn’t help you you can try “Massage trick” > Rub the screen with your both thumb fingers up and down smoothly. Going to Service Center is the best option though!

For Factory Data Reset tutorial, you can go to page 61 under “FAQ”. In there you can find these following step by step instruction to do Master / Hard Reset to get you Tablet like the first time you got in you hand: Home Screen > Apps > Settings > Privacy > Factory Data Reset > Reset Tablet > erase Everything. Because all installed applications and user data would be deleted please back up first before you perform this action.

For others tutorial are like usual. You can get to know how to use your Tablet as Wi-Fi Wireless Router Hotspot, learning to connect to the Internet with Wi-Fi, Pairing the Bluetooth, Using the Google Maps 3D, How to use Camera to create HD Video or 3D Video, Setting the Alarm Clock, Create Screen Lock Pattern, Download and Install Application from Android Market, Shop for eBook/ Book and Read it, using QuickOffice to open .doc Word, .xls Excel and .ppt PowerPoint File, Read a PDF and many more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

LG G-Slate V909 T-Mobile 4G Specifications

As we said above, that T-Mobile G-Slate used 3D LCD Capacitive Touchscreen material on its Display Screen, this also means that the only Writing Mode you can get on this Device is the Virtual Onscreen Keyboard (Qwerty). The Display Screen has 16M Colors and designed in 8.9 inches Diagonal Diameter at 768 x 1280 Pixels Resolution (HD / High Definition). The Touchscreen embedded with Accelerometer for Auto Rotate UI Orientation, Proximity Sensor and also Multi Touch Input.

LG G-Slate V909 T-Mobile 4G Manual User Guide Spec Datasheet Specifications Detail

LG G-Slate V909 T-Mobile 4G Manual User Guide Spec Datasheet - Specifications Detail

LG G-Slate runs on Android Honeycomb Platform, an Android 3.0 Series that specially designed for Tablet Devices along side with great Hardware Specs. It powered with Dual Core Processor NVDIA Tegra 2 T250 at the Speed of 1Ghz CPU (The same hardware CPU that been used also in Acer Iconia Tab A500/A501). Whenever you need to open multiple Applications (Multitasking), you don’t need to worry about crashing the one on another or got a trouble on slow process due to this Dual Core 1Ghz Processor from NVIDIA, that also completed with Internal ROM Memory has 32GB in size and also attached with 1GB for RAM.

T-Mobile G-Slate comes with Dual Camera in the rear and front facing side. As a 3D Capability Tablet that can create 3D and HD Video Capture (1080p HD) and Viewing (Player), the rear facing camera on the back side of this Tablet body armored with 5 Megapixel Camera along with LED Flash Light for a better and clear Capture or Shot in the area of poor light resources, 4x Digital Zoom, Scene Mode, Auto Focus, Stereoscopic Photos and Videos (3D), Geo Tagging and HD Video Recording (1080p@24fps for 2D, 720p@30fps for 3D). The front facing camera installed with 2Megapixel Camera for Video Calling usage.

As an Tablet, without a doubt, Wi-Fi connectivity is a must! LG G-Slate V909 T-Mobile 4G do had Wi-Fi features connectivity for Wireless connection. It supports WLAN 802.11 b/g/n, and also has DLNA Certificate and can be use as a Router (use a Tablet as Wi-Fi Hotspot). Bluetooth version 2.1 plus EDR for stereo headset, object exchange, video remote control phone book access, object push profiles also supported. For the USB, it uses microUSB version 2.0.

As an Android Tablet, the Preloaded Applications / Software from Google included: Google eBooks, Google maps 5.0 with 3D Interaction (special for G-Slate), GMail with Tablet Optimized likes Inified Inbox, Split Screen View, Google Player for MP3, AAC, AAC+ and eAAC+ for Audio Music, and MP4, DivX, XviD, H.264, H.263, and WMV for Video Player, Android Market, Google Latitude, YouTube 3D, and more.

As a 3D Tablet, this Device also included with 3D Glasses as and Tablet Accessories along with Bluetooth Stereo Headset HBS-700, Stereo Headset, USB Cable and others Accessories included in the box / package.

Other Applications and Features that you might find in this Tablet: Twitter,Facebook, MySpace, Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo Messenger (need to download from Android Market), Preloaded Apps likes EA Games, Zinio Reader, doubleTwist Music Player, Quick Office, Need for Speed Shift HD, T-Mobile TV, aGPS, HDMI out and more.

Table of Contents of LG G-Slate V909 4G Manual User Guide

Service Activation
For Your safety
Understanding Your Device
Google Account Set up
You Home Screen and Basics;
Using the Navigation Buttons
Customizing the Home screen
Using the Multi Tasking Functions
Status and Notification Icons
Notification Panel
Touch Screen Tips
On Screen Keyboard,
Connecting to Networks and Devices;
Wi-Fi Networks
Connecting to a Computer via USB,
Getting directions
Starring a Location
Finding Your Friends with Latitude,
Android Market
Google Talk
Photos and Videos;
Video Camera
3D Camcorder
3D Player,
Wireless and Networks
Location and Security
Accounts and Sync
Language and Input
About Tablet,

LG G-Slate V909 T-Mobile 4G Manual User Guide Datasheet Specifications PDF Download

The picture below represent how you can perform on opening the back cover casing of LG G-Slate and then how you can inserting the SIM card to its compartment in proper way. You can also learn how to plug the charger and start charging the tablet or hwo you can turn on / off the Tablet. For the detail you can go to page 20 and page 21 and find further tutorial in there.

LG G-Slate V909 T-Mobile 4G Manual User Guide Spec Datasheet Open Casing Insert SIM Card Charging Turning On Off PDF Download

LG G-Slate V909 T-Mobile 4G Manual User Guide Spec Datasheet - Open Casing Insert SIM Card Charging Turning On Off - PDF Download

A little note before you download: Actually the two User Manual below is the same in content but the second one provide also the User manual in Spanish Language (plus English). The Datasheet PDF of LG G-Slate provided the complete and detail specifications and features of the Tablet with a little overview. Just Enjoy!

Source: www.lg.com
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