LG Genesis US760 User Manual & Quick Start Guide for US Cellular

What the best text input I/O on Smartphone? Which one better: using Real Keyboard or Virtual Keyboard on Touchscreen Display? And what is your favorite choice? What about that we gave you both of those choices?

Yup, LG Genesis US760 is one of the Smartphone that equipped with both Physical Qwerty Keyboard and also the Onscreen Virtual One. Just switch it, anytime you wanna use one of them, try it for you best that suits in your hand. How you can switch between Real Qwerty Keyboard and the Virtual Qwerty Keyboard on LG Genesis? Because the design comes with Genesis is Side Fold, you can switched by Folding (in or out / open or close, like opening door or windows in traditional fold ways) the Phone. If you fold it open you got two display Touchscreen. The Front External Side (in closed condition) it has 3.5 inches Diameter Diagonal Size, and the internal one (open mode), it uses 3.2″ display screen size.

LG Genesis US760 User Manual US Cellular Quick Start Guide Datasheet Specs Overview

LG Genesis US760 User Manual US Cellular Quick Start Guide Datasheet - Specs Overview

If you ever heard Clamshell or Flip Side form factor design of Phone or Gadget design, and you understand what exactly the meaning of them, you will understand that slide fold form factor of LG Genesis US760 is the same “design” as Flip Side or ClamShell form factor.

OK, back to the Display. Although the Internal Display and External Display has difference in Diameter Diagonal Size (3.5″ and 3.2″), but for the Resolution Screen Pixel and the Material and Colors are both come with the same specifications: uses TFT Touchscreen with 16M colors and 480 x 800 pixels Resolution.

LG Genesis US760 User Manual US Cellular Quick Start Guide Resume

Instead of discussing the User Manual that only consist 2 pages (yes only two pages) that absolutely can’t be called as User Manual / User Guide, we decided to wrote a resume about the Quick Start Guide of LG Genesis US760 for US Cellular.

LG Genesis US760 User Manual Quick Start Guide Datasheet Keys Parts Resume US Cellular

LG Genesis US760 US Cellular User Manual Quick Start Guide Datasheet - Keys Parts - Resume

The Picture above is some parts of Body and Keys of LG Genesis that would help you to understand the phone deeply and thoroughly. You can learn how the location of Volum Keys, USB Charging Port, Speaker, Home Keys, Search Keys Flash Light and more. It also consists the Keys Part of Qwerty Keyboard (in open fold out mode) of the Phone: Directional Keys, Power End Keys, Vibrate Mode, Functions Key, and else (read it by yourself).

Just like others Quick Start Guide aka Getting Started Guide (QSG / GSG), the Genesis QSG only consists small part of the features tutorial. Such as on page 15 you can learn how you can perform bluetooth to be able to pair with other Bluetooth Device. From Scanning the Device or to Power it on and name your Device.

But if you like to know how you can use Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet on the case you are in US Cellular Wi-Fi Hostpot or you wanna use your Phone as Router Wi-Fi, you can read the simple step by step instructions on page 17 of the QSG of LG Genesis. And if wondering how you can use GPS to Navigate with Your Navigator Deluxe or with Google Maps Navigation (need GPS enable), or you wanna know the Destination Route, just open page 19.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

LG Genesis US760 US Cellular Datasheet Specifications

On the Datasheet Specifications, there is no information about the Hardware related to RAM/ROM. We gather information from third party site (androidcentral) and found an interesting info. This dual screen phone actually destined for Verizon Wireless but it seems that Verizon did not take this phone and US Cellular take it instead. It uses 1GHz Processor Speed of QSD8650 Snapdragon (no info about RAM/ROM).

LG Genesis US760 User Manual US Cellular Quick Start Guide Datasheet Specifications

LG Genesis US760 User Manual US Cellular Quick Start Guide - Datasheet Specifications

The Genesis has 430MB Internal User Memory and can be expanded by using microSD Card up to 32GB (included in the box, the 8GB microSD memory card). US760 is an Android Powered SmartPhone. It currently uses the Android 2.2 version or sometime you knew it as Android Froyo OS Platform by Google.

Powered with Android means that Preloaded Google Apps come along with LG Genesis US760. Android Market, Google Search, Google Mail, Google Talk, Google Voice to Search, Google Navigation, Google Place, Google Maps, Google Latitude are some of them. Along with S-GPS for Enhanced Location Accuracy and Google Maps Navigation, you can get real time traffic info, 360 degres view of Destination and also Turn by Turn Direction with Voice Spoken.

For the Camera, this Genesis included with 5 Megapixel Camera with Auto Focus, Camcorder, Face Tracking for Focus, Tag Location (Geo Tagging), Image Editor, 2x Camera Zoom, Voice Record or Mute (without sound), LED Flash Light for poor (low light) environment, and also has Macro Mode. One thing that you should know also is that the Genesis is a CDMA Phone that only works for CDMA Data Networks Technology along with US Cellular Provider Carrier. It suports EVDO Rev A up to 3.1 Mbps and uses Digital Dual Band 800MHz and 1,9MHz CDMA PCS.

For the Connectivity, the Genesis installed with Bluetooth version 2.1 plus EDR, support for A2DP and others Profiles (file transfer, phone book access, hands free, object push etc), Wi-FI WLAN IEEE 802.11 b, g, n type, use the Phone as Wi-Fi hotspot access point (Portable up to 5 device connections at one, and microUSB 2.0 support charging via Computer (for High Data Transfer between others supported USB Device).

For Music and Video Player, the Genesis can plays these following formats: DivX, MP4, WMV, 3GP, 3G2, MP3, WMA, AAC, AAC+, and has 32 unique ringtones.

Table of Contents of LG Genesis US760 Quick Start Guide US Cellular

Why we gave you the Table of Content of Quick Start Guide LG Genesis instead of the User Manual / User Guide of the phone? It because, the User Manual of this device, poorly, only had 2 pages and with bad bad instruction guideline. What can you expects from two Pages of Manual? Too bad. We hope LG would update the User Manual in complete and detail edition for ths LG US760 / Genesis.

Getting to Know Your Phone
Qwerty Keyboard
Touch Screen and Navigation
Make a Phone Call/Send a Message
Manage Contacts
Customize Your Phone
Adjust Sound Settings
Set Up Gmail
Set Up Email
Download Applications
Manage Settings
Update Facebook Status
Use Google Voice Actions
Bluetooth Pairing
Take Picture/Video
Use Wi-Fi
Use Web Browser
GPS Navigation
Optional Accessories

LG Genesis US760 User Manual US Cellular Quick Start Guide Datasheet Specifications PDF Download

We had to warn you that there is no User Manual of LG Genesis US760 right now. The one that we gave you the download link under the picture below that we “name it” as User Manual actually not the UM that supposed to be released. The User Manual below only consist very small guide that provided only in 2 pages. What you can expected instructional guideline on 2 pages?

LG Genesis US760 User Manual Quick Start Guide Datasheet PDF Download US Cellular

LG Genesis US760 US Cellular User Manual Quick Start Guide Datasheet - PDF Download

Source: www.lg.com
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  1. lacey says

    I tried the android way to take a screen shot by holding the home and the power button at the same time and it didn’t work. I have the LG Genesis and I was wondering how to take a screen shot on here thanks

  2. andrea says

    I’ve had the lg genesis since july2011 when they first came out, and before I bought mine, the Sales lady said there’s no way to take a screenshot unless I jailbreak my phone but advised me not to. its not jailbroken & never will be. but I wish I would’ve got the galaxy s2 so I can shreenshot.

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