LG Mystique UN610 User Manual & Quick Start Guide

The User Interface I/O used by LG Mystique UN610 were both Touch Screen and Qwerty Keyboard. The Touch Screen used in the Front Display of the Body of the Phone (when the LG Mystique in Closed Body) and the Qwerty Keyboard used to make you able to create faster Text Message when you are sending or typing it. Of course you need to Flip it Out the Phone before you can used the Qwerty Keyboard (see the image below)

LG Mystique UN610 Flip User Manual Quick Start Guide PDF

LG Mystique UN610 Flip User Manual Quick Start Guide

For the camera installed in this phone (at the rotate on flip corner) used 2.0 Megapixel Camera with Camcorder. For Music Player it supports the common formats of Audio, such as MP3, WMA, ACC and als MP4A. About the Display Screen it used 2.4 inches external and internal dispaly at 240 x 320 pixels. MicroSD slot for extended memory also available in LG Mytique UN610.

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LG Mystique UN610 User Manual Quick Start Guide Download PDF

LG Mystique UN610 Flip Manual User Guide PDF Phone Overview

LG Mystique UN610 Flip Owner Manual User Guide PDF Phone Overview

If you like to know all the specifications and features of LG Mystique, you can just learn by reading the User Manual / Owner Manual of UN610. It would help you to know what the Phone can do for you. Such as how to connect to the internet and used the easyedgeSM to download games, ringtones, pictures and else, instruction to do assemble Phone with microSD or SIM card, Troubleshooting, Taking Picture Photo or creating Video Recording tutorial with 2MP Camera, Understanding the shortcut and menu Navigation, using the Qwerty Keyboard and button keys, Setting and Setup, Bluetooh configurations operations (Pairing) for data Transfer, and many more.

User Manual English LG Mystique [ 1.53 MB ] | User Manual UN610 Spanish / Español | Quick Start Guide | DataSheet

Table of Contents of LG Mystique UN610 User Manual

Important Safety Precautions
Table of Contents
Technical Details
Phone Overview
Menu Overview
Getting Started with Your Phone
Quick Access to Convenient Features
Entering and Editing Information
Contacts in Your Phone’s Memory
Phone Menus
Limited Warranty Statement

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