LG Neon II GW370 User Manual, Quick Start Guide & Datasheet for AT&T

I almost misleading about this LG Neon II / LG Neon 2, with others LG Neon 2 version series: LG Neon2 GT350. This is why I did not write about this Phone until I figure out that I was wrong about this. The LG Neon2 GT350 is not the same as LG Neon II GW370. It sometime also been named as LG Shannon and LG Rumour Plus in other Regions.

LG Neon II, officially, comes in the United State along with AT&T Mobile Provider Carrier. It still available in the store right now. You can get and buy this phone from there. For quick overview, here are some keys feature of LG Neon II GW370 (we discuss it more about this at the specifications tab): AT&T Navigator, Touch Screen, Full Qwerty Keyboard, Social Networking Applications, 3G Data Speed, 2MP Camera with Camcorder Option, and Music Player.

LG Neon II 2 GW370 Manual User Guide Quick Start DataSheet Specs Overview

LG Neon II 2 GW370 Manual User Guide - Quick Start Guide - DataSheet - Specs Overview

The Phone onboard-installed with aGPS (GPS). Along with AT&T Navigator, this aGPS can be used to provide trun by turn Directions and also for traffic monitoring. This would really help you if you wanna avoid trafict jam in the way to your destination (such as holiday place or your office). Another Applications that come along with this Navigator Tools are AllSport GPS that would monitor your outdoor fitness activities four you own health such as the distance that you had take, the speed, calorie that you been burn and alos the time and the route, WHERE tool that would help you to find you own current location and then connect with you collague, place or things, and the last is the AT&T Family Map that has aimed to locate wireless phone on a map from a mobile or a PC.

LG Neon II User Manual / User Guide English Resume

The Keys Part Picture Layout that we gave you below is the part of User Guide Contents that you can read clearly at page 6, 7 and 8 of the PDF File UG of the Phone. It would hep you to understand the functions and also where the keys button was placed in the body of the phone, such as the USB Port, the Send Keys, the microSD socket, Volume key and more.

LG Neon II 2 GW370 Manual Quick Start Guide Keys Part Layout Resume

LG Neon II 2 GW370 Manual - Quick Start Guide - Keys Part Layout - Resume

One tutorial that you should know if you encounter any problem with the phone such as the setting had been change or your phone got hang or stop responding is how you can use Master Reset or Master Clear that available on page 78. Under Setting Chapter on the Connection sub-chapter you can also see how you can lean to use Bluetooth with A2DP Profile and Hand Free Headset and of course how to pairing it with other device.

Because the Phone did not has Wi-Fi the only connection to the internet that you can had with this Phone is using the Data Networks from AT&T Carrier. For example if you wanna use the Maps and GPS (the step by step instruction and tutorial available in page 49 and page 50) and Navigator you need to use the Data Networks of AT&T Carrier.

There a lot more guidance that you can read in the User Guide of LG Neon II GW370. For example how to use the 2MP Camera, using the Alarm Clock, How to update status on Facebook, make tweet and Twitter, change settings of Date, Time, language and Display Wallpaper, Play Music and Video, Record Voice and many more. Just download the User Manual that we uploaded the link under “Manual Download” Tab. Enjoy!

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

LG Neon II Specifications

LG Neon II GW370 officially has 2.4 inches and 320 x 240 pixels with 262K TFT Colors for the Touchscreen Display. The storage memory used on the Phone is 80MB for onboard internal storage memory and for teh external removable memory it utilize the microSD card that can be use up to 16GB. It been claimed that the battery can be used up to 4 hours in talk time usage and up to 11 days if in stand by mode. The Data Networks that used along with AT&T Provider Carrier is GSM Technology that supports GSM/GPRS/EDGE for 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz Frequency (Quad-Band) and UMTS/HSDPA up to 3.6Mbps for 850, 1900 MHz.

LG Neon II 2 GW370 User Guide Manual Quick Start Specifications English Spanish

LG Neon II 2 GW370 User Manual - Quick Start Guide - Specifications - English Spanish

For the Social Media Applications, the LG Neon II, already installed with AT&T Social Net application that would be able to used almost all social networking at once (all in one), and also has Mobile Email Client for most popular email services such as Yahoo Mail, AOL, AIM, Windows Live, AT&T Mail and also Gmail. Even the Instant Messaging Client also available for AIM, WLM, and YM.

We couldn’t find the Operating system that been used in the Neon II GW370, though we can assure you that the Phone supports Java Applications (version 2.0) including Games and Mobile Apps. It also equipped with 2 Megapixel Camera that, of course, can be used for both Video and Photo Shot along with 2x Digital Zoom Camera and Video, Image Editor. For Media Player it supports Audio and Video formats like MP3, WMA, AAC and AAC+ (Music Player) and WMV, 3GP: H.263, H.264 (Video Player)

For the Connectivity Tools, the Neon II also has Bluetooth version 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate and alos support A2DP Profiles for Wireless Stereo Headsets, and also USB Slot for High Data Speed transfer (can be used to Charge the battery via Computer). For complete Specifications and Features of LG Neon II GW370 we prompt you to download the Datasheet that we serve to you below:

Table of Contents of LG Neon II User Manual / User Guide English

Your Phone
Getting Started
General Functions
Address Book
In-Call Menu
Menu Tree
Mobile Email
Social Net
Online Locker
Address Book
YP Mobile
Camera and REcordings
Other File
File Manager,
AT&T Music
Audio and Ringtones
Phone Settings
Touch Keypad
Applications Settings
Software Update
Phone Information,
For Your Safety
Safety Guidelines

LG Neon II 2 Manual User Guide Quick Start & Datasheet English Spanish PDF Download

This Picture prompt you to know how you can properly inserting the SIM Card and also the microSD Card in the Body bonnet of Neon II GW370 and also how you can understand the step by step instruction on assembling the phone with battery and also open or close the casing cover. This image just a short resume. The full and complete tutorial you can read from the User Guide / User Manual of Neon II PDF File.

LG Neon II 2 GW370 User Guide Manual Assembling Battery Charging Insert SIM Card Memory PDF Download

LG Neon II 2 GW370 User Guide - Assembling Battery Charging Insert SIM Card microSD Memory - PDF Download

We almost say that it is not make any sense that the Quick Start Guide Size File is very huge in comparison with the User manual / User Guide Size File though the content of the Quick Start Guide had smaller in text and also pages. But, after we open both of the PDF Files and view / read it, we noticed that the huge file of QSG happened because the graphic and image are everywhere.

Source: www.lg.com
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  1. Hi says

    I have trouble downloading pictures from Multimedia Messages onto my memory card. Whenever I click “retrieve” 5 seconds later it says “cannot retrieve message”. What do I do?

  2. Denine says

    I have a LG GW370 and the touchscreen (number keypad) has stopped working, calibration/alignment is way off. Whatever I push on number pad it comes as pound sign or the number 0. I have already tried turning it off. Is there something I can do to get it back?

  3. Terrilynn says

    I have a LG GW370 and the touchscreen (number keypad) has stopped working, calibration/alignment is way off. Whatever I push on number pad it comes as pound sign or the number 0. I have already tried turning it off. Is there something I can do to get it back?

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