LG Octane VN530 User Manual Quick Start Guide

LG Octane VN530 had attached with 3.2 Megapixel Camera with Sleek Flip Side form factor design and used the combination of numeric keypad at the front body (flip off) and Full Qwerty Keyboard for fast typing messaging or text (flip side on) for the body design (pictured).

LG Octane VN530 User Manual Quick Start Guide PDF

LG Octane VN530 User Manual Quick Start Guide

In United States (US) the LG Octane you can have it from Verizon Wireless (as a Phone’s Carrier) at around US$250 for the price (it can be varied due to aging of the phone). Facebook, Twitter and MySpace Application also been installed in the Phone that you be easy to access your favorite Social Networking.

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Download LG Octane VN530 User Manual and Quick Start Guide PDF

LG Octane VN530 Manual User Guide PDF Phone Overview

LG Octane VN530 Manual User Guide PDF Phone Overview

What you can learn by reading LG Octane VN530 User Manual / Quick Start Guide are using and opertaing the Phone to make a Call, Inserting the SIM Card or microSD for external additional Memory, Accessing Facebook or Twitter, Instructions tutorial to use Menu Navigation Take a Picture or creating Video Recording using the 3.2MP Camera, Playing Audio Music supported formats (MP3, WMA, AAC, & AAC+), Find Troubleshooting help, Pairing the Bluetooth 2.1 EDR to Computer (windows 7, Vista, XP), Setting and Setup, and many more.

LG Octane VN530 User Manual English [ Spanish Also | PDF Size: 2.2 MB ]| User Manual Spanish | Quick Start Guide English

Table of Contents of LG Octane VN530 User Manual PDF

Important Safety Precautions
Table of Contents
Technical Details
Phone Overview
Using Qwerty Keypad: Messaging
Menu Tree on Internal Screen
Getting Started with Your Phone
Quick Access to Convenient Features
Contacts in Your Phone’s Memory
Limited Warranty Statement

Source: www.lg.com
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  1. says

    I’ve only had the phone for a few days, but I really like it. Easy to use and the keys are not too small for my thumbs. Call clarity is great (not sure what the echo is that others mentioned) and texting is very easy. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could text from either keyboard. I couldn’t find that in any review before I bought the phone and it is a nice feature. Battery life seems to be better than my old LG VX8360 which would die after 2 days in the black hole that is my workplace.

  2. Daniel R Anderson says

    ive looked everywhere i can think of, and still cant find out how to: 1. skip old messages to get to the most current while listening to voice mail. 2. how to send a phone call directly to voice mail when the phone starts ringing. any help?

  3. casey says

    I am trying to import pics from my LG VN530 to my lap top…my operating system is windows vista…Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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