LG Optimus M MS690 User Manual & Datasheet Specifications for MetroPCS

LG launched the new series of Optimus; the LG Optimus M MS690. Just like others Optimus Series (Optimus S for example), this LG Optimus M MS690 also used the Android Technology OS. Optimus M run under the newest Android Version; 2.2 aka Android Froyo. The Design used Touch Bar (Mono block / Candy Bar) form factor with Full Touchscreen User Interface OI at 3.2 inches Display Screen (Virtual Onscreen Qwerty Keyboard). LG Optimus M available from Metro PCS Carrier with CDMA Data Networks Transmission that supported EVDO Rev O. LG MS690 has 150 MB Internal User Memory and can be expanded up to 32 GB with microSD (2GB microSD included).

LG Optimus M MS690 Manual User Guide PDF

LG Optimus M MS690 Manual User Guide

LG Optimus M MS690 attached with 3.2 Megapixel Camera both for Photo Image Camera and Video Recording Camcorder along with Cam’s Features and Tools; 4x Digital Zoom, Macro Mode, Image editor, Shot Modes, White balance and more. For Multimedia it can be used to plays Video or Audio Formats; DivX Video, wmv, mp4, 3gp, 3g2, mp3, wma, aac, and aac+. Others Features and Tools that MS690 had are Bluetooth Version 2.1, WiFi Hotspot Connectivity, Google Services; Google Maps, Google talk, GMail, Google Calendar, MetroPCS Appstore, Twitter and Facebook for LG, Free Games, Voice Recording, Mobile Banking, and more.

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LG Optimus M MS690 Manual User Manual Datasheet PDF Download

LG Optimus M MS690 Manual User Guide Front Rear Phone Overview PDF

LG Optimus M MS690 Manual User Guide - Front Rear Phone Overview

User Guide Owner’s Manual LG Optimus M MS690
PDF File Details: English Language, 1.31 MB in Size, 155 Pages

For Spanish Español Language of Owner’s Manual of Optimus M by LG you can get it at here and for the Datasheet in English you can download it at here.

Summary of LG Optimus M MS690 Manual User Manual Datasheet

User Manual / Owner’s Manual (url address of the pdf file mentioned as User Manual but the cover / first page of the content of Manual PDF titled with Owne’s Manual) is the instructions tutorial how to operated and understanding the LG Optimus M MS690. For example, you can get the complete help and guidance how to use Facebook for LG at the Page 58-59 of the Owner’s Manual at the chapter / sections “Commnunication”, You can read the tutorial how to use Google Maps for turn by turn navigation (with GPS/aGPS; Location or Direction) on pages 43-45 of the OM under sections of “Web”, For WiFi instruction you can read at the page 28 and 29 under section “Connectiong to Networks and Devices”. Others help and guidance such as how to use and pairing the Bluetooth, playing Games and Music or Video, taking picture or create Video Recording, Settings the Phone, Assembling the Phone and Keys parts Overview, using GMail, GTalk, Android Market, also available in User Guide Owner’s Manual of the LG Optimus M.

Table of Contents of LG Optimus M MS690 Manual User Guide Owners Manual

The Basics
Connecting to Networks
Placing and Receiving Calls
Important Health Information
Technical Details
FAQ Updated
Limited Warranty Statement

Source: www.lg.com
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  1. Daniel says

    HEy im just asking should we get additional software from the metropcs website or we shouldnt plz let me know A.S.A.P thanks cuz im buying my phone this week…

    THanks, Daniel

    • says

      This is a tough topic,it’s not even in the users manual referring to the URL on my LG MS 690.Infact there’s alot of info needed for this type of phone that is not there ether.If you can find this info. that I need, I will be amazed.

  2. PrynceB says

    i have the LG Optimus M MS690..and how do i sync my pics/videos from the phone to the computer using the usb cord.

  3. David says

    I keep getting a force close message every time I try to pair with my wife’s phone. can anyone help!!!

    We both have rooted LG optimus m ms690’s


  4. Cindy says

    I need help I got my 2nd LG MS690 Optimus M from Metro PCS both junk they are to have 2.2 Froyo but both say 2.2.1 thunderc instead and nothing works correctly including WIFI. It says my phone93% of time has no service and cannot find on network. Can soeone please help me? Thanks cindyD

  5. joerose says

    Cindy the thing with metro version is that the phone is pretty fast but metro cell service is slow.. if ur settings for ur wifi are on correctly you should. Beable to pick up a wifi signal.. don’t use the wifi when u are not in range. It usually screws the internet up when I’m on the road I usually turn my wifi off. I ALSO avoid using boingo wifi…. starbucks and mcdonals offer free wifi.. if u cannot pick up signal from there something in ur settins may not be correct!

  6. Douglas says

    I tried to download two different voip apps on the LG-MS690 (fring and 3cx), the first took TWO AND A HALF HOURS and the second took HALF HOUR!! the wi fi was off since there was no signal available. Any other phone downloads in seconds. Does anyone know why this phone takes so long??

  7. jae jae says

    i cant delete my contacts plus all my contacts are not in my contact list the only time i can see them is when im choosin a person to txt whats the problem

  8. jae jae says

    the only time i can see all of my contacts is when im dialing a number or choosing someone to txt whats the problem

  9. alex says

    yo abri mi correo de yahoo en la occion de mail@metro y hoy tengo el problema q no se como darle sing off a mi correo no puedo cerrar mi cuenta si fueran tan amables de explicarmelo lo agradeceria

  10. Adam says

    For some reason, my phone keeps reverting back to the Swype keyboard even though I’ve selected Android & unchecked all of the settings for Swype. Can anyone help here?


  11. Denise says

    downloading seems to be my problem, if I go to mp3rocket player and select a song or more how do I download it, The book you gave me with my olympus android does not in any way tell how to download music or pics. What’s the problem.

    • Lesley Barlee says

      I also would like to know how to download photos that I get sent to my message and how do I make them my wallpaper
      Many thanks

  12. ediii says

    Hi Guys I got The LG M690 And i’m trying to switch my phone number to the LG And i can’t cz it’s blocked this what metro PCShit Told me, What Should I Do ??? HELP :l

    • user manual says

      May be because your Optimus M is locked phone. You need to unlocked first to be able to switch phone number (using other SIM card?).

  13. ediii says

    But my phone is a Metro PCS i’m trying to find some way to make it a new phone by pressing some buttons like reset the whole data and renew it !!!

  14. Heather says

    I have not been able to figure out how to add a comma, period, exclamation mark, etc when using the speakerphone option on messaging. Please help.

  15. Erica McMillian says

    im having trouble with my lg optimus m. i have lost the original usb cord and have replaced it with a new cord that goes with my old phone. im having trouble uploading my pictures and music from the phone to my pc. when i plug it in it starts to charge but does not go into usb storage mode. is there another way i can troubleshoot this problem?

  16. Thomas says

    So my phone works perfectley fine except for a occasional random restart, I was simpley wondering if Theres a way to switch the main txt messaging icon to a different icon..please let me know

  17. lerma says

    Generally , im satisfied with mg lg with cricket.
    My concern is the camera. Lately, the layout chaged.
    Now, if i take picture holding the phone horizontally.
    The picture layout is vertically facing right.
    And when i rotate it and upload it to facebook.
    the original layout appear even though i.
    have rotated it. It was ok before.
    Please help. Ty

    • user manual says

      It might due to an error of accelerometer sensor. You need to go to service center to fix this problem. (just guess though)

  18. Shardai says

    I keep having to delete and restart the web or my text messages. I have a 4gb memory card. My picture count is pretty low and is backed up on my laptop. What should I do?

  19. emy says

    how do I delete a picasa album from my LG Optimus? There are no instructions on how to perform this task in the owner’s manual

  20. StevenDSterner says

    Yes I need my phone to be turned on and never to be shut off. I need the voice mail active. Also I am having problems with People shuting down my phone. The phone is consistanly being shut down and rebooted and interupeted phone service!

  21. anita wenn says

    Hi, my phone continues to run low on space. i have purchased an 8gb card for it but seems it is only storing applications on the phone’s internal memory and that seems to be the problem. how/where can i change the settings so it will utilized the 8gb card i just bought for it so can download more apps to use on my phone. thanks anita

    • says

      I saw when we download stuff into our phone you have a choice of internal memory vs your 8gb card. go to settings, manage applications, click on each application, and choose to move to your sd card or keep on phone internal memory. my 5 year old son downloads lots of games and found this out the hard way lol. hope this helps.

  22. karlos says

    I have an LG optimus m and i have been informed by people i call that my phone number does not show up on their caller id, which is why i get their voice mail box instead (they dont answere blocked numbers)…how do i unblock my phone number? can you help? I am technologically retarded!

  23. Tony says

    @ Karlos,
    I have the same problem with my caller ID.
    I have to dial *82 before each number to show it. I think it has something to do with their new feature METRO BLOCK IT.
    Not a permanent fix, but works.

  24. Kelly says

    When I plug my phone to my computer, the usb thing doesn’t pop up, how do I make it connect to the computer ?

    • Brian says

      Kelly go to Phone setting’s then press on SD card & phone storage then press on the check mark next to Mass storage only. Thats all you have to do.

  25. Maurice Harris says

    After getting all my contacts on my new phone I don’t have phone numbers for everyone and I cannot load new contacts

  26. Ron says

    Hi, I setup my gmail account on my lg optimus p690f. After a very short time I noticed i had in excess of 600 emails loaded to my phone from gmail. My problem is I can’t find a way to disable my gmail account on my mobile phone. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  27. Vivian Samuel says

    I do I add my contacts to the google on my metro L C Optimus phone. I had my number transferred to but non of my pictures were transferred. I paid $15.00 only the contacts transferred nothing else. It’s a shame that I had to pay that much to have number transferred from one metro phone to another metro phone.

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