LG Optimus V VM670 User Manual & eDatasheet for Virgin Mobile

The “V” letter on LG Optimus V indicated the relationship between the LG Optimus and it’s Carrier, so do the VM term in “VM670″ on Optimus V series. V or VM refer to Virgin Mobile. This kind of relationship was also occurred in other LG Optimus Series, especially the LG Optimus that been launched in United State (US). For Example LG Optimus T is for T-Mobile, LG Optimus M, is for Metro PCS, LG Optimus S, is for Sprint and LG Optimus U for US Cellular. Almost all of those Optimus Version has the same design and also runs with same Mobile Operating Platform.

LG Optimus V VM670 Manual User Guide Datasheet Virgin Mobile Specs Overview

LG Optimus V VM670 Manual User Guide Datasheet Virgin Mobile - Specs Overview

Without having Physical Keyboard, the LG Optimus V fully used Touchscreen as its User Interface (Input Output / IO). It brings with 3.2 Touchscreen Display at 16M colors CGS, has 480 x 320 pixels Resolution and included Virtual onscreen Qwerty Keyboard with Swype Technology. This can be concluded that the phone use Touch Bar / Touch tablet form factor with Sleek rounded four corner body. As you can see in the image above, the side body is quite slim and easy to handle.

Along with Virgin Mobile as its Data Networks Carrier, the LG Optimus V VM670 works under CDMA Technology at 1,9 GHz PCS that supports EVDO Rev.A. How about the speed on the Phone’s Brain. Optimus V attached with Dual Core Processor MSM7627 600MHz Applications Processor and 400 MHz Modem Processor, that would guarantee you to be able to experience smooth and fast on running both apps or using as a modem to connect to the Intenet.

For Specifications Details such as the Phone’s OS Platform, Connectivity Features, Software and Applications, Camera, Multimedia or Storage Memory, read at “Specifications” Tab below.

LG Optimus V VM670 Manual User Guide Virgin Mobile Resume

The Picture that we provided below can be found and read at page 23, 24, 25 and 26 under “Your Device” Sub section. It shown you how you can understand keys and part of the LG Optimus V body and button and also some explanation about each of the keys and its functions (English User Manual Version).

LG Optimus V VM670 User Guide Virgin Mobile Parts Keys Functions Resume

LG Optimus V VM670 User Guide Virgin Mobile - Parts Keys Functions Resume

Inside User Guide PDF of Optimus V, you can also read the instructions guideline how you can use GPS and also Google Maps, and Google Maps Navigation, such as you wanna use voice to speak navigation to any destination, you can read the step by step manual at page 208 to 212.

Wanna know to use the Camera for Video Recording or taking a Photo? Just open the Manual under “Camera” Chapter at page 148 to 153. Open page 157 under Bluetooth Section / Chapter, then you will find a guideline how to pairing or unpairing the Optimus V’s bluetooth to others Bluetooth Devices. And for Wi-Fi tutorial such as turning off / on the WiFi or connecting it to Hotspot or Access Point, you can read the help tutorial at pages 179, 180 and 181.

There alot of more help and instructions available in the User Guide PDF File. Such as how to download the Applications or Games from Android Market, Learning to make a call or receive call, changing the settings (wallpaper, homescreen, date, time, etc), open or upload Video from / to YouTube, setting Alarm, using Calendar, and many more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

LG Optimus V VM670 Virgin Mobile Specifications

Just like others Optimus Version, this LG Optimus V runs with Android 2.2 / Android Froyo OS by Google. This also means that almost the latest google Mobile Applications are been installed and ready to use inside the Phone. For example, Google Maps, Google Search, Google calendar, GMail, GTalk, Android Market, YouTube, Google Voice to Search, Google Maps Navigation and many more.

If you are a social networking geek, the Optimus V is ready for Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or others Applications of Social Networking even Instant Messaging Client such as Yahoo Messenger, AIM, ICQ, or others. Just find it from Android Market and you are ready to use it.

LG Optimus V VM670 User Guide Virgin Mobile Entry Keyboard Specifications

LG Optimus V VM670 User Guide Virgin Mobile - Entry Keyboard Specifications

The Optimus V was adhered with 3.2 Megapixel Camera. The Camera can be produced up to 2048 x 1536 Picture Resolution and has 4x Digital Zoom. Of course, Image Editor and also some of Image / Camera effect also included. The Camera also capable to be used as Camcorder to create Video Recording. By creating Video and Photos, you need to store in the Memory to be able to save and read it as many time as you want and as long as you want to. The Phone has internal user memory up to 160 MB and expandable with external micro SD card up to 32 GB.

Multimedia: Optimus VM670 supports these following Audio Video Format (using Music Player or Video Player): for Video, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, for Audio, MP3, AAC, AAC+ and WMA. It has Music Library and can be open another applications while you are listening to the music due to MultiTasking supported. For make you able wirelessly listening the Music, The Bluetooth A2DP Stereo Heatsets Profile also supported.

Another Features: Bluetooth Version 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate A2DP, GPS with S-GPS and A-GPS, WiFi WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g, Airplane Mode, Charging via Computer, USB supports, Text to Speech, Hearing Aid M4/T4, Ringtone, Walpaper, and many more. For complete datasheet of specifications of LG Optimus V you can get the PDF eDatasheet at here [English, 734KB].

Table of Contents of LG Optimus V VM670 User Guide Virgin Mobile

Important Customer Information
Technical Details
Setting Up Service
Account Management
Device Basics
Making and Answering Calls
Sound Settings
Display Settings
Location Settings
Synchronizing Accounts
Search Settings
Messaging Settings
Airplane Mode
TTY Use with Virgin Mobile Service
Security Settings,
Call Log
Calendar and Tools
Voice Services
microSD Card
Virgin Mobile Service
Web and Data Service;
Getting Started with Data Services
Navigation the Web
Connecting to Wi-Fi Networks
Android Market
Data Services FAQs
GPS Navigations;
GPS Services
Google Maps
Limited Warranty Statement

LG Optimus V VM670 Manual User Guide eDatasheet Virgin Mobile PDF Download

Take a look for a while the picture below. It is the manual instructions content that would help you to understand how to use the phone for the first time: How to Inserting SIM Card, Assembling the Phone’s battery with phone’s body.

LG Optimus V VM670 User Guide Virgin Mobile Insert SIM Card Battery PDF Download

LG Optimus V VM670 User Guide Virgin Mobile - Insert SIM Card Battery PDF Download

The User Guide / User Manual of LG Optimus V available in two languages. One for English (US) and the other for Spanish.

Source: www.lg.com
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  1. trish says

    I am looking for a solution to a problem with my optimus v, the voice search has stopped working, the one I use for texting, I’ve tried everything including going into default, any answers,?


  2. Deanna says

    I’m having an issue with my vm670 accepting any micro sd card. It isnt the card because I’ve put new ones in and it still doesn’t accept it. I am not able to store pictures or music. So if anyone has an answer that’d be great. Thanks a whole lot.

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