LG Prime GS390 User Manual

LG Prime equipped with 2.0 MP Camera and Camcorder Video Recording device. This would make you able to use LG Prime GS390 to take a Photo or creating Memorial Video Picture. The Design used 3 inches Touch Screen on the MonoBlock form format slight rounded 4 corner.

LG Prime GS390 Manual User Guide PDF

LG Prime GS390 Manual User Guide

The Audio formats supported to be played by Prime including MP3, WMA, AAC, & AAC+. Another Features that you can find on the LG Prime are Mobile Email capabilities for Yahoo, AOL, Windows, and GMail, Bluetooth for Data Transfer, HTML Browser, microSD slot supported and more.

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Download and Overview of LG Prime GS390 Manual User Guide

LG Prime GS390 Manual User Guide PDF Phone Components

LG Prime GS390 Manual User Guide PDF Phone Components

The Manual that we could find regarding to the Prime by LG had two kind of User Guide: User Manual and Quick Start Guide. For the User Manual PDF of Prime, it available in two language: English and Spanish. The Manual contents would help you to “figure out” what the phone can do and how to “operate” it. Using the Prime GS390 by LG to access your Social Networks Accounts, Facebook, Twitter or else, Settings up the Phone, Assembling the Phone with Memory microSD card, make Instant Messaging, Pairing Bluetooth, Troubleshooting, Download Games and Applications, and many more tutorial you could find.

English: User Manual LG Prime [ PDF Size: 3.7 MB ] | Spanish: User Manual | Quick Start Guide

Table of Contents of AT&T LG Prime GS390 Manual User Guide

Your Phone
Getting Started
Touch Calibration
General Function
Your Standby Screen
Menu Tree
Address Book
In Call Menu
Mobile Web
AT&T Music
Instant Messaging IM
My Stuff
Games and Applications
Questions and Answer
Safety Guidelines

Source: www.lg.com
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  1. Philandra Lofton says

    I have a LG GS230 and the speaker on my phone has stopped working. I cannot hear anything but the person on the other end can hear me. I can still hear it ring if someone is calling and I can still listen to my music but I cannot talk to anyone because the sound is gone out.

    • user manual says

      First, check your SIM Card. Take the Sim Card out from LG GS230, and try it in another Phones. If the same problem appears, just ask for SIM replacement. If not, go to the service center, it might need speaker replacement.

  2. Liz says

    Lg Prime GS390
    My touch screen Stop Working
    How Can I fix it?

    Btw, It did this before and I jus left it alone for awhile, then it worked.. But Now It stop working completely..

    So Can you Please Help me.. Thanks!

    • Kelsea says

      you might have to try another sim card. what worked for me though is i tightened up the screws. the screws are behind the back cover. there should be 4 of them.

  3. Bruno Lacerda says

    Lg Prime GS390
    My touch screen Stop Working
    How Can I fix it?

    Btw, It did this before and I jus left it alone for awhile, then it worked.. But Now It stop working completely..

    So Can you Please Help me.. Thanks!


  4. cajiun says

    i have a lg prime go phone and i had the same problem for the last 3 days. the touchscreen just wouldnt respond. never dropped it just put it on the nightstand and when i woke up it wouldnt work. pulling the battery and sim out didnt work. strangly what did work for me i started to rub the screen up and down with both thumbs. not real hard as to break it (which i wanted to lol) and i could see little ripples forming ahead of my thumbs and the screen crackled abit like a plastic wrapper comming off. suddenly it came on for a split sec and it turned black but when i touched the screen where the icons should be it started clicking! so i turned it off and back on and vola!!! it works!!! hope this helps

    • r says

      I was so mad at this phone. Less than 7 months old and the touch screen was not working. But I tried the “massage the phone” technique describe by cajiun, and it worked! Thanks!

      Press really hard, with both thumbs (but not so hard to break it), moving up and down on the screen. Suddenly, the screen began to respond to touch. Fascinating. You have to massage this phone every once in a while to keep it working. Such a prima donna! Ha.

    • Kai says

      Ok, so i was really curious about your comment; same with all the comments on here it happened to mine too. So i tried rubbing it with my fingers and it worked the first time then it stopped….but it went black then i shut it off and it worked. So thanks(:

      • tootie says

        using the ”masage method”:the phone just got really hot, blacked out n when i turned it on it doesnt work

  5. marissa says

    My LG prime GS390, has stop working, first it froze and when i turned it off and then back on it didnt want to come back on, i never drop it in any water, can some one please tell me wat can be the problem…

  6. Genuine1 says

    I tried rubbing the massage the phone technique and it doesn’t seem to be working for me. I don’t know if I am doing something wrong but it doesn’t seem to want to work.

  7. brian says

    i have the lg it did the same thing everytime i hit a key it acts like its got a mind of its own i got my computer guy here trying to get it going lol

  8. Robert Bryan says

    How do I transfer pictures from my GS390 phone to my computer-it seems simple enough, but the owner’s manual seems especially silent on this point. I just want to be able to store my pictures on my laptop and occasionally email them to people. Any ideas?

  9. Jalen says

    Hahah wow im crying with excitement. That massage technique worked. I didnt even have to turn it on and off. I just did it. pressed my text message icon and I could finally click everything

  10. kkkk says

    my phone wont work without the charger being in it and i tried the massaging technique for the screen cuz my screen was messed up and it didnt work i turned it off and bak on it still didnt work idk if my battery is messing up or jus my fone

  11. sebastian says

    does anyone know the solution to this?!? Alright so I have a 2gb memory card inside my lg prime and I used to be able to downoad songs from the internet with no hassle. Recently whenever I try to download songs it says cannot open file. I even tried downloading one from the att store and it said the same thing. someone please help.

  12. jen, says

    Okay, so my Prime is messed up, i’ll try to touch the Menu button and it presses the dialing one. I can’t fix it at all. Does anyone know how I could fix it? Thanks!

  13. Mary Joe says

    So I dropped my lg prime and cracked the screen on the inside to where you can’t read much on the screen when your using it whats the best way to fix it??

  14. Emma says

    Be careful. i tried massaging the phone and it only made it worse. i had the same problem as jen, at least a few buttons worked. now none of them work

  15. says

    my lg/gs390 will not let me remove the icons that i dont use.my son hit the arrow key above your settings/contacts strip on bottom of screen and somehow he got the clock/music player and calander onto display screen how do they get removed?

  16. janine says

    hi i just want to ask.,i cant see the sim card service menu.,i badly need it know., where can i find it.,?thanks!!

  17. JohnL says

    How do you turn off the lock that activates when you receive a phone call? It is similar (but not the same) as the Touch Screen lock. When I get a phone call, if I don’t answer the call within 2 seconds, the touch screen or keypad locks out and tells me to “Press and hold to unlock” on the screen. Annoying as all heck. ANY SOLUTIONS?!!

  18. says

    I’m also trying to transfer pictures from my LG-GS390 phone to my computer, and I agree the owners manual was not helpful. Have you had any success? If so, PLEASE SHARE!

  19. Tamera W says

    Can anyone tell me why won’t my Yahoo Messenger work anymore? It keeps saying Time Out Retry? Help Please!

  20. nicole says

    I just transferred my contacts to my Prime and it put them in, last name first. How do i change it to first name?

  21. brittany lynn says

    The only thing that works on my LG GS390 phone is the on/off button, volume, lock button and the camera but nothing else. what could be wrong with it?

  22. Douglas says

    I have had four total Lg gs390’s . Never dropped them or abused them. Its always the same before the touchscreen stops working. I touch one icon, but it selects the one next to it. Bout halfway through that day. Boom. The touchscreen stops working all together.Any suggestions how to fix this, or is there a fix for this? thanks guys.

  23. Heather says

    Okay so I have had my LG Prime for less than a year & for some reason everytime I try to click on something, it’s like my phone has a mind of it’s own, & clicks a bunch of other buttons. Or randomly call someone. Then, or IF I can finally click on something, I can’t do anything because all my screen does is shake up & down. Like it’s having some sort of a seizure? I’ve tried everything. I even tried the “massage method” nothing is working, & this is very frustrating. If anyone has had this problem, & knows a logical way to fix it.. Please, don’t hesitate to respond! I’d really appreicate it. Thanks!

  24. rusty says

    This phone is a piece of shit. I have had 3 of these that all locked up on me. I just finished smashing all 3 with a hammer. Will never buy an lg phone again

  25. Lexi says

    This phone, after being used continuously for a few months, will eventually begin to tire out. It worked fine at first but now it is starting to show it’s age. Some of the things you can expect:

    -Freezing. It will begin to freeze during various time. While texting, when trying to unlock it, and so on.
    -Random locking. It will begin to suddenly go into ‘sleep mode’ out of no where, no matter what you are doing. Texting, surfing, anything. Even if you are continuously touching the screen it will just randomly lock.
    -Full Service/No Calls. It will sometimes show full bars but state you can’t make calls unless they are emergency only. You’ll have to restart your phone because of this.

    I like the phone, it’s been through a lot with me. I had to tape the back on, though, since it kept falling off.

  26. alex says

    my lg prime gs390 it’s going to makes me crazy .the screen doesn’t respond .when i press one key the next key will respond .i couden’t able to use it .it is full of shite.i will never use lg phones again .they are not user friendly .they are not durable. O my God nokia is best simple to use stronge like a corner stone

  27. sobeida says

    Acabo de adquirir un LG SG390 y no he logrado encenderlo, le coloque la carga completa a la bateria pero no enciende incluso con el cargador puesto este enciende y se apaga enseguida que puede ser?

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