LG Quantum C900 User Manual & Quick Start Guide for AT&T

Wanna know the SmartPhone from LG that used Windows Phone 7? It is the LG Quantum C900 for the answer. Yes, LG Quantum C900 used Windows Phone OS 7 Platform with quite good “hardware” Qualcomm 1 GHz Processor, 512 MB ROM, 512 MB RAM and 16 GB User Memory. The Look of the Phone you can see at the picture, Quantum by LG use Touch Bar 3.5 inches 800 x 480 pixles with Full Slide Side Out (Landscape Slide) Qwerty Keyboard four row. The LG Quantum C900 equipped with 5 Megapixels Camera that completed with Camera Tools like Flash Light, Photo Smart Tool, Video Recording, 4 x Digital Zoom and Photo Video Modes ( Brightness, White balance, Color Effects, Quality).

LG Quantum C900 User Manual Quick Start Guide PDF Download

LG Quantum C900 User Manual Quick Start Guide

The Quantum by LG also included with WiFi 802.11 b/g/n for wireless internet connection, Multitasking, AT&T Family Maps, ATT Radio, USB Charging via Computer, FM Radio, Music Audio Player for mp3, wma, aac, aac+ and eaac+, Podcasts, Xbox Live Gaming, Zune Music Player, Video Player that supports wmv and mp4, Bluetooth v2.1 (stereo headset available), Microsoft Office Mobile, to view and edit Office document such as excel, oneNote, PowerPoint, and Word (doc, xls, ppt) and many more.

For complete Detail of Features and Specification of LG Quantum C900, you can read the Datasheet PDF that we share below.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

LG Quantum C900 User Manual Quick Start Guide AT&T PDF Download

LG Quantum C900 Quick Start Guide Keys Parts Overview PDF

LG Quantum C900 Quick Start Guide - Keys Parts Overview

LG Quantum C900 User Manual Quick Start Guide AT&T Summary

User Guide / User Manual of LG Quantum is an “official” guidance for you to help on understanding how to use and operate the Phone correctly. You can learn what button that you should use when you wanna take a shot with 5 MP camera or keys to turn on the Quantum (power key) at the section of User Manual; “Getting to know your Phone”. You can also learn how to use Bluetooth, Wifi and cable data for data transfer or connects to the internet on the “Connectivity” Section. Another tutorial and instruction such as using Facebook, Microsoft Office, Troubleshooting, Setting and setup, Maps, Calendar, Music and Video, Games, also can be found at the User Guide of LG Quantum.

Table of Contents of LG Quantum C900 User Guide / User Manual

Limited Warranty Statement
Table of Contents
The Basics
Getting Started
Navigating Windows Phone
Music and Videos
FM Radio,
Personal Information
The Web
Play To,
Software update
For Your Safety
Safety Guidelines

Source: www.lg.com
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  1. karen berns says

    Please tell me where I can find a user manual for my quantum phone. I would like to have a hard copy to read without using the internet, which I don’t have at home.

    • user manual says

      Just Download the PDF Manual of LG Quantum above, then Print it! You’ll got a copy of papers of your Quantum Manual in your home :)

  2. Robin says

    I just bought the LG Quantum C900, but there is no “Tools” or “Applications” folder options to download ATT ringtones on the phone and do not want to commit $10 a month from a 3rd party ringtone provider. Am I not looking in the right place to change my ringtones from the ones available on the phone? Am I really stuck with these korny ATT ringtones?

    • Betsy says

      If you install the zune software that comes with the phone on your computer you can use your own music for a ringtone. If you add a song or file to your zune music and change the genre on it to “ringtone” then when you sync to your quantum phone, it will automatically put those files in the list with the rest of the ringtones so that you can choose them instead of the ones that came on the phone.

  3. Ashley says

    I just got an LG Quantum and there is a silver hook on the back of the phone underneath the cover where the battery and sim card goes. But the silver hook does not hook up to anything so the back case wont stay shut. What do I hook it up too?

  4. tomas says

    LG c900 , I have deleted a video , is there a way to see deleted files on that phone so I could get that video back . If so how do I do it .

    • user manual says

      You need a software called as Data Recovery or Get Data back. The best of all, ask a computer technician, they should know better.

  5. Bryan says

    i got an lg quantum from a third party that i believe may have been a dummy phone at one time. I restored the phone to the factory settings and ever since there are certain things i cannot do and a display screen that i cannot get rid of. is it possable to disable this feature? and if so how?

  6. José Silvestre says

    Necesito saber como puedo encontrar mi numero de MAC de mi celular LG Quantum C900.

    Lo quiero URGENTE..¡¡¡

  7. rajavel485 says


    I just bought this LG C900. It looks great though. I have a problem while talking on a call. After some 7 minutes of the call, it gives a long beep, unbearable noise and call gets disconneted, the sound continues till I switch the device off. I purchased this on AMAZON. Also the phone doesnt respond to touch while charging. And about the Market place, I was able to access it till I had my Windows live id region as US. When I changed it, I couldnt access it anymore even if I change it back to US.

    Please advise on these issues. I am eagerly waiting.


  8. renee says

    An it is not wat I put my hand up 4 cnt really do mach more thn my old cell phn. Can u plz help me love my phn more an show me how 2 do more an fun thing on it plz .

  9. antoinette says

    I’ve been tryin to download free music, ringtones, videos, and games how and im prepaid dont get it d apps on phone wants to charge for songs and exct and i used wifi were it said dat it would b downloaded to my device help

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