LG Saber UN200 User Manual & Quick Start Guide for US Cellular

Do you remember the Design that been used by Motorola Droid Pro / Motorola Pro? Even though there still many differences between LG Saber UN200 and Motorola Droid Pro, at one glance you will notice that there one big “similarity”: The Form Factor and its Physical Qwerty Keyboard Design. Both Droid Pro and Saber combined with Display Screen and Physical Qwerty Keyboard on Mono block form factor. But, there is one another big “difference” among both of those phone: Droid Pro is a high-end Smartphone, but Saber is just middle / lower class Mobile Phone. This can be concluded if you read the specifications details of Saber that we would write for you below and under “Specifications” Tab section.

LG Saber UN200 US Cellular User Manual Quick Start Guide Datasheet Specs Overview

LG Saber UN200 US Cellular Owner's User Manual Quick Start Guide Datasheet - Specs Overview

No Wi-Fi, No Operating System, No 3G CDMA, only uses VGA Camera, are some indicator that can be used to categorizes LG Saber UN200 as lower end Mobile PHone. As we mentioned above, LG Saber uses CDMA Technology Data Networks. It bundled along with US Celluar Carrier in United States, and works unders 1.9Ghz CDMA PCS and 800MHz CMDA with Data Transmission type uses 1xRTT.

LG Saber UN200 US Cellular Owner’s Manual / User Manual Quick Start Guide Resume

The Picture that we share below is a Phone Overview Image that would allows you to understand the parts and keys with all its functions embedded in LG Saber UN200. It including the Alphanumeric keys, Power / End Keys, Lock Mode Keys, Camera Keys, Volume Keys and many more. For clear view about this you can see it at page 18 and 19 of the Owners Manual / User Manual of LG Saber.

LG Saber UN200  US Cellular User Manual Quick Start Guide Datasheet Keys Parts Functions Resume

LG Saber UN200 US Cellular Owner's User Manual Quick Start Guide - Keys Parts Functions - Resume

If you like to know how to use Master Reset which also sometimes named as Hard Reset, you can go to page 74 of the Owner Manual of LG UN200. Then you can get the step by step how to perform Hard Reset tutorial in there. For a tutorial how you can use the Bluetooth, for example you wanna pairing it with others Bluetooth devices (Laptop, other Phone/ Smartphone), you can read it if you open page 77 and 78 of the UM PDF File.

Another guideline and help that you might know probably the usage of Alarm Clock (for example you wanna use it to wake you up in the morning or remind you for scheduled appointment). For fast learning about Alarm Clock and Calendar usage, just go to page 57 and 58 of the Owner Guide of Saber.

There some others tutorial that you could find and learn by your self. Sorry we could resume all of the in this page. Some guidelines such as how to Record Voice, Take a Photo, Make a Video, are some example of them. Just download the Manual of LG Saber UN200 that already provided under “Manuals Download” Tab on this post.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

LG Saber UN200 US Cellular Specifications

The Display Screen uses TFT with 265K colors at 2.2 inches Diameter for 176 x 220 Pixels Resolution. It has Internal User Memory about 85MB. Of course because this phone is a lower end phone, you’ll never got to a microSD Card slot to expand the storage memory. All you got is the only and only 85MB Storage User Memory.

LG Saber UN200 User Manual Quick Start Guide Datasheet SpecificationsDetail

LG Saber UN200 US Cellular Owner's Manual / User Manual Quick Start Guide - Datasheet SpecificationsDetail

The Phone equipped with “only” 0.3 Megapixel Camera VGA with up to 2x Digital Zoom. Even though this Camera capable to be used for both Video Recording / Camcorder and Photo Shot Capture, the Image and Video results of course would only get you a simple and poor image / video. Still, you able to use the Image Editor such as Zoom, Rotate, Flip, Brightness, White Ballance, Multishot, Night Mode, and else.

We couldn’t say more about this Phone due to there only few features for LG Saber coz this is an lower end Mobile Gadget though the design a quite “stylish and modern”. For some others features you can read as folllows: Bluetooth version 2.1 with EDR, Phonebook up to 1000 entries, SGPS Support, Air Plane Mode, One Touch Speaker, MP3 Audio Player (Ringtones), WAP 2.0 Browser, and microUSB (charge via USB supported).

For some basic applications such as Alarm Clock, Converter, Calendar, Stopwatch, and Pac Man Game also available.

Table of Contents of LG Saber UN200 US Cellular Owner’s Manual / User Manual

Important Safety Precautions
Table of Contents
Technical Details
Phone Overview
Menu Overview
Getting Started with Your Phone
Quick Access to Convenient Features
Entering and Editing Information
Contacts in Your Phone’s Memory
Phone Menus;
Speed Dials
My vCard
Call History
Alarm Clock
Voice Command
My Menu
Ez Tip Calculator
World Clock
Unit Converter,
Call Settings
Web Access Prompt
Phone Info,
Tone Room Deluxe
My Contacts Backup
Limited Warranty Statement

LG Saber UN200 US Cellular Owner’s User Manual Quick Start Guide Datasheet Specifications PDF Download

Because this Phone has no supports on microSD Card (no microSD card slot) this means you will also find that there is no tutorial how to insert this external memory in the Manual. The only tutorial with image that we could find is how to assemble or insert the Battery on its compartment as it shown at the picture below (how to close the cover casing also available in the image). For the detail explanation you can read it under “Getting Started with Your Phone” section at page 22 (24 on PDF Manual).

LG Saber UN 200 User Manual Quick Start Guide Assembling Inserting Battery PDF Download

LG Saber UN 200 User Manual Quick Start Guide - Assembling Inserting Battery - PDF Download

We got four PDF Manual which related to LG Saber UN200 US Cellular. The Owner’s Manual of LG Saber or sometime usually called as User Manual provided in two Language Version: Spanish and English and two others are the Quick Start Guide and Datasheet Specifications. Just download to see the content of each of them.

Source: www.lg.com
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    • Byron says

      For speaker PRESS the SYM button on bottom right of the keyboard with the little speaker icon above the SYM letters when talking.

    • alienmurphy says

      This is from the manual:
      Lock Mode
      Sets your phone to require a 4-digit password in order to use the phone.

      To quickly lock your phone press the #J key for three seconds and then enter your Lock Code. To unlock, press the Right Soft Key
      Unlock and enter the Lock Code.

  1. Barbara says

    How do I delete sounds off of my phone that I have already saved? I have the LG Saber UN200

    • alienmurphy says

      Scroll to desired sound
      Click Options – right soft key
      Scroll down and click delete

      Remember, this phone has no SD or Micro SD storage capability so when you delete….it is GONE!

    • alienmurphy says

      Why would you want to? This phone takes crap photos. However, you can bluetooth them directly if your computer has bluetooth. If not; bluetooth them to someone else’s phone that is able to connect to a computer. That’s how I got decent ID photos and individual ringtones on my Saber. I took them from my computer via cable to another phone and then via bluetooth to my Saber.

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