LG T-Mobile G2X P999 4G User Manual & DataSheet Specs

LG G2X P999 officially released in the middle of this month (April), and it seems that it popularize with T-Mobile G2x name rather than G2X P999 due to the Carrier comes by with this gadget is the T-Mobile Carrier. It a GSM Smartphone with quite large display screen at 4 inches diameter. It use Thin Film Transistor Gorilla Glass Capacitive Touch Screen (TFT ) that has 14M colors and also with 480 x 800 pixels Resolution. The Design use Touch Bar form factor and using Virtual on Screen Qwerty Keyboard (No physical keyboard, but it installed with Swype Keyboard for faster texting or composing a message). Of course Gyro Sensor, Auto Rotate, Auto Turn Off and Touch Sensitive controls also installed within as complement of the 4″ Touchscreen (using Accelerometer and Proximity Sensor).

LG G2X P999 T-Mobile Manual User Guide Datasheet Specs Overview

LG T-Mobile G2X P999 Manual User Guide Datasheet Specs Overview

IT supports HSPA+ 4G and uses 1700/2100 MHz UMTS Frequency along with 2G GSM Networks Quad Band at 850/900/1800 and 1900 MHz. Let go back to the Display Touchscreen features. The Accelerometer sensor would allows you to switch the orientation of the Screen automatically in portrait or landscape view depend on the ways you handed the T-Mobile G2X. It has Dimension size 4.88 x 2.49 x 0.43 inch and with battery has 4.9 in weight. The G2X P999 Operating system powered by Google OS Android Platform. We talk about this furthermore in “Specifications Tab”

LG T-Mobile G2X P999 Manual User Guide Resume

As usual, we always provides the Screen shot of User Manual PDF for you. And of course we already rearrange for you to make you able to read it easily and fast. The Picture screenshot below would help you to understan the location of keys and also the parts on the LG T-Mobile G2X P999’s body, and also find the proper explanation about its functions. You can read the details of this keys parts overview on page 18 and 19 under “Getting to Know Your Phone” Chapter.

LG G2X P999 T-Mobile Manual User Guide Datasheet Keys Parts Functions Layout Resume

LG T-Mobile G2X P999 Manual User Guide Datasheet - Keys Parts Functions Layout - Resume

If you like to know how you can setting the Swype IO Keyboard just tab “Menu Key > Settings > Language and Keyboard > Swype. You can also find the tips and tutorial how to use it if you read the page 35 of the User Manual PDF of this device. For example you wanna create squiggle or wanna make alternative symbols or letter and more

Where you can find the help page which discuss how to set the alarm on your LG G2X? Don’t worry, just go to page 76 and do the step by step instruction in there. You can find how to snooze the alarm, change alarm ring tone, repeat it, or make it silent. How about using the Phone as Wi-Fi Hotspot so you can share you 4G connection with your friend via WLAN? Go to page 96 and you can follow the guidance in there.

We couldn’t gave you all the content in this page because we just only make a short resume, for the details and also complete tutorial, instructions, handbook, troubleshooting just download it and read it by yourself. It would help you completely with all you need to know how to use the phone. Learning on using the 8MP Camera, How to update or upgrade the Android OS to Android 2.3 gingerbread, how to pairing the bluetooth, make a factory data reset aka hard reset, making google account and many more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

LG T-Mobile G2X P999 Specifications Detail

The Android OS that been installed in T-Mobile G2X is the Android 2.2 aka Android Froyo. It been said that it upgradable to Android Gingerbread 2.3 (Just wait until this update available). As an Android Gadget, the P999 already installed with Google Applications such as Google Search, Google Voice Search, Google Maps, Google Talk, Google Places, Google Latitude, YouTube, Android Market, Google Maps Navigation with turn by turn direction with voice (spoken), Google Calendar and more.

LG G2X P999 T-Mobile Manual User Guide Datasheet Specifications

LG G2X P999 T-Mobile Manual User Guide Datasheet - Specifications

Powered by Android 2.2 and also to challenge other Smartphone that use Dual Core CPU such as Motorola Atrix 4G, LG T-Mobile G2X P999 were armored with Dual Core Processor NVIDIA Tegra 2 1GHz CPU Speed , and 512MB RAM along with 8 GB internal user storage memory (can be expanded using microSD Card, hold up to 32GB Memory size, according to Datasheet Specifications PDF of LG P999 — available in “Manual Download”). Others source (gsmarena) mentioned that it uses Dual Core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9, ULP GeForce GPU, Tegra 2 chipset.

Photography Feature and Tools: This Handset embedded with Dual Camera for both Photo Capture Camera and also Video Call. The front camera uses 1.3MP and the rear side uses 8 Megapixel Camera. Of course 8MP camera can create High Definition Video up to 1080p at 24 frame per second or 720p at 30fps. The Camera also comes with LED Flash Light Geo Tagging ability plus some of applications features such as Face Detector, Smile Detection, Video Zoom up to 4x, Digital Camera Zoom, Touch Focus, Geo Tagging and Image Stabilizer. For Instant Camera, you’ll got the best shot just by using this G2X.

Bluetooth version 2.1, microUSB v2.0, WiFi 802.11 b,g,n (supporst DLNA and Wi-Fi hotspot – uses the phone as Access Point Hotspot), HDMI supports with its cable are also available as Data Connectivity Features. Additional Applications that you might wanna know which preloaded in this G2X: Zinio Reader, NOVA, QiK, Telenav GPS Navigator, Tegra Zone, T-Mobile TV, NFS SHift, Car Home, Polaris Office, EA Games, SmartShare, DTS Ultra Mobile, Music Player for MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, and supports these following Video formats, DivX, MPEG-4, WMV, 3GPP, H.263, and H.264.

Table of Contents of LG T-Mobile G2X P999 Manual User Guide

Service Activation
About this User Manual
Important Notice
Getting to know your Phone
Your Home Screen
Google Account Set-up
Messaging / Email
Video Camera
Google Applications
The Web
Wireless and Networks
Call Settings
Locations and Security
Accounts and Sync
SD Card and Phone Storage
Language and Keyboard
Voice input and output
Date and Time
About Phone,
Turn on Wi-Fi
USB Tethering
Wi-Fi Hotspot settings
Data Sharing,
Phone Software Update
Copyright and Trademarks
Technical Data
For Your Safety

LG T-Mobile G2X P999 Manual User Guide DataSheet Specs PDF Download

Before you do the final steps (downloading the manual), the picture below would help you in fast ways without downloading the PDF File how you can assembling and inserting parts of the phone to the bonnet of the body of LG T-Mobile G2X. Such as Opening the Cover, Assembling the Battery, Inserting the microSD Card and SIM Card, then close the cover again. Although you might find this tutorial in the UM / UG of PDF File at page 20 and page 21. Enjoy!

LG G2X P999 T-Mobile Manual User Guide Datasheet Open Close Casing Assembling Removing Battery Insert SIM microSD Card PDF Download

LG G2X P999 T-Mobile Manual User Guide Datasheet - Open Close Cover Casing Assembling Removing Battery Insert SIM microSD Card - PDF Download

Source: www.lg.com
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  1. samantha says

    I ordered g2x off of T-Mobile.com it doesn’t hold a charge my touch screen randomly quits working it reboots randomly it doesn’t hold a charge and when I do charge it my phone and charger over heats got my phone two days ago should I return? It says its 2.3.3 and there are no updates. I haven’t done anything
    To my phone no apps besides kaspersky mobile security 9 which I paid for to protect my phonaboute. Help?

  2. Michelle says

    Yes! Of course, take it back! The battery in mine isn’t great and an aftermarket battery I bought gives me about 12 hours.

  3. Jim says

    My g2x has been doing great actually but, I have a couple of confussions about the phone. Why does my G2x have only 2g and/ or what do I need to do,? to get 3g or possibly 4g. Actually, it would be grand if it would just go a little faster at down loads why it doesn’t play videos.

  4. Sean says

    This problem seems to be a problem with this in all G2X phones.

    please let me know if anyone else has experienced this.

    I noticed the G2X I purchased had a problem where the accelerometer readings were off. (In the games where you move a marble … by tilting the phone the marble goes to the right as if tilted.

    The T-Mobile authorized dealer’s tech looked at it and compared it to others and they all had the same problem.

    LG refuses to acknowledge this as a known issue just as they refuse to acknowledge almost every other problem this phone has had including the wide spread infininte reboot loops. . .

    Furthermore, almost every other android phone made has a calibration option to tune the accelerometer, but it seems the G2X does not.

    A couple of other major issues . . .

    1. When connecting to WiFi the phone connects but sometimes can not resolve DNS entries and resorts to 2G 3G 4G . . . thus seems to be downloading very slow off of WiFi.

    2. Many people complain about the range and quality of the WiFi adaptor in the G2X.

    3. The G2X suffers very badly from light bleeding in from the corners and sides of the screen when it is blanked (black). on youtube look up G2X Light Bleed there are many examples from unhappy owners.

    I find it funny that LG is a leading authority on LCD displays and would allow their cell phone to suffer such horrible light bleeding.

    4. After the Gingerbread 2.3.3 update, any custom APNs programmed into the phone revert to T-Mobile’s default at random times, and without warning and require the user to go into settings to change it back, so in the middle of a data connection the phone will simply stop working and you will not know what happened until you exit what you are doing and check the APN settings . . .

    LG’s mobile products just don’t seem to be very good. Look at the old LG Rumor Touch and all of the problems it had.

    Whats is worse is that LG seems to not want to update their software to the latest Android (Ice Cream Sandwich) and/or fix the above mentioned issues in a future software update.

    I would urge all owners of these phone to call LG and ask to file a “Voice of Consumer form” this can be done over the phone, its quick and painless. Please explain on the form that we the consumers, have invested money into these phone to work for us for a good 2 years (as most T-Mobile contracts are) and that we would like LG to man up and take responsibility and fix this; otherwise we shall just spread the word to all of our friends, and family members . . . to stay away from LG phones because they do not care for their customers.

    Honestly, having a programmer fix these issues and push out a firmware fix would not cost LG much money or time (if the programmer is any good that is).

    The G2X has great specifications, but it seems that when it comes to mobile phones, LG just slaps preexisting technologies by other companies together calls it a product and pushes it out without any refinement, thought, or even much quality control.

    Please if anyone has aany questions, or finds a workaround to these issues, especially the accelerometer calibration issue, please send me an e-mail at:

    shnn at gmx dot com


  5. Barrais says

    When i plug in the charger, it shows that its charging, then when i plug out no difference of the battery level!..why is that?

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