LG T-Mobile myTouch Q C800 User Manual & Tech Specs

Sorry for being late on writing this T-Mobile myTouch Q, though I knew that some of the visitor that came to this site, already searching for LG myTouch Q C800 for T-Mobile but they only found the LG T-Mobile myTouch E739 (Its Tech Specs and User Manual / User Guide). It might because on that page, I wrote about the differences between myTouch Q and myTouch E739. If you wonder what the differences, let me re-write it once again for short.

I believe the “Q” letter on myTouch Q means Qwerty Keyboard, this the prime thing that distinguished from myTouch E739 with hadn’t a Qwerty Keyboard. By its form factory, the myTouch Q C800 uses Slide Side out design and for the myTouch E739 comes with touch bar form factor. Just imagine that the first had ad Physical Keyboard, and the later only Touchscreen capability that it had.

LG T-Mobile MyTouch Q C800 Manual User Guide Specs Overview

LG T-Mobile MyTouch Q C800 Manual User Guide - Specs Overview

Another difference including the properties of Camera attached on both of the smartphone and also the details of dimension size and the diagonal diameter of the display screen. Actually, you can find a better comparison if you visit this page (the official of myTouch and myTouch Q on t-mobile website).

As you can see at the picture above, it’s the myTouch Q for Gray version colors (the right) and Violet Version (left side)

T-Mobile myTouch Q has 3.5″ display touchscreen, myTouch has a bigger size about 3.8, but the 5MP camera on myTouch didn’t has LED Flash, the one that usable on myTouch Q. For the dimension the myTouch Q has about (closed) 4.76 x 2.5 x 0.52 inches and about 5.64 ounces weight (121 x 64 x 13 mm / 160 grams). Just another info: This T-Mobile myTouch Q also known as LG Maxx Qwerty.

LG T-Mobile myTouch Q C800 Manual User Guide Quick Resume

Just wanna warning you that the User Manual of T-Mobile myTouch Q, is like to be missing the bookmarks menu. This absolutely a bad point and need to be “fix” soon. The unavailability of bookmarks menu, make the User Guide seems to hard to “navigate” especially if we wanna find a “particular” case or chapter in case we do not want to read from start to the end thoroughly. Although it still can be “replaced” by using the “search” features, in term we wanna find something. And there is no Quick Start Guide too.

LG T-Mobile MyTouch Q C800 Manual User Guide Keys Parts Layout Resume

LG T-Mobile MyTouch Q C800 Manual User Guide - Keys Parts Layout - Resume

Jump on page 18 to page 20, you will find the image exactly the same that we also embedded on the figure above. It would get you to close look about your phone and also its keys and parts. Wanna know the power or lock button, wan to know the space or qwerty button, volume button or more. Just look at this pages or look the picture above.

If you too often encountered that your myTouch Q stop responding or the touchscreen freeze aka unresponsive, make sure you take a step to reboot your phone. In case that rebooting (restarting) the myTouch Q didn’t help, you can try the Master Reset aka Factory Data Reset to solve your hang problem.

According to t-mobile support for myTouch Q, you can perform Hard Reset / Factory Reset by using hardware combination keys. Here the steps that you should do (we resume it from the Master Reset page):

Turn off the phone > Press and simutaneously hold Volume down + Qwerty F keys + A keys > Press n hold Power button > Release Power button only > LG Logo appears > Release all keys after LG logo flashes > Wait until Android unpacking screen appears and the phone restart > Factory Reset Complete / Done

Otherwise, you can also follow the tutorial instructions available on page 117 of the User Manual PDF of myTouch Q under FAQ chapter. It said that you just need to go to Home screen > Menu Key > Settings > Privacy > Factory reset > Reset phone > Erase everything.

Wanna learn to connect your phone to Wi-Fi networks, just read on the guideline available on page 13 and 14, learning about unlock the screen, go to page 28, how to use the viewfinder of the Camera, jump to page 53. Want more? just read the manual directly available on “Read Online” section or download at “PDF Download” section. Setting the alarm, play music, using Android Market, and others guidance are available.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

LG T-Mobile myTouch Q C800 Technical Specifications

Back to the display screen of myTouch Q. The 3.5″ display manufactured by using TFT Capacitive touchscreen with about 16M colors and 320 x 480 pixels resolution. This almost the same as 165 ppi pixel density on the screen. Proximity sensor, Accelerometer sensor, touch sensitive controls capability also embedded as display utilities to functions better and easy.

For the Operating System, the myTouch Q uses Gingerbread version of Android OS, as also known as Android 2.3 version. The Android works on the power of 1GHz Scorpion processor speed with Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon chipset, Andreno 205 as GPU and the memory from 2GB ROM with 512 MB RAM.

LG T-Mobile MyTouch Q C800 Manual User Guide Technical Specifications

LG T-Mobile MyTouch Q C800 Manual User Guide - Technical Specifications

Additional 2GB microSD external storage memory also included on C800. For anyone who love to make Video Call, we had to tell you that the myTouch Q wouldn’t be your “right” choice of Smartphone due to there is no front facing camera on this device. Although for simple photography such as Capturing Photo, Creating Video even up to HD 720p@30 fps with Autofocus, LED Flash light, geo tagging is supported by using rear facing 5Megapixel Camera.

According to Datasheet of LG myTouch Q PDF (you can download it under “PDF Download tab section), the C800 supports for DivX, MPEG4, 3G2, 3GP, and WMV video formats to be played on Video Player. And for the Music Player, it can handle MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA, MIDI, AAC+ and eAAC+ Audio formats. Another Entertainment Features including T-Mobile TV, Slacker Radio, Bejeweled 2 and Tetris preloaded games and more.

As an Gingerbread Android Phone, the Google Maps, Android Market, YouTube, Google Places, Google Talk, Gmail, Google Latitude, or even Alarm, Clock, Calculator, Google calendar are already included as preoloaded Google Applications. If you wanna download additional apps or games, you can download via Market by using your internet connections such as Wi-Fi (the phone suport Wi-Fi connectivity for 802.11 b/g/n type. Transferring file via Bluetooth or USB also available (version 3.0 for bluetooth and v2.0 for microUSB).

Along with T-Mobile, the myTouch Q works under GSM Technology support for 4G HSPA+ and also UMTS, GSM, Edge, and GPRS. 1520 mAh lithium standart ion battery claimed can be used up to 4.4 hours talk time via GSM data networks technology (on calling).

Table of Contents of LG T-Mobile myTouch Q C800 Manual User Guide English Version

Service Activation
About this user manual
Imporatant notice
Getting to know your phone
Your Home screen
Google Account set-up
Calls / Contacts
Messaging / Email
Video Camera
Google Applications
The Web
LG On-screen Phone 2.0
Phone Software update
Copyrights and trademarks
Technical data

LG TMobile myTouch Q C800 Manual User Guide Spanish English PDF Download

I know that the figure below that shown you how to assemble part by part of the myTouch Q seems to be not enough due to it available only for “picture” without any explanation. But I believe if you just need to know a little guidance, the picture tutorial how to open the back cover, insert sim card or microSD, assemble or remove battery, charge the battery are quite enough. Go to page 21 until page 24 if you want to know the detail elaboration tutorials about this.

LG T-Mobile MyTouch Q C800 Manual User Guide Open Back Cover Compartment Case Insert SIM Card Install microSD Storage Memory Assemble Remove Battery Charging PDF Download

LG T-Mobile MyTouch Q C800 Manual User Guide - Open Back Cover Compartment Case Insert SIM Card Install microSD Storage Memory Assemble Remove Battery Charging - PDF Download

And here are the download links. No need further explanation, just download one of them that you desired to read it and would give you the best answer for your need and your myTouch Q need. Enjoy

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    Love the phone but I live a little out in the country so webis almost impossible but still having fun with it. Camera button could have been in a better location.

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