LG Viper LS840 User Guide for Sprint

We mentioned Sprint Carrier along with LG Viper LS840 at here, is not mean that the Smartphone only available in US region and only for Sprint Carrier. It just that the User Manual which we gonna discuss and share is, at this time, only available for Sprint. The 4G LTE under the name of Viper 4GLTE also derived from Sprint’s Data Networks technology. FYI, this device works using CDMA technology, support for EVDO Rev A up to 3.1Mbps.

LG Viper LS840 User Manual 4G LTE Sprint Specs Overview

LG Viper LS840 User Manual 4G LTE Sprint - Specs Overview

Viper is a touch tablet form factor phone. This means it designed to be used touchscreen “only”. For typing the message, creating document, dialing the phone’s number and even for taking a video or picture it uses the TFT Capacitive touchscreen (It said uses 700 NIT Display for better view even under direct sunlight, this a good one if it’s true according to the claim). For the size of the display, it uses 4.0 inches, uses WVGA resolution (480 x 800 pixels) with 16.7M colors. It also protected from scratchable material threat by furnished using Corning Gorilla Glass.

LG Viper LS840 User Guide 4G LTE Sprint / User Manual Resume

There is one thing to be noted about the User Guide / Manual of LG Viper LS840: The Get started chapter and Device Basics chapter seems had the same contents between “Your Device at a Glance” and Your Device Overview”. This something that should be avoided. There is no point on repeating the same tutorial on the same Manual PDF.

Although we guess that the Get Started chapter seems to be planned to get its own file aka separated from the Manual. By the way, the one (the picture) that we shared below are belong to the Device Basics chapter. It would help you to know the Viper body and parts: Power keys, Camera, Menu, Speaker, Proximity sensor, and more. See on page 10 or page 18-19 to find out each of the keys functions.

LG Viper LS840 User Manual 4G LTE Sprint Keys Parts Layout

LG Viper LS840 User Manual 4G LTE Sprint - Keys Parts Layout - Resume

Through Sprint TV and Movies, you able to watch your favorite movie and even your favorite channel using this feature. It including On Demand feature that you can buy and watch your favorite film or series episode. The tutorial available on page 133. Remember you need to had 4G LTE network of Sprint to be able to do this.

The GPS Navigation available on three application at the Viper (built-in GPS): You can use Google Maps (Latitude, Place) to find shop or place or gas station, your can track your own location, and the second apps is teleNAV GPS Navigator (the popular GPS Navi at this time) and the third, just liek teleNAV, you can use Google Maps Navigator. It support spoken turn-by turn navigation.

Tap Home > Menu > Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Enter unlock patter, PIN or Password (if you configured one) then > Erase Everything. These are the ways you can perform Master / Hard Reset / Factory reset. Remember that resetting the device would make your personal settings, data, document, photos, videos lost. Therefore make sure that you already had the back up before decided to do this action. Make sure also that doing resetting the Viper LS840 only for “hard trouble or error”, such as your phone too often stop responding and the touchscreen stop working aka hang, or the phone keep freezing and error.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

LG Viper LS840 4G LTE Sprint Technical Specifications

LG Viper is an Android Smartphone. It runs Android Gingerbread 2.3 platform. This is why some of Google Applications for mobile phone such as Google Search, Latitude, Maps, Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, Google+ are preloaded on this device. It of course also added some of Sprint apps likes Sprint Music Plus, Sprint TV, TeleNav GPS Navigator, Sprint Zone, and enve NASCAR, Polaris Office, Shopper, and Google Walled also ready to be used.

LG Viper LS840 User Manual 4G LTE Sprint Technical Specs

LG Viper LS840 User Manual 4G LTE Sprint Technical Specs

And for the hardware, the Viper installed with Dual core 1.2 GHz clock speed processor with 4GB ROM and 1GB RAM. For the internal memory, it has 2GB storage with additional 4GB microSD external card included. The battery uses 1700 mAh capacity. Along with the battery included, this phone has about 5.0 ounce weight (142 grams) and about 4.59 x 3.44 x0.46 inches (117 x 62 x 12 mm).

The phone also has dual camera. 5 Megapixel with auto focus on the rear panel and VGA camera on the front panel (as webcam for video calling). Unfortunately, there is no LED flash light on this phone to assist the camera on the need of artificial light if it’s used on the bad poor light condition (sorry we mad a mistake, there is a Flash light on the back side of the phone, exactly on the right side of the camera lens.

It available for the Bluetooth 3.0, USB 2.0 and Wi-Fi WLAN IEEE for 802.11 b/g/n and support for portable Wi-Fi hotspot (works the best along with 4G LTE of sprint). Wanna find more? Please get the eDatasheet specs under “PDF Download” section.

Table of Contents of LG Viper LS840 User Guide 4G LTE Sprint

Get Started
Device Basics
Device Settings
Accounts and Messaging
Applicationsand Entertainment;
Google Play
Google Wallet
Sprint ID
Sprint Applications
Sprint TV and Movies
GPS Navigation,
Web and Data;
Connect Wi-Fi
Data Services
Virtual Private Networks VPN
Tethering and Portable Hotspot,
Camera and Video
Tools and Calendar;
microSD Card
Update Your Device,

LG Viper LS840 User Guide 4G LTE Sprint PDF Download

And usualy, at this section beside we gave you the Download link of the Smartphone / Phone’s manual (at this time the LG Viper LS840 4G LTE Sprint), we are also give you the “screenshot” of tutorial how you can assemble your device, open the cover, insert the SIM card or microSD card. See the image below. The instructional details can be read at page 11, and especially for microSD tutorial it can be found on page 181 of the PDF Manual.

LG Viper LS840 User Manual 4G LTE Sprint Insert SIM Card Install microSD Remove Assemble Battery Open Back Cover Case PDF Download

LG Viper LS840 User Manual 4G LTE Sprint - Insert SIM Card Install microSD Remove Assemble Battery Open Back Cover Case - PDF Download

And this is the User Manual that you can download along with the eDatasheet Specifications. You can also learn the manual via “Read Online” tab section, if you don’t want to download it.

Source: www.lg.com
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    My phone does not a charge very long at all. What do I do? The phone is a new Spring Viper lite, 4G and I have it signed with straight talk.

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