LG Vu Plus GR700 User Manual & Quick Start Guide for AT&T

LG Vu Plus GR700 comes with Slide Side Out form factor with 4 row Qwerty Keyboard. This Vu Plus Design Body almost the same look like LG Apex US740 or LG Ally VS740. And for the Display Screen, the Vu Plus attached with 3 inch Capacitive Touch Screen with Vibration Feedback, 262K Color TFT and 400 x 240 Pixel Resolution.

The Key Feature that make us “wonder” in the LG Vu Plus is the AT&T Mobile TV. Yes, as you might already knew, the Vu Plus available in the US Region through AT&T Carrier and because of this the ATT Mobile Tools and Features also brought in this Phone.

What is ATT Mobile TV? As it explained in this Official Page of AT&T, the Mobile TV is an Digital Television that works by using the Wireless Data Networks Technology and capable to serve just like the Analog ordinary TV; 24/7 Full, Channel, Soaps, Sitcoms, News. Although it said that the service currently discontinued (for registered users would be available until March 2011) and this service only available on certain area.

LG Vu Plus GR700 User Manual Quick Start Guide Specification Datasheet PDF

LG Vu Plus GR700 User Manual Quick Start Guide Specification Datasheet PDF

LG Vu Plus Specification Datasheet PDF ATT | Language: English | Pages: 2 | Size: 1 MB

OK Let see another Features in LG Vu Plus. How about talking the Photography Features? The Vu Plus attached with 3.0 Megapixel Camera that can be used to create up to 2048 x 1536 Pixels Resolution Picture and also create Audio Video Recorder / Camcorder (320 x 240 pixels max). It also equipped with Auto Focus, Flash Light, Digital Zoom up to 2x for both Video and Image, and also some customizable tools, Brightness, Color effects, Continuous Shot, White Ballance, Night Monde, Self Timer, and more.

Others Features embedded in the Vu Plus by LG you can read as follows: Bluetooth 2.0 Version (including A2DP stereo headset), Music Player for MP3, WMA, AAC and AAC+, microSD slot supports up to 16GB, has internal memory 50MB, assisted GPS /aGPS with ATT Navigaro, USB, Mobile Email Client (Yahoo Mail, GMail, AOL, Live Mail), Video Player for WMV, MP4 and 3GP, AppCenter, Instant Messaging Mobile Client (YM, AIM, WLM) and many more. WiFi is unavailable in the Vu Plus!

Note: For complete Specification and Features of LG Vu Plus, we suggest you to download the PDF File of Datasheet of LG Vu Plus that we already provided above.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

LG Vu Plus GR700 User Manual Quick Start Guide Specification Datasheet AT&T Review and PDF Download

LG Vu Plus GR700 Quick Start Guide Phone Overview ATT PDF Download

LG Vu Plus GR700 Quick Start Guide - Getting Started Keys and Parts Phone Overview AT&T

LG Vu Plus GR700 User Manual Quick Start Guide Specification Datasheet AT&T PDF Download
For quick understanding and learning how to use and handle the LG Vu Plus, you can read the Quick Start Guide of the Phone (of course after you download the PDF File). It consist a quick help on how to assembling the Phone and used the Phone for the first time, including the Keys Parts Overview (just like the figure that we shared above).

And for the User Guide / User Manual of LG Vu Plus, here a short resume about it: For an instruction step by step on Installing the SIM Card and Battery or Charging the Phone and Inserting the Memory Card you can read the guideline from page 9 to page 12.

If you wanna know how to use Bluetooth such as using the A2DP profile plus Hands free or pairing it with others Bluetooth Devices suc has PC, Laptop, Others SmartPhone or PDA, you can learn on page 103 to 105. Learning how to change USB Setting you can found at page 74. And for Camera Usage, you can also find the proper operation guide from page 77 under Multimedia Section.

Just download if you want more or read the list of content we provided below. Enjoy!!

Table of Contents of LG Vu Plus GR700 User Manual English

Limited Warranty Statement
Table of Contents
Your Phone
Getting Started
General Functions
Address Book
In-Call Menu
Your standby Screen
Menu Tree
Mobile Video
Mobile Web
AT&T Music
My Stuff
Q&A (Troubleshooting)
For Your Safety
Safety Guidelines

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