LG Xpression C395 User Manual & Quick Start Guide

To be honest, if you looking for a Smartphone in which it can be useful for your professional activities and you plan on getting many games and applications, this LG Xpression isn’t the one that you should be listed. It’s because the LG C395 — the series name of Xpression — isn’t kind of Smartphone. There is no Operating system running on this phone. It only uses proprietary software (Java). Although, by having the qwerty keyboard (physically) this phone is quite good enough to make a fast communication thru SMS or messaging.

LG Xpression C395 User Manual Quick Start Guide Specs Overview

LG Xpression C395 User Manual Quick Start Guide - Specs Overview

If you see on the picture above, the phone is shown on closed mode, but actually the phone can be slide out, thus the Qwerty Keyboard can be used. See the image for this qwerty slide side our form factor design on the Specification Sections Tab. The Qwerty keyboard has four rows and it also works along with 3.0 inches TFT touchscreen display. It uses WVGA resolution aka 240 x 400 pixels with 256K colors.

LG Xpression User Manual C395 Quick Start Guide Resume

It a bit questionable why the User Manual (both English and Spanish) and also the Quick start guide of this Xpression packages with huge file size. Its about 10MB for both Manual and QSG. It seems it’s unnecessary thing. Although, it’s still good enough due to by having huge size of file PDF manual means that –usually– the picture and elaboration of the tutorial of the phone is quite well prepared.

LG Xpression C395 User Manual Quick Start Guide Keys Parts Body Layout Resume

LG Xpression C395 User Manual Quick Start Guide - Keys Parts Body Layout - Resume

For example on how good the explanation of the User Manual is the figure that we embedded above. It is the tutorial how you can know and understand the parts and keys available on the body of the phone for both Open mode and Closed Mode (qwerty keyboard off / out). In the Manual it can be read even in two difference chapter and with the details of each functions. Whether it menu, search, volume, microSD slot, power keys it explained properly.

For the Master Reset tutorial, it provided on page 82 under Settings > Phone chapter. It is the option that would reset all the audio, display, language, date &time, to original factory setting. On the same settings, you can also find the Master Clear in which it is used for deleted the saved datas / photos / videos and also downloaded file / games / applications away from the phone memory or external memory.

Another tutorial? Pair the bluetooth? Use the USB? User Voice Recorder, Voice command ore even setting the Alarm clock or works with File Manager? don’t worry, all are available on the User Manual.

Speaking of the Quick Start Guide, it only consist the tutorial how you can works with your phone for the first time. It include set up your phone, navigation tips, calling and voice mail tutorial, customizing phone, works with Music and Entertainment and some other AT&T Service and Apps tutorial.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

LG Xpression C395 Technical Specifications

Isn’t a kind of Smartphone means that the LG Xpression is a cheap phone aka low-end mobile phone. That means it would be very suitable for your budget. In US, the phone available with AT&T Carrier and works under GSM Technology. It supports also for HSDPA up to 3.6 Mbps. Weighing 130 grams with 108 x 54 x 177 mm ( in US standard equal to 4.59 oz and 4.24 x 2.13 x 0.66 inches) has a talk time up to 3 hours in which it powered with 1000 mAh battery capacity.

LG Xpression C395 User Manual Quick Start Guide Technical Specifications

LG Xpression C395 User Manual Quick Start Guide - Technical Specifications

If you are a Social Networking fans, you don’t need to worry about the capability of this Xpression C395 on accessing the Facebook, Twitter, or others. It already has AT&T Social net which would allows you to use those kind of Social Networks Service. AT&T Navigator, AT&T FamilyMap, AT&T Code Scanner, AT&T Service, Alarm Clock, Calendar, Notepad, Calculator, voice turn by turn navigation with GPS direction, Musci Player for MP3, M4A, WMA, ACC or ACC+, Video player for MP4, and 3GP formats are also available.

for the camera it only has 2 Megapixel camera, but you can use it to record VGA video and support for geo-tagging. There is no LED flash light. The Bluetooth version 2.1 is ready to be used with A2DP profile in case you wanna uses Wireless stereo headset, and for PC connections you can uses microUSB v2.0. Unfortunately, this low-end smartphone didn’t has a Wi-Fi, thus the only way you can access the internet is thru AT&T data networks (HSDPA / HSUPA).

The other “bad” news it that the Xpression only has 50MB internal storage, although you can expand it via microSD card slot up to 32GB.

Table of Contents of LG Xpression User Manual C395

Your Phone
Getting Started
General Functions
Address Book
In-Call Menu
Your Standby Screen
Menu Tree
Mobile Web
Music Player
My Stuff;
AT&T Social Net
File Manager
Other Files,
For Your Safety
Safety Guidelines

LG Xpression User Manual C395 Quick Start Guide PDF Download

The tutorial for assembling the parts of the Xpression, just like the figure that we gave you below, can be read on User Manual, and So do in Quick Start Guide. From how you can open the back cover, Insert SIM or microSD until how you can remove / assemble battery and power on the phone for the first time are given in best details instruction.

LG Xpression C395 User Manual Quick Start Guide Open Back Cover Case Insert SIM microSD Card Assemble Charge Battery PDF Download

LG Xpression C395 User Manual Quick Start Guide - Open Back Cover Case Insert SIM microSD Card Assemble Charge Battery - PDF Download

And here are the Manual that you can download. Especially for the Datasheet, it consist some of features and specifications data in which you can learn about the phone hardware and software. We got almost all the info available on the “Specifications” tab from this eDatasheet.

Source: www.lg.com
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  1. Matt says

    Ok, Im on mobile so I cant look though everthing, but I cant find this onhere or in my quick start guide;

    How do you set a lock on it? Like a code to unlock your phone and keep other people out?

  2. shane says

    so my lg xpression is locked and i forgot my password is there a master code to return it back to factory settings

    • Gaile Smothers says

      I have had nothing but problems with this phone. It is not user friendly. No manual comes with it but to make things worse downloading the manual on my computer takes forever – and then I rarely find an answer to the questions I have. I would never recommend this phone to any person.

  3. no dont get this phone...lol says

    ya…dont get this phone..i have this phone…it honestly sucks…when im in a middle of a message, i send it…and it shuts off my phone randomly…it really pisses me off when ur makin a long love msg to someone you truly miss…and then BAM just shuts off…ya dont get this phone, you will regret it. Its good for a first phone..but dam…dont EVER buy this phone!

  4. Pam says

    my daughter sent a picture text of my grandchildren. I would like to save that to my phone but i dont know how to do that

  5. Answers says

    Matt, to set a lock, go to settings thenphone then security change codes, the code you have to enter is either 1234, 1111 or 0000, then enter your lock you want it to be you also have to chose when you want your phone to turn on.
    to unlock your phone enter your puk code which you can find by logging onto at@t

  6. Robert says

    I just want to know what are the brew and media folders in the file manager on the memory card screen and how come they come back when I delete them? Thank you for your time and please reply to my email.(scorpionguy1968@hotmail.com)

  7. kim says

    How do you delete a number that you sent an email to? There isn’t an option in the drop down menu to delete it. It isn’t in my contacts list, but the number is listed as an option to send an email to and I need it deleted. Any response would be helpful. Thank you.

  8. bertha says

    I cannot move or transfer text messages from this phone to my pc. I am wanting to print them out but I cannot find how to do it. I have a memory card, it allows me to transfer pictures but not text messages, not text message with pictures, just want to print my text messages out.

    • Suluh says

      It seems you must do it manually. Otherwise, If you have an Android phone, save the sms to your sim card, insert it to your Android device. After that you can use SMS to Text application (download from Play Store) and then send the txt file to your PC.

  9. Mike A. Christensen says

    You guys made an error by saying “there is no operating system on this phone” just because it runs on Java. That’s not true. In order to run any software like Java or otherwise, the device HAS to have an OS.

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