Motorola Citrus User Manual for Verizon

After reading the Details Specifications and Features (also the User Guide) of Motorola Citrus, we got an interesting “features” that exist in this Phone. Motorola citrus officially run using Android Eclair / Android 2.1 as their main Mobile Operating System from Google. Usually the Android Phone was also followed by Google Services as their features and applications installed in, such as Google Talk, GMail, Google Search, or Google Maps. But the Citrus seems to be difference. Motorola Citrus instead of using Google Maps as their Maps default Applications, the Citrus officially used Bing Maps!

OK, forget about it, let start to discuss about the tech specs, design and others features installed in Motorola Citrus. The Design: Citrus seem to be used Touch Cand Bar form factor with onscreen virtual Qwerty Keyboard and used 3.0 inches QVGA Display (Touchscreen). This smartphone utilized with 528 Mhz Processor speed, and supports CDMA EVDO rev 0.

Motorola Citrus Manual User Guide Verizon PDF

Motorola Citrus Manual User Guide Verizon

Motorola Citrus also integrated with 3.0 Megapixel Camera along with Fixed Focus, Digital Zoom, Geo Tagging, Camcorder Video Recording and Image Editing Tools. In US Citrus by Motorola can be get from Verizon Wireless Carrier. For Media Player it supported to plays aac, h.263, h.264, mp3, mpeg4, wma 10, eaac+, amr wb, wmv, midi, amr nb, and aac+ audio video formats. Others features installed; USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, aGPS, GPS, eCompass, WLAN, Gmail, MotoBlur, Facebook, Android Market, Skype Mobile VZ, MySpace, Search by Voice, Youtube, Google Calendar, 32 GB max swappable external memory with microSD, and more.

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Motorola Citrus Manual User Guide Verizon Wireless PDF

Motorola Citrus User Guide Keys Parts Assemble Phone PDF

Motorola Citrus User Guide - Keys Parts Assemble Phone

User Guide Motorola Citrus | Language: English US | PDF Size: 3.23 MB | Pages: 62

Motorola Citrus Manual User Guide Verizon Wireless PDF Resume

Short Review User Guide / Manual of Motorola Citrus; Under “Tools” chapter, you can learn how to use Alarm Clock and Calendar (page 42), if you wanna know how to configuring and step by steps intruction on connecting the WiFi to internet, you can find at page 38 and 39 or the UG Citrus. Learning how to setup, get download, and play Music Audio formats? Just open and read page 32 to page 34. For others Guidance and tutorial that available in User Manual of Motorola Citrus are, Taking Picture and Recording Video, Pairing the Bluetooth, Using Facebook, Play and Open Youtube Video, Using Bing Maps with GPS for navigation, Assembling the Phone, learning the troubleshooting, and many more.

Table of Contents of Motorola Citrus Manual User Guide Verizon

Your Phone
Let’s Go
Touchscreen and Keys
Home Screen
Applications and Updates
Applications for All
Text Entry
Tips and Tricks
Photos and Videos
V Cast Videos
VZ (Verizon) Navigator
Bing Maps
Bluetooth Wireless
Memory card and File Management
Safety Regulatory and Legal

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    • Barry Watson says

      Hi Amber. I also would like to know! My phone came, but no manual. All I got was a tiny “Tips and Shortcuts” booklet. I know nothing about smartphones. Did you ever find a manual or anything on the web to show how to use it? I’m even having trouble adding my contacts, much less use the Internet or anything else. If you know anything, my e-mail is I’ll also let you know if I find anything. Thanks.

  1. says

    I bought a phone about two months ago from a prepaid phone company and they do not offer insurance.It is a motorola citrus and when I place a call I can hear the person on the othero end fine but they cant hear me at all.I was wondering if yo had any troubleshooting tips I could try.Thanks

  2. Erin says

    I just bought this phone and I was wondering if I could use the “Unlimited Messaging Bundle 20$” care that you can get from Walmart on this phone.

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