Motorola Debut i856 User Guide for Sprint Nextel Southern Linc

If the Carrier been mentioned from Sprint Nextel or Southern Linc, it can be concluded that the Phone that been bundled in is using the iDEN Data Networks Technology and supports Push to Talk Features. So do the Motorola Debut i856 had (iDEN 800/900). Actually there is one another iDen Provider Carrier that we could find the User Guide of the Motorola Debut, even though it mentioned in the Owners Support of Motorola Debut (official, click here to visit it), the Motorola i856 for Boost Mobile.

Take a look for a while the picture below, then tell us what your opinion about the design of the Phone? Personally, the combination between black and red on the color of the casing look fabulous, but the slider with numeric keypad is rather old fashioned (especially the edge of the body in open mode). The Display has size 2.2 inches Diameter in 176 x 220 pixels Resolution (No touchscreen). For the memory storage: Internal memory has 70 MB and external memory capable to be inserted with 8GB microSD card (maximum).

Motorola Debut i856 Manual User Guide Sprint Nextel SouthenLinc PDF Download

Motorola Debut i856 Manual User Guide for Sprint Nextel and SouthenLinc Carrier

Motorola Debut i856 also comes with 1.3 Megapixel Camera (not good enough!), with 4x Digital Zoom, Fixed Focus and Shutter Sound. Almost forget, it also capable to record video as Camcorder though it would only gave you poor resolution video. For the Music Player, it can be used to plays MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV, AMR and AAC+.
For Video Player it supports H.263 and MPEG-4.

Others Features: Bluetooth Version 2.1, USB with microUSB Type version 2.0, GPS and Location Service, Modem, Email Client for POP3, Java supported, Games, Push to Talk, Push to Meet, Push to Locate, Push to Send, Sprint Maps and navigation (Telenav), GeoTagging Images, Games (Bejeweled, Nascar, NFL, for Sprint, Virtual Vilagger, Guitar Rock Tour for Boost ), Pust to Talk Alern, calendar, and many more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

PDF Download of Motorola Debut i856 Manual User Guide Sprint Nextel Southern Linc

Motorola Debut i856 User Guide Sprint Nextel Shouten Linc Keys Function PDF Download

Motorola Debut i856 User Guide for Sprint Nextel & Shouten Linc - Keys Function PDF Download

Resume of Motorola Debut i856 Manual User Guide Sprint Nextel Southern Linc
As we already said above, the Motorola i856 available in 3 Carrier; Sprint, Boost and Southern Linc, but we only capable to provide the User Guide from Sprint Nextel and Southern Linc. For the Boost Mobile, we found that the Download PDF Link of UG of the Phone was broken.

Resume for Sprint Nextel User Guide of Motorola Debut: If you like to learn the step by step instruction how to use Debut Bluetooth, including pairing it and turning it on / off, just open page 135 from the User Guide. On page 61 you can also find the guideline how you can tak with 3 person using Three-Way Call. For nextel Phone Service such as using Second Line Service or Sprint 411 Call Center, you can open and read the tutorial at page 65.

Summary of Motorola Debut for Shoutern Linc: In the Page 81 you can learn how to use Push to Talk with LINCarround including using the channel and codes, using emergency call, switching it or exiting LINCarround. For Multimedia tutorial such as using Voice Record or Ringtones, or use Media Center, the guideline can be found at page 42.

Of course, manual operation for PTT (Push to Talk) or PTX (Push to View) and how to assembling the Phone with battery, inserting SIM card and microSD card to the phone body, learning to use Camera to take picture, understanding the keys function (as pictured above), using GPS, Listening to music, also available. Just download according to the Carrier of the Motorola Debut i856 that you owned to learn further more. Enjoy!

Table of Contents of Motorola Debut i856 Manual User Guide Sprint Nextel

Declaration of Conformity
Use and Care:
Setting Up Service
Phone Basics
Making and Answering Calls
Service Features: The Basics
Data Services;
Wireless Data Services
Downloading Content,
Recent Calls
My Info
Java Applications
Digital Rights Management (DRM)
GPS Enabled
Memo Feature
Voice Records
Call Timers,
microSD Card
Media Center
My Music
My Images
My Videos,
Safety and Warranty Information

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