Motorola Gleam User Manual: Quick Start Guide & Specifications

If you dreaming about the new Handset that still uses Clam Shell or flip out form factor, now your waiting if over. Try Motorola Gleam as your Clam Shell Phone and experience it!. First we had to tell you the bad news about this Gleam. Gleam isn’t a Smartphone. Why we dare to categorize this Phone as non Smartphone gadget? It because this phone did not supports EDGE and even 3G Data Networks technology and did not uses any Operating System. It java base which seems to be targeted to the lower-end phone market.

Motorola Gleam Manual User Guide Quick Start Specs Overview

Motorola Gleam Manual User Guide Quick Start - Specs Overview

The Motorola Gleam only works with GPRS Clas 12 Data Networks Technology up to 32 -48 kbps (for Latin America uses GSM dual band 850 /1900 MHz and for global uses 900 / 1800 Mhz frequency). It would drive you only capable to make SMS Message and Voice Call. For the Flip design, actually has unique and stylish design by having a secondary external display with icons (it can make a lot of icons even can write a letter like the one we gave you the picture screenshot above: “H E L L O” or an arrow icons). The Casing of Gleam colors available in three version: Black, Red and Dark Grey.

Motorola Gleam User Manual: Quick Start Guide Resume

Herein, not much Resume that we would write because it only short manual aka Quick Start Guide. For example the picture that we grab from GSG below is only small information about the keys and parts available in the body of the Phone. Moreover, we could counts it by our own fingers: The Headset port, Charger Connector, Navigation Keys, Volume Key and few other that you could see it below. It available in the PDF Manual on page 4.

Motorola Gleam Manual User Guide Quick Start Keys Parts Resume

Motorola Gleam Manual User Guide Quick Start - Keys Parts - Resume

To Reset the phone to the default factory settings, which usually named as Hard or Master Reset, you can go to Troubleshooting Chapter at page 33. Aside you can also find how to make a quick reset in the case your Gleam got error (stop responding for example), you can also follow the steps instruction how to make Master Reset. Go to > Settings > factore data Reset > enter your phone password (by original default it uses 1234)

To connect to Audio device or other Bluetooth devices and uses it to transfer file or listening to Wireless Headsets, you can learn how to pairing it or connecting it if you open page 17 and also page 18 of the Motorola Gleam Getting Stated Guide. To works with Camera, for example wanna take a picture or create video, you can get the tutorial at page 26 and 27.

Others Help that you might know which available in PDF of GSG including, learning how to Play Song and Video in Gleam’s Media Player, Finding Channel in FM Radio and listening it, Using the Alarm (setting, snooze, turn it on, etc) and many more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Motorola Gleam Specifications

If you flip it out (open mode), you’ll see Motorola Gleam equipped with Traditional Alphanumeric Keypad and also the Display Screen. The Display uses TFT QVGA (Thin Film Transistor), and has about 256K colors. For the Diameter Diagonal screen it comes in 2.4 inches with 240 x 320 Pixels for its Resolution Screen Display. The weight is quite light, it only has 105 grams with battery.

Motorola Gleam Manual User Guide Quick Start  Specifications Detail

Motorola Gleam Manual User Guide Quick Start - Specifications Detail

As a lower-end phone, Gleam only equipped with 2Megapixel Camera with Fixed Focus and Video Recording ability as a Camcorder (not bad though ). For the connectivity, there is no WLAN / Wi-Fi but you can use Bluetooth 2.1 plus Enhanced Data Rate EDR which supports Wireless Stereo Headsets Profile A2DP and supports USB version 2.0 (micro USB, capable to be used to charge the battery when it been connected to computer / laptop).

For the storage memory users, the Motorola Gleam has 5MB but can supports for card slot external memory up to 16GB via microSD Card. For the Multimedia Player, the Gleam can plays these following Audio and Video Formats; WAV, AMR WB, AAC, MP3, MIDI, AMR NB, AAC+ (Music), H.263 and MPEG4 (Video up to 25fps). For Video Capture with 2MP Camera you should insert the microSD card to be able to use the Video Recording, it up to 15frame per second.

Others Features: Email Client supports for POP3 or IMAP, Battery type 750 mAh up to 375 minute talk time and 500 hours in standby mode, FM Radio Receiver with RDS,WAP 2.0 Web Browser, and more.

Table of Contents of Motorola Gleam User Manual: Quick Start Guide

Your Phone
Let’s go
Home Screen
Bluetooth Wireless
Manage Your Life
Tips and Tricks
Text Entry
Media Player
Safety Regulatory and Legal

Motorola Gleam User Manual: Quick Start Guide PDF Download (Getting Started Guide)

Just go to page 6 of the Quick Start Guide of Motorola Gleam, and you will see the same picture that we provided at the image below. This images actually a tutorial how you can assembling the phone before you finally able to use it: it consist how you can open the back cover casing, inserting the microSD card and also the SIM card, installing the battery, and put back the cover. It also has an image how you can charge the phone properly.

Motorola Gleam Manual User Guide Quick Start Open Cover Casing Assembling Battery Insert microSD SIM Card Charging PDF Download

Motorola Gleam Manual User Guide Quick Start - Open Cover Casing Assembling Battery Insert microSD SIM Card Charging - PDF Download

Unfortunately, the only User Manual that available for this Gleam by Motorola is the Quick Start Guide (QSG) PFD File or that usually also named as Getting Started Guide (GSG). This would make the consequences that the Quick Start Guide tutorial and instructional guideline is not deep enough or just provides a short and fast help and tutorial. You can judge by the pages that available only in 58 pages. Although the images used in the GSG is quite good and clear enough. Just download it you don’t believe. Still, it better than nothing.

Download User Manual Quick Start Guide/ Getting Started | Language: English | Pages: 58 | PDF Size: 8.12MB

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  1. Barbara Allison says

    My razr developed a fault after several successfull years. The earpice became faulty – it was ok on loudspeaker. I upgraded to the new gleam which is good. However I like the audio ‘ submarine ‘ sound that I got from the razr to advise me of a missed message. The gleam just shows a flashing light which is ok but if its in my handbag I wont see it. Is there an option to change the profile to an audible message reminder?

  2. caiger says

    I also would like a user manual as it has the gleam has a couple of mysterious quirks as is not nearly as intelligent as the Motorola phone I had which preceded it

    • nick says

      go to messaging icon select go to write message select ok press options select input method select what u want

  3. Turnpenny says

    please help,my husband bought this phone today and can`t get it to turn on, the M comes up on screen and then goes off again, can you give any pointers please

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