Motorola i1 User Manual for Sprint Nextel & Southern Linc

Why the Motorola i1 only available for Sprint Nextel and Southern Linc in North America. It because the Motorola i1 is an Android Mobile Phone (used Android 1.5 a.k.a Android Cupcake) that works under iDEN Data Network Technology (iDEN stand for Integrated Digital Enhanced Network). Let us elaborate further more about the Features and also Specification brought by Motorola i1.

At the back body of the i1, there is a 5 Megapixel that been embedded in along with LED Camera Light Flash, Auto Focus, 4 times Digital Zoom, and also had Image Editing Tools such as GeoTagging Ability, Crop and Rotate the Picture. The Phone has 3.1 inch Diameter Display Screen at 320 x 480 Pixels Resolution and also has 265K TFT Display Type. As you can see at the figure below, the Phone used Touch Tablet form factor that much looks like as Touch Bar / Candy Bar form factore.

Motorola i1 Manual User Guide Sprint Soutern Linc PDF

Motorola i1 Manual User Guide Sprint & Soutern Linc

This Motorola i1 iDEN Phone also capable to store up to 260 MB storage (internal user memory) and supports microSD slot that can handle 32GB (maximum) Removable Memory. Because it’s Android Phone, the Google Mobile Service also included: Google talk, GMail, Android Market, Google Maps, Google Voice Search, Google Search and else. The i1 also equipped wiht WiFi 802.11 b/g, USB Supports, GPS (aGPS / AGPS), Bluetooth Wireless Technology (A2DP wireless headsets profile supported), Email Client for IMAP and POP3, Document Viewer (pdf, word, excel, powerpoint) and also Media Player (Audio and Video; Flash mp3, wav, wma, wmv, midi, mp4 using Android Player).

Using only Touch Screen User Interface with onscreen virtual Qwerty Keyboard, the Motorola i1 usage, for some users that usually used physical Keyboard might got a little slower in typing the message text. But don’t worry by having SWYPE Technology and XT9 Predictive text, they can achieve the speed that almost like using the physical keyboard. The Phone sometime also called as Push to Talk Phone (Push-to-Talk), because it used two ways on talking: You need to push the button to talk and release it if you wanna listen (two ways radio half duplex communication: iDEN ability). In common term, it works like walkie talkie.

For complete features list, you can read the official Tech Spec of Motoroal i1 at here.

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Motorola i1 User Manual Guide Sprint Nextel & Southern LincPDF Download

Motorola i1 User Guide Keys Layout Sprint Southern Linc PDF

Motorola i1 User Guide - Keys Layout Sprint Nextel & Southern Linc

Motorola i1 User Manual Guide Sprint Nextel & Southern Linc Short Review
There are two available User Guide for Motorola i1 in US: UG i1 for Sprint Nextel and UG i1 for Southern Linc. We would discuss / make short resume on the Sprint Nextel only.

Let start talking “in quick” about the User Manual of Motorola i1 Sprint. If you like to know the instruction tutorial on how to inserting the microSD external memory (removable) in the i1, you can read the guideline in page 95 or the UG (including tutorial with image). And for a way you can learn to create Video or Taking Picture you can start reading the Manual from page 100.

For step by step on using the Bluetooth such as turning in on/off and Pairing / connecting to other Bluetooth Device, you can study and try the operation ways at page 105. What about using the WiFi? Using aGPS / AGPS? Using Google Maps, or others features in Motorola i1? Don’t worry, all the tutorial and guideline are available in the User Guide. Just download and start reading it if you want to familiarize with the i1 and don’t want to get lost on using the features: what the Phone can do, and what the Phone can’t do!.

Table of Contents of Motorola i1 User Manual Guide Sprint Nextel

Declaration of Conformity
Table of Contents
Use and Care
Setting Up Service
Phone Basics
Making and Answering Calls
Service Features: The Basics
Web and Data Services
Call Log
Google Maps
Google Talk
Alarm Clock,
microSD Card
Bluetooth Wireless
Important Safety Information
Manufacturer’s Warranty

Table of Contents of Motorola i1 User Manual Guide Southern Linc

Your Phone
Let’s go
Touchscreen and Keys
Home Screen
Push to Talk
Google Maps
Apps for All
Manage Your Life
Text Entry
Tips and Tricks
Photos and Videos
Bluetooth Wireless
USB and Memory Card
Safety, Regulatory and Legal

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