Motorola Rambler User Manual for Boost Mobile

Came with Boost Mobile, this would means that Motorola Rambler available in the market (US) without you need to had a contract with the Carrier. You can use Motorola Rambler with Boost Mobile Carrier (Officially Owned by Sprint) in Pay as You Go or Unlimited Wireless Plans (optional: per days, weeks, or month).

Let forget about the Phone’s Carrier. We are going to move to talk about the Detail Specifications and Features embedded along with the Rambler. The Motorola Rambler designed by using clamsell (also can be called as flip) form factore with Qwerty keyboard (four row) and 2.2 inch Display Screen in 176 x 220 pixels Resolution TFT. The Rambler also attached with 1.3 Megapixel Camera along with 4x Digital Zoom, Video Recording as Camcorder capability and had Fixed Focus (including camera option such as Picture Frame, Resolution chooser, and Self Timer). Along with Boost Mobile the Rambler only works under CDMA technology (1x / didn’t supports EVDO). Almost forget, the Rambler by Motorola used BREW Mobile Operating System.

Motorola Rambler Manual User's Guide Boost Mobile PDF

Motorola Rambler Manual User's Guide Boost Mobile PDF

There is a good news for Mobile Game Lover. The Rambler also has –in preload mode– Boost HOOKT and Guitar Hero Games that would make you able to try your finger on rhythming with Guitar and make your self enjoy the Game. You can browser to the internet from this Phone by using Myriad Browser and the Rambler also capable to access Gmail, Yahoo Mail or other Email Services (Yahoo Messenger, AIM, WLM, GTalk supported either).

Another features embbedded with, that you had to know are Bluetooth 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate that supports Stereo Wireless Headsets A2DP, USB Connector, GPS and TeleNav GPS Navigator, Hearing Aid Rate M4, T4, and Sound Recorder. The bad news is, this phone seems to be unable to plays Music Audio Formats such as Mp3 or else, even though it capable to play Video and had a RingTone.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Motorola Rambler Boost Manual User’s Guide Overview and PDF Download

Motorola Rambler User's Guide Keys Parts Overview Boost Mobile PDF

Motorola Rambler User's Guide Boost Mobile - Keys Parts Overview

Motorola Rambler User’s Guide | Carrier: Boost Mobile | Language: English US | Pages: 50 | PDF File Size: 1.34 MB

Motorola Rambler Boost Manual User’s Guide PDF Overview
On Page 27 from the User’s Guide of Motorola Rambler above (after you download and open it with PDF Reader) you can find a help on using the Camera 1.3 MP to create Photo Capture and Video Recording, including step by step instruction how to operate it. For Bluetooth features attached in Rambler, you can find the manual instruction guidance from page 33 and page 34. It including how to turning the bluetooth on and off and also how to connects and pair it to another bluetooth devices.

For understanding the Keys and Function available in the Phone, just like the picture that we gave you above, you can find under Your Phone Section at page 2 of the User’s Manual. Another tutorial guideline we couldn’t share with you all of them but for short resume, it including how to use the phone homescreen and Qwerty Keyboard, Assembling and Charging the Phone Battery, Tips and Tricks, Service and Repair (Troubleshooting – red) and many more.

Table of Contents of Motorola Rambler Boost Manual User’s Guide

Your Phone
Menu Map
Get Started
Tips and Tricks
Text Entry
Photos and Videos
Bluetooth Connections
Service and Repairs
Safety Regulatory and Legal

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  1. bernardb says

    yes i think the motorolarambler is a great phone in my opinion bec it does alot of things that most expensive phones do and the only thing basically this phone is missisng is an mp3 )player

  2. bernardb says

    also it has great sound for listening to other callers and u dont have many dropped calls to get a faster way to download the internet is download operamini and that downloads things faster and u get gmail free but to really enjoy this phone get the unlimited with shrinkage and it does have video so for those that say it doesnt they r lying but try it out its a very good phone for the price

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