Motorola Spice User Manual, Getting Started & Legal Guide

Motorola Spice was officially design for Canada Region. This means that you may not find this series in US Country or another Country. It’s an Android Phone. The Spice works under Androdi Eclair (Android 2.1) Mobile Operating System by Google and available for both GSM or CDMA Technology Networks (Depend on the Carrier: WCDMA 1700 / 2100, GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900, HSDPA 3.6 Mbps).

Motorola Spice Manual User Guide Getting Started Legal Specs Overview

Motorola Spice Manual User Guide, Getting Started Guide, Legal Guide, Specs Overview

As a Slider Phone (slide out portrait form factor applied), the Motorola Spice attached with quite large Display screen at 3.0 inches Diagonal Diameter Touchscreen that make this phone also capable to be used just only using the Touch Screen. But for faster on typing the text, such as creating email message or text message, the Qwerty four row keyboard (physical) is very help full to do that. Let’s says the Motorola Spice is a kind of Touch Qwerty Phone.

Of course, with installed an Accelerometer tool, the Screen also has capability to had Auto Rotate screen Orientation according to the position of the Phone. The Spice has internal onboard memory about 90 MB and capable to be extended by using microSD external memory card up to 32GB. For further details of Specifications and Features read under “Specification” Tab below.

Motorola Spice User Manual / User Guide Resume

Under “Manual Download” Tab, you will find three direct links of Motorola Spice Manuals: The User Guide, Getting Started Guide and also The Legal Guide. All available in PDF File Format that need to be view by using PDF Reader such as Acrobat Reader from Adobe. But, at here, we will make a short resume of User Guide PDF of Motorola Spice only.

Motorola Spice Users Guide Keys Connector Functions PDF Download

Motorola Spice Users Guide Keys Connector Functions Resume

As an Android Phone, there one source for thousand of Applications and Games that might suit in your “heart” that you wanna plays or install. And that one is going to be available in Android Market. If you like to know how to download, how to buy a paid applications or games from android market, you can learn the tutorial via User Guide of Motorola Spice at page 21 under Section “apps for All”.

For Connections Tutorial such as how to use WiFi to connect to access point or “hot spot”, therefore you can use Internet connection and browser the internet or spent your time to make update status in Facebook or make new tweet in twitter, you can open page 24 under “Wi-Fi” Chapter and you’ll find all the instructions steps guideline. At page 23 of the User Manual / Guide of Motorola Spice, you can also find a help and tutorial how to pairing the bluetooth and connecting or reconnecting (un-pairing) to others bluetooth devices.

There is a lot of tutorial and guideline (including steps by steps with picture instructions) available in the User Guide of the Spice, such as the picture that we gave you above that would shown you how to understand keys and part of the Phone, or others tutorial such as using the Camera to create Video Recording / Camcroder and taking Picture, troubleshooting that might happen with its solution (such as touch screen didn’t works), connect with USB, and many more. See the Table of content to find out more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Motorola Spice Specifications Overview

Motorola Spice comes with 3 Megapixel Camera along with 8x Digital Zoom, Fixed Focus and also Image Editor. For Multimedia Player (Audio Video Player), the Spice supports these following formats: H.263, H.264, MIDI, AMR NB, WMV V9, AMR WB, MP3, AAC, eAAC+ and AAC+. For Video Recording it can be used to capture video up to 21-25 frame per second (fps), and for Video Playback rate can works with 26-30 fps.

Another Features entertainment that also available in Spice is the FM Radio and can be used along with Bluetooth Version 2.0 + Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) with Stereo Wireless Headsets Profile A2DP. POP3 and IMAP protocol client for Email such as GMail or Yahoo also available. For connectivity, the Motorola Spice attached with WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g and support USB 2.0 Data access with microUSB connector type.

Along with Google Maps and GPS (aGPS type) you can learn how to use the Spice to find the location of your self or taking with you to find a place. Because it is and Android Phone ,the Google services such as Google Search, Google Talk / GTalk, Android Market, Google Navigation, Google calendar, YouTube, also been installed and ready to be used/

Table of Contents of Motorola Spice User Manual / User Guide

Your Phone
Let’s Go
Touchscreen and keys
Home Screen
Text Entry
Apps for All
Bluetooth Wireless
Tips and Tricks
Photos and Videos
USB and Memory card
Safety, Regulatory and Legal

Motorola Spice User Manual Getting Started Legal Guide PDF Download

The Picture below, we deliberately capture from the Getting Started Guide of Motorola Spice (PDF File Type). It would help you to do: inserting SIM card, battery, Inserting Memory card, how to charge the Phone, and how to make a Call.

There are three PDF File Manual of Motorola Spice that we would share in the links below. For Quick and Fast tutorial, you can download the Getting Started Guide, but if you wanna go thoroughly on learning all the features that available in the Motorola Spice, we recommend to download the User Guide File.

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