Motorola XOOM Tablet User Manual & Quick Start Guide Verizon

Personally, we been “hotly” waiting for this Tablet by Motorola to be released. Now, It available in the Market. Let get the first table that used Android 3.0 aka Android Honeycomb by Google: MOTOROLA XOOM, on our hand. In US, this Motoroal XOOM come along with Verizon Wireless and works under CDMA LTE Technology for High Speed Internet Connections (CDMA 800/900 LTE 700). Of course the common Feature in Touchscreen such as Accelerometer for Auto Rotate Orientation also included.

For the Design, just see the image below. It’s really awesome and beautiful. With Touchscreen User Interface at 10.1 inches Diameter Diagonal Display Screen with 1280 x 800 Pixels resolution (150 pixels per inch), make this phone it the number one challenger for iPad by Apple. Because XOOM is a Tablet, that means the form factor also use Touch Tablet form factor design.

Motorola Xoom Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide Legal Verizon Wireless Specs Overview

Motorola Xoom Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide Legal Verizon Wireless - Specs Overview

The Motorola Tablet also equipped with internal on board memory at 32 GB on size and attached with 1GHz DUAL CORE Processor CPU Speed. By having this great hardware, you will guarantee to experience the best Tablet at this time. For detail specification please go to “Specification” Tab below.

Motorola XOOM Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide Resume

The Picture below shown the image tutorial on understanding the Home Screen on the Tablet, how to Charge the Tablet, and also how to Register. It available inside the User Guide of Motorola XOOM at page 4, 5 and 8.

Motorola Xoom Manual User Guide Charge Turn On Register Home Screen Resume

Motorola Xoom Manual User Guide Charge Turn On Register Home Screen - Resume

If you like to use the Motorola XOOM Calendar or Clock and Alarm such as manage an event or appointment, you can learn how to do that by reading the tutorial that available at page 48. On page 52 under Troubleshooting Section you can learn how to make fast solution if you got any trouble / problem with the phone by using the Reset options.

Usually, the connection (wirelessly) that been used to make transfer data to others devices is using the Bluetooth. in page 45 you can read the step by step instructions how you can use the Bluetooth of Motorola XOOM, including turning it on or off or Pairing it with others devices. If you like to know how to connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi, just open page 46 and read the guide line search and connect and even you can read how to set your Table as Wi-Fi Hotspot (like router).

There are many tutorial and guideline that you can find in the User Guide of Motorola XOOM that we could write it all at here. Such as at page 30 you can learn how to use 5MP to take a Photo or creating Video Recording, at page 24 you can learn how you can download games or applications via Android Market (recommended download: Flash Player 10), or how to get eBook via Google eBooks and then read it from XOOM tablet, and many more.

Just download the User Manual at the “Manual Download” Tab.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Motorola XOOM Specifications

Under Honeycomb Series of Android Operating System that officially designed for Tablet, the Motorala Xoom was embedded with most of Google Product / Services. It including Google Maps, Google Street View, Google Latitude, Google Maps Navigator, Google Talk with Video Chat enable, Google Mail (supports POP3 / IMAP Email Client), Google Calendar, Android Market, YouTube, Google eBook and others.

Motorola Xoom Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide Verizon Wireless Specifications

Motorola Xoom Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide Verizon Wireless Specifications

The Touchscreen UI of XOOM also supports Pinch to Zoom, has 5 Customizable Home Screens, and capable to be used at Portrait or Landscape Orientation along with on screen virtual Qwerty Keyboard. If you like to open or create or edit any Document File such as Word, Excel, or Power Point Document, the XOOM also included with QuickOffice Viewer.

For Connectivity Features, Xoom already included with Bluetooth Version 2.1 Technology with EDR and HID, attached with Wi-Fi WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/a/n, and has microUSB Type HDMI out with USB Version 2.0 for High Rate Data Transmission. In Web Browser experience, the XOOM by Motorola promised with Tabbed Browser, Chrome bookmar, and Android HTML Webkit.

How about the Multimedia Player? Don’t worry, most of Audio (Android Music Player) and Video formats like AAC, H.263, MP3, H.264, MPEG4, AAC+, OGG, MIDI, AMR NB and AAC+ enhanced (eAAC+) also supported. And the best thing that you can had in iPad but available in Motorola Xoom are the two webcams for Video Calling and for Photography Purpose.

The rear body of Motorola Xoom equipped wiht 5 Megapixel Camera with DUAL LED Flash, Video Recording tool, Digital Zoom and Automatic Focus along with Movie Studio video Editing software. And for Video Call, in front body, the XOOM installed with 2 Megapixel Webcam. The Video capable to create HD Video at 720p. Preinstalled games: Cordy and Dungeon Defender. Others Featurs: eCompass, aGPS, Barometer, Proximity, Ambient Ligh and Gyroscope.

Table of Contents of Motorola XOOM User Guide

At a Glance
Touch and Navigation
Home Screen
Apps and Updates;
Android Market
Choose Carefully
Recent Apps
Manage and Restore Apps
Update My Tablet
Important Customer Information,
Touch Typing
Tabbed Browsing
Select Links
Play Web Videos
Browser Options,
Photos and Videos;
High Definition Viewing
YouTube Videos,
Chat Google Talk
Google eBook
Google Maps
Google Maps navigation
Google Latitude,
Tips and Tricks
bluetooth Wireless
WiFi Hotspot,
USB Connection
USB Tethering,
Tools and Management;
Clock and Alarm
Airplane Mode
Forced Reboot
Service and Repair
Safety, Regulatory and Legal

Motorola XOOM Manual User Guide Quick Start Guide Legal Guide PDF Download

The Picture below mentioned the image of the body of Motorola XOOM along with Keys and Part Functions. It available in Quick Start Guide (sometime also called as Getting Started Guide) of Motorola XOOM.

Motorola Xoom Getting Started Quick Start Guide Keys Functions Features Verizon PDF Download

Motorola Xoom Getting Started Quick Start Guide - Keys Functions Features Verizon - PDF Download

There are three PDF File relating with Motorola XOOM that you can get: User Guide, Quick Started Guide and Legal Guide. The QSG consist of fast and quick infomation and instructions on how you can use the XOOM, and for Legal Guide consist the legal statement such as copyright and law that follows the Motorola XOOM. And for UG (User Guide) we already made a resume under “Manual Resume” Tab. Just read the resume of User Guide of Motorola XOOM from there.

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  1. J.dufourt says

    it is find and beautiful equipment but on the apps does not have enough no video calling both for ym and skype.

  2. Racklefratz says

    “Personally, we been…”, “Now, It available…”, “Let get the first table that used….on our hand…”, “In US, this Motoroal XOOM come along…” along with numerous other forms of butchery of the English language – I can’t bear to read any more of it. ESL (English as a second language) rears its ugly head once again.

    You need to find someone else to do your writing for you, someone who knows the language.

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