Nokia 9500 Communicator User Manual

Nokia 9500 Communicator Phone might be at this day is not a kind of Smartphone anymore, but in the first launch, the Phone was the most wanted high end Mobile Phone. As long as we knew, the Phone is the first phone that brought WiFi technology in the Mobile Phone. The Design of Nokia 9500 used bar with numeric keypad and Full Qwerty keyboard on the back flip body. Two Display on the front and on the back flip.

Nokia 9500 Communicator Manual User Guide PDF

Nokia 9500 Communicator Manual User Guide

Another features come along with 9500 Communicator including , Bluetooth Technology, Video Recording Ability, using Symbian OS, Voice Features, support email protocol client IMAP4, POP3 and SMTP, 80MB internal memory built in, MMC slot for expandable external memory, MS Office 97 Applications, Document Sheet and Presentation, Web browser supported xHTML, HTML and Java, and many more.

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Nokia 9500 Communicator User Guide Manual Download PDF Download and Overview

Nokia 9500 Communicator User Guide Getting Started PDF

Nokia 9500 Communicator User Guide - Getting Started

User Guide Nokia 9500 PDF Download [ English Language | PDF Size: 2.73 MB ]

Wondering how to use the Nokia 9500 Communicator properly would be answered well by reading the User Guide of the Phone. Learning how to use the 9500 to open Microsoft Office Document and also editing it such as editing the word document, excel document and also editing the microsoft power point document. Yes, Nokia 9500 capable to do that. Another tutorial and help in User Guide of the Phone including how to use messaging (email, chat, etc), using VGA Camera, Make a Call, Troubleshooting, getting to know part by part of the phone, using WLAN, surfing in the web and many more

Table of Contents of Nokia 9500 Communicator User Guide PDF

For Your Safety
Getting Started
Cover Phone
File Manager
Camera and Images
Control Panel
Media Applications
Data Software Management
Personalizing Device
Data Transmission
Nokia Original Enhancements
Battery Information
Care and Maintenance
Additional Safety Info
Technical Information
Nokia Limited Warranty

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