Nokia C1-01 User Manual (Spanish, English)

If you want a phone that would give you a easy to handle in the way you on-the-go, put aside the advanced function such as the Camera, and just want to use the commonly features and its basics function, we definitely, if were a mobile shop owner or seller, will presents you this Nokia C1-01 Phone. The body size that quite slim and pocketly (easy to slips it in the pocket), 108 x 45 x 14 mm in size with 58 cc volume, would guarantee that you get the “handy phone”.

Nokia C1-01 User Manual Guide Spanish English Specs Overview

Nokia C1-01 User Manual / User Guide - Spanish English - Specs Overview

Nokia C1-01, as you can see at the image that we shared above was using Candy Bar form factor and also designed in combination between alphanumeric physical traditional keypad and 1.8 inches Diameter (Diagonal) Display Screen (with 64K colors and has 128 x 160 pixels Resolutions).

As we already told you above, this phone was design not to gain best performance, but rather in the basic of Phone features as merely a communications device: SMS, Call, etc. That why it only supports GSM 2G network at 900/1800 Mhz or GSM 850/1900 Mhz (depend on the carrier and region). It did not supports 3G Networks and even did not supports EDGE technology (used GPRS rel-4 class B). [Continued in “Specifications Tab”]

Nokia C1-01 User Manual aka User Guide English Resume

The Keys and Parts image below that shown the body, features and keys of the Nokai C1-01 with its functions can be found at page 6 of the User Guide of the Phone under “Get Started” Chapter.

Nokia C1-01 Manual User Guide Keys Parts English Resume

Nokia C1-01 User Manual / User Guide - Keys Parts English - Resume

For simple tutorial such as how you can answer the call or make a call, you can open page 11 of the User Manual and read the the instructions guide from there, but if you like to texting someone with SMS features or creating email, you can do that after you learning how to write text at page 12 and also how to use Nokia Messaging at page 15 and 16.

To open and play music with Music Player or listening to Radio using FM Radio, you can read the tutorial help at page 17 and 18, but if you like to know how to pairing the bluetooth and transfer any file using bluetooth or USB cable, just open page 22 and 23. It would help you to use the Nokia PC Suite software for PC to internet connection or make data transfer, learning how to pairing with other device and turning bluetooth on or off and many more (for USB connection tutorial can be read at pag 9).

For step by step guideline / manual on using the Camera to create video recording like the ways you use Camcorder or taking moment with Photo shot, you can read it under “Photo” chapter at page 17 and 18.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Nokia C1-01 Specifications Detail

The Nokia C1 -01 available in four casings colors body: Midnight blue, Warm Grey, Red and Dark Grey. The one that we capture and posted in this blog is the Warm Grey one (watch the picture below). Although it can be said as lower grade phone, the phone still embedded with VGA Camera that can be use for both Video Recording and also take a photo (up to 600 x 480 pixels resolution, video up to 128 x 96 pixels resolution at 10 frame per seconds fps).

Nokia C1-01 User Guide Manual English Spanish Specifications Details

Nokia C1-01 User Guide Manual - English Spanish - Specifications Details

For connectivity features, you can still have Bluetooth version 2.1 with Wireless stereo headsets profile A2DP plus Enhanced Data Rate EDR. It also supports USB with microUSB cable version 2.0. To store any media file such as music, photos, video and else, it supports external microSD up to 32GB, although it already installed with 10MB onboard user memory along with 16 MB RAM and 64MB ROM.

For Multimedia Player, the C1-01 installed with Music Player that can plays MP3, AAC+ and WAV Audio formats and for Video it supports H.263 and 3GP formats. Another Features: Opera Mini, Stereo FM Radio, Radio Recording, Email Client supports SMTP, IMAP4 and POP3, Organiser, Alarm Clock, Calculator, World Clock, Mobile QQ (China only), and more

Table of Contents of Nokia C1-01 User Manual / User Guide English

Get Started
Write Text
Navigate the Menus
Call Log
Web or Internet
Date and Time
Synchronization and backup
Call and Phone
Restore Factory Settings (Reset),
Alarm Clock
Voice Recorder
To-do List,
Operator Menu
SIM Services
Green Tips
Product and Safety Information
Copyright and Other Notices

Nokia C1-01 Manual User Guide Spanish English PDF Download

If you like to know how to assembling the Phone (Nokia C1-01) body with the Battery and also how to insert the SIM Card and also the microSD Card, you can use the tutorial guideline below to do that. But if you like to know further about it, you need to download the PDF Manual of the Phone (already shared in the links below the image). Enjoy!

Nokia C1-01 Manual User Guide Assembling Battery Inserting SIM microSD Card PDF Download

Nokia C1-01 Manual User Guide - Assembling Battery Inserting SIM microSD Card - PDF Download English Spanish

The User Guide / User Manual of Nokia C1-01 is quite simple and slim due to there no much features that should be discussed in the Phone. That why the size is small and the page either. In US, there only two language available for UG of C1-01, English and Spanish, though it also available in multi language such as Chinese or Korean.

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  2. jel says

    how can i fix the call log? because every time i try to to dial a new number, the number will be register but in the last part.

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