Nokia C2-01 User Manual (English, Spanish, French)

If the other vendor / manufacturer of Mobile Phone or Smartphone try to pace with the Touch Tablet or Touch Bar design with high end features, compared with this, Nokia is a bit old fashioned and late (It a good news that Nokia has made a deal with Microsoft to use the Windows Phone as their OS in the future, hope this would make the world of SmartPhone get better, especially for Nokia Brand). You can say by this, if you look at the latest Phone that been launched (or prepared to be launched) is a also get old fashioned design, although the features inside the phone were a good enough. You can confirms this, by looking at the design of Nokia C2-01 (the latest of Nokia Phone that will be released: coming soon), without neglecting the availability of others the SmartPhone Series came from Nokia like Nokia E7 or Nokia N8 ones. Still it isn’t enough compared to others Vendors.

Nokia C2-01 Manual User Guide English Spanish France Specs Overview

Nokia C2-01 Manual User Guide - English Spanish France - Specs Overview

Yup, Nokia C2-01 currently designed using candy bar form factor with traditional alphanumeric keyboard and also tiny Display Screen at 2 inches Diagonal Diameter with 320 x 240 Pixels Resolution. It seems that the phone was created to gain the middle class market of the Mobile Phone Series. It can be judged by the features and hardware that attached and installed in the Phone.

The Picture that we shared with you above, is the design look with warm silver body casing color of Nokia C2-01. Actually the color body / casing for C2-01 available in two type: The Warm Silver and also Black Colors. For the Image of Black Color body casing of this phone, you can see it at the “Specifications” Tab below. Just wanna remind you about this phone, by only has 1-9.8 x 46.9 x 15.3 mm Dimensions Size and has 65 cc volume, the C2-01 very suited in carrying it in the pocket skirt or pant.

Nokia C2-01 Manual User Guide English Resume

For Deeply Understanding of the Nokia C2-01, you better to read the User Guide / User Manual content of this Phone at page 7 that exactly as the same as the picture that we uploaded and shared below. You will understand the available keys and where its been placed on the phone bonnet or body.

Nokia C2-01 User Manual Guide Keys Parts Resume

Nokia C2-01 User Manual Guide - Keys Parts - Resume

We must tell you that we had a conclusion after reading the User Manual PDF File of Nokia C2-01 that we already download, we noticed that the tutorial is a bit too simple. That why you might got disappointed if you hope you’ll get a deep and full elaboration of the contents of this Manual. Such as in the Page 24 that discuss about how you can use the Camera and Video (Camcorder), it only gave you short menu navigation help how you can do that without image or others explanatory. On one page it also included using Radio FM, Voice Recorder, and Music
Player (page 25).

It a bit different on elaborating on the instruction on how to use the Bluetooth and also how to pairing it with other devices. The tutorial and step by step instruction is deep enough. All you can read after you open page 29 and 30. In page 30 you can also get the guideline how you can make PC Connection and transfer data and also how to use Reset option and Call features.

Sometime the most used features in the Phone that got to be know how to operate it is the Alarm Clock. You can know and read how to set the alarm clock and how to stop it at page 22 under “Organiser” Chapter. For others tutorial / the rest of them, you can read by your self or you can grab the overview of it by reading the Table of Content that we wrote it also in the “Table of Content” Tab. Enjoy

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Nokia C2-01 Specifications Details

Let’s talk a bit more about this Nokia C2-01 Specifications and Detail Features. As you can see it here, the phone has embedded with Camera on the rear body. It brought out with 3.2 Megapixels Camera (precisely at 3.15 MP), along with Image Editor, Video Recording at up to 15 frame per second QVGA, Digital Zoom, Full Focus with EDOF (Extended Depth of Focus) and others Camera Features and Effects. The Digital Zoom for Capturing the Picture can be extended up to 4x Digital Zoom and for Video Recording at also up to 4x Zoomed (digital).

NokiaC2-01 Manual User Guide France English Spanish Specifications

NokiaC2-01 Manual User Guide - France English Spanish - Specifications

One Good news is, unlike the Nokia C1-01 that did not supports 3G Technology Data Networks, the Nokia C2-01 was specially designed to works with both 2G (GSM) and 3G Technology (WCDMA 348 kbps): WCDMA 900/1900/2100 Mhz or WCDMA 850/1900/2100 MHz along with GSM Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz (could be different in others region / country depend on the Carrier Data Networks). For the Storage Memory, the C2-01 included with 43 MB internal onboard memory that also has microSD slot up to 16GB expandable slot and used 64MB RAM / 128 MB ROM.

On thing that you should now, there were no Wi-Fi Internet Hotspot connection and either Secondary Camera that usually used to make Video Call / Streaming. For Bluetooth, the phone used Version 2.1 Bluetooth that included with Wireless Stereo Headsets a.k.a A2DP Profile and supports microUSB version 2.0 for USB Connectivity.

For Applications that already installed with the Phone you can read the list as follows: Converter 2, Size Converter, Stopwatch, World Clock, Calendar, To-do List, Facebook, Flickr, Nokia Messaging 2.0 (email client and also Instant Messaging such as Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live, or AIM), Cherry 2.1 Lite, Opera Mini, Ovi Store, Twitter and many more.

The Media Player, especially Music Player supported to runs MP3 format and others Audio formats uch as AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ and also the WMA format. For Video Player it can be used to plays H.263, H.264 (3GP), MPEG4, MP4 and used 3GP video file formats for MMS feature. Games that already installed in the Nokia C2-01 are Brain Champion, Block’d, City Bloxx, Diamond Rush, Bounce, Snake III and Sudoku.

Table of Contents of Nokia C2-01 Manual User Guide English

Get Started
Basic Use
Alarm Clock
Calendar and to-do-list;
Web or Internet
Camera and Video
FM Radio
Voice Recorder
Music Player,
Date and Time
Synchronisation and backup
Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Packet Data
Call and Phone
Restore Factory Settings,
Find more help
Protect the Environment
Product and Safety Information
Copyright and Other Notices

Nokia C2-01 Manual User Guide English Spanish French PDF Download

The Image that indicated the tutorial on how you can insert to the phone with the SIM card or Memory Card (including how to remove it), and also instructional guide how you can assemble the Battery with phone body. It available in pages 8 and 9 under Getting Started Chapter of the Nokia C2-01 User Guide.

Nokia C2-01 User Guide Manual Assembling Battery Insert Simcard Remove Memory Card PDF Download

Nokia C2-01 User Guide Manual - Assembling Battery Insert Simcard Remove Memory Card - PDF Download

We are provide three User Manual / User Guide of Nokia C2-01 in the matter of Language Version: The User Guide in English, Spanish and French. These are the all of them that you can get it by free. Enjoy!

For Complete availability of User Guide of Nokia C2-01 in difference Languages such as Greek, Germany, Italian, Arabic, Finish, Dutch, Russian an others, you can visit this page and find your download link that you wanna to, from there.

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  1. Ibrahim says

    I am finding Nokia C2-00 User Manual Guide of .pdf file format but I an getting Data Sheet. So, I want this file.

    • user manual says

      you need to install the pdf reader for your nokia c2-01, see the widget/sidebar on this site for the download alternative of PDF viewer / reader for your device.

      • abolfazl says

        Go To > Menu > Setting > Phone > Languge Setting > Phone Languge >

        You Can also do this
        go to menue then the picture of Setting Then Go o The picture of A phone then go to the first Tab then go in then change your Lang…

  2. Pintu says

    Sir, i am using nokia c2- 01 phone.Using AIRCEL pocket internet data card, while i am downloading a file of more than 4mb , always a message occurs that ”no gateway reply”. So can you plese tell me the settings to download a file of more than 4mb. Is there possible to download a file of more than 4mb in nokia c2-01 phone?

    • abolfazl says

      Do you Have more Space on Nokia c2-01 ??
      It’s the first one but If you Use Nokia Express Or Opera mini you may can Download to 100 MB !

  3. Jenny Greenwell says

    I am having trouble when I put my phone on silent and vibrating, it still rings loundly, but the messages are vibrating. How can I just have the vibration turned on without the sound

  4. jocyl Ann Andrey says

    i’m using the nokia c2-01 i try to open the internet but always subcribe to package date first.and i log in the facebook but cannot open.

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