Nokia C3 01 Touch & Type User Manual

Just like Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type, the term “Touch and Type” in Nokia C3 Touch and Type (C3-01 Model Series, for C3-00 You can read and get the Spec and Manual at here), refer to the User Interface integrated with the C3 Phone; Touch Screen UI at 2.4″ Display and Numeric Physical traditional Keypad. In US, the C3 Touch and Type available in two color: Warm Grey and Silver (see the image). For the Display Screen that can be used as TouchScreen UI, it has 240 x 320 pixels Resolution and up to 262K Colors.

After searching and make a little Study, we could find the official Carrier (Data Network Provider) of this C3 Touch and Type, though it said that the Phone works under both GSM and CDMA Technology (varied depend on the carrier) and supports HSDPA / HSUPA. The C3-01 equipped with 5.0 Megapixel Camera (can capture Picture Photo up to 2592 x 1544 pixels) that also attached with LED Flash Light for poor light source environtment, 4 times Digital Zoom, EDOF (abbreviation of Extended Depth of Focus), Noise Reductions, Self Timer and Image Editor. Of course the 5MP Camera also able to be used as Camcorder to create Video Recordingup to 20 fps QVGA (saved in .mp4 and 3gp format codex).

Nokia C3 Touch Type C3-01 User Guide Manual PDF

Nokia C3 Touch and Type C3-01 User Guide Manual

For Connectivity Tools, the C3 Touch & Type also embedded with USB Version 2.0 for high speed connection, Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR (A2DP for wireless headset also supported, EDR was a short for Enhanced Data Rate), WiFi (WLAN 802.11 b/g/n). And for Data Storage, the Phone had 64 internal memory (with 30MB free user memory) and can be expanded using microSD external memory up to 32GB. You can also play music format in Media Player of C3-01 that suppors the following codex: mp3, aac, eaac, eaac+ and WMA, and for Video, the Phone supports the following codex formats MPEG-4, H.263, H.264 and 3GPP (3gp).

There are a lot of feature that we couldn’t write at here but you can read the Full Details of Specification and Features such as Games, Supported Email Client, and other feature of this Phone from the official page of Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type: Start Reading (

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Nokia C3 01 Touch & Type User Guide Manual PDF Download

Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type User Guide Keys Parts Overview PDF

Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type User Guide - Keys Parts Overview

Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type User Guide | PDF Size: 1.22 MB | Pages: 62 | Language: English US

Nokia C3 01 Touch & Type User Guide Manual Review
Would you like to know the ways you can download games, video, wallpaper, ringtones, video and pictures for your C3 Touch and Type via OVi Store Service? You can learn the instruction manual of them via the User Guide on page 38 (It would also give you how to use Nokia Ovi Suite, using Ovi Player, Ovi Mail and even Ovi Maps. In the Section of “Connectivity” from the UG of C3-01, you’ll find the tutorial and help how to use Bluetooth such as turning on and off, Pairing it, or connect car kit using remote SIM mode, how to use USB Cable for Data Transfer such as copying the music or picture from / to computer, or USB memory stick (flash drive), and learning how to use WiFi for internet connection.

Almost forget, the User Guide of C3 Touch & Type was pretty simple and only used Black and White Color (that why the size was “quite” small).

Another Tutorial or Guidance that you can understand are (some of them), Learning to Use Music and Video, Capturing Moment in your life using 5 MP Camera (HD), Using Mail Client (POP3, IMAP, and SMTP supported), Playing Game and Applications (Games: Memorize, Climate Mission and Puzzle it preloaded), Getting to know the Phone Keys and Part (pictured), and many more

Table of Contents of Nokia C3-01 Touch & Type User Guide

Get Started
Switch it on
Device Management
Write Text
Mail and Instant Messaging
Nokia’s Ovi Services
Time Management
Pictures and Videos
Music and Audio
Game and Application
Protect Your Device
Green Tips
Product and Safety Information
Copyright and Other Notices

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  1. ariel says

    How can I log out my account on gtalk on my nokia x3 phone? even though I have deleted my companies personal e-mail I am still online.

  2. Kim Lagory says

    i have the Nokia C3-01 touch and type GSM phone. I just got it in April. the screen is either locked or broken. how can i check if it is just locked . i never applied a code for lock or anything so i dont know if i did something with the lock button or what. i have taken the battery out and restarted it but with no difference… is there anything else i can do to check it before i return it?

  3. Darlington Madu says

    Please my screen, containing Goto, menu and names just got locked. I cannot access my menu anymore. Please what shall I do to unlock it.

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