Nokia C6-01 User Manual

The Main differences between Nokia C6 Series Nokia C6-00 and Nokia C6-01, are the Camera and also form factor design. Nokia C6-00 attached with 5 Megapixel Camera and Nokia C6-01 embedded with 8 Megapixel Camera. Nokia C6-00 used Slide side formfactor with Full Qwerty Keypad and on the other hand, Nokia C6-01 designed with Full Touchscreen UI with touch bar (candy bar / mono block) form factor at 3.2 inches 640 x 360 resolutions AMOLED Display Screen. The Camera in Nokia C6-01 also included with 2x Digital Zoom, Dual LED Flash, and Face Recognition Feature. The C6-01 used the latest version of Symbian OS; Symbian^3 OS (older version used in C6-00)

Nokia C6-01 Manual User Guide PDF

Nokia C6-01 Manual User Guide

C6-01 by Nokia also has features and tool likes Bluetooth, USB supported, 2GB microSD memory card that can be extended maximum 32 GB (internal memory 340 MB), FM Radio, GPS, aGPS, Ovi Maps, WiFi, WiFi positioning, Compass and accelerometer, Video Player supports h.264, mpeg4, h.263, real video 10, on2 vp6, flash video, vc-1 formats and Music Audio Player supports mp3, wma, aac, aac+, eaac, and eaac+ formats, Games, supports HSDPA and HSUPA, and many more.

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Nokia C6-01 Manual User Guide PDF Download

Nokia C6-01 User Guide Keys Parts Phone Get Started PDF

Nokia C6-01 User Guide Get Started - Keys Parts Phone

Download User Guide Nokia C6-01 | Language: English UK | PDF Size: 3.65 MB

Nokia C6-01 Manual User Guide PDF Summary

What can you do by downloading and reading the User Guide of Nokia C6-01? You can do a lot. Learning part by part and key by key of the Phone (pictured), finding help on troubleshooting if you got any error or trouble, learning how to use Camera to take a Photo or create Video Recording, Using the Phone as Modem, WiFi connection, Pairing bluetooth instruction, Using aGPS and Ovi Maps for street Navigation, Watch on-demand Web TV, Using QuickOffice (supports to read word doc, excel and power point), Learning to use Facebook and Twitter Application, make conference call tutorial, using Video Call, and many more.

Table of Contents of Nokia C6-01 User Guide PDF

Get Started
Install Nokia Ovi Suite on Your PC
Explore Nokia’s Ovi Internet Services
Basic User
Social Networks
Your Pictures and Videos
Videos and TV
Music and Audio
Time Management
Device Management
Find more help
Access Codes
Green Tips
Product and Safety Information
Copyright and Other Notices

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  1. says

    Hi ,

    Even though i have saved the names of people and their phone numbers on my Nokia C6 phone, only the number is appearing when they call me so i am left to guess the IDs all the time. How can that be fixed?


  2. Stephen says

    Of late it seems my phone gets jammed up. i try to delete some filers and messages by the story is the same. And the window for connectivity comes up frequently even when I am trying to access another function. Its very boring

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