Nokia E7-00 / E7 User Manual (English, Spanish)

After make a little research, we could found Nokia E7 / E7-00 on United Kingdom Region (, we just found the availability of this E7 on US ( This also means that at this time March 03 2011, Nokia E7 was unavailable in UK, but available in USA. We could find any information regarding the time release of Nokia E7-00 in Europe, especially in uK.

Nokia E7-00 Manual User Guide Spanish English Specs Overview

Nokia E7-00 Manual User Guide Spanish and English - Specs Overview

The E7-00 comes with Slider Side form factor with Full Qwerty Keyboard. For the physical details of the Slider form factor you can see at the picture above. The Display Screen embedded with 4 inch Diameter AMOLED Capacitive Touch screen at 640 x 360 pixels Resolution (16:9 nHD) and has 16M colors. For Auto Rotate Orientation, it also installed with Accelerometer Sesor along side with Magnetometer for Compass, Proximity Sensor for Auto Turn Off and Ambient Light Detector and polished with Gorrila Glass Display for Scratch Resistant material.

Just like others Nokia Series for SmartPhone, the Nokia E7-00 runs with Symbian^3 Operating System accompanied by 680 MHz ARM 11 Processor Speed CPU, Broadcom BCM2727 GPU and embedded with 16GB internal Storage Memory, 256 MB RAM and 1GB ROM. Grey (Dark Grey), White (Silver White), Green, Blue, and Orage are some available colors for the Casing Body of Nokia E7.

Nokia E7-00 / E7 Manual User Guide English Resume

The Picture below represent and tell you how you can understand part by part and key by key that available in the Body of the Nokia E7 / Nokia E7-00 in Side Left, Side Right, Front, Rear, Top and Bottom Side. For example the HDMI and USB Connector, Power Keys, Front Camera or Rear Camera and more.

Nokia E7-00 User Guide Manual Keys Part English Resume

Nokia E7-00 User Guide Manual - Keys Part English - Resume

Please open Page 94 to 96 of the User Manual / User Guide of the Phone under Office Chapter / Section. It would guide you, step by step instruction how you can use Quick Office to open, editing, even creating new document. It supports Microsoft Office Word document, Powerpoint Presentation Document, and also Excel Spreadsheet Document (page 94, 95). On Page 96 you can learn how you can read and view any PDF File using Acrobat PDF Reader.

If you like to know how to use the Internet connection using WiFi (connect to Access Point Hotspot Network whenever it available) or using Bluetooth and pairing it or unpairing with other Bluetooth Device, tutorial on using the USB Cable Data for High Speed Data Transfer Connection, using Remove Drive and VPD, all you had to do just open page 98 to page 105 of the UG PDF Manual File.

How about Using Camera? Don’t worry on page 63 to page 65 you can understand how to operate the Camera as Camcorder or to take a Shoot to create Photo Object. It including using the Geo-Tagging Feature to save location information to your pictures and videos, using Flash Light to take a picture in the dark condition, Send Picture via Email or Bluetooth, and many more.

For Quick Help on getting trouble with the Phone, such as the E7 suddenlty stops responding or memory is full, you can read the instruction manual help under the Troubleshooting section at page 114 and 115, including how you can use Master Reset to restore original settings.

For further detail and explanation / elaboration, you can go to “Download Manual” Tab and the read all and full the manual after you download the PDF File of the Phone’s Manual (at this case Manual of Nokia E7-00). Enjoy!

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Nokia E7-00 / E7 Specifications

For Connectivity Features Details, the E7 supports GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) Technology Data Networks and also WCDMA (850/900/1700/1900/2100 Mhz) with Auto switching Features for both of them. For 3G Networks it supports HSDPA up to 10.2 Mbps (Download) and HSUPA 2Mbps. Today, almost all smartphone has Wi-Fi, Nokia E7 does either. It equipped with WiFi 802.11 b,g,n and also use Bluetooth Latest version technology Version 3.0 that cover A2DP Wireless Stereo Headsets Profile. For USB, it used microUSB version 2.0 type and supports USB On-the-go.

Nokia E7-00 User Guide Manual English Spanish - Specifications

Nokia E7-00 User Guide Manual English Spanish - Specifications

The 8 Megapixel Camera was attached on the rear body of the Phone along with Camera Tools and Features like Face Detection, Geo Tagging, Fixed Focus, Dual LED Flash Video Recording up to HD 720p at 25 fps, Video Stabilizer, Digital Zoom (2x for Image Photo, 3x for Video), Dual LED Flash, and embedded with VGA Secondary front Camera for Video Calling.

For the Music and Audio Player, it can runs MP3, WMA, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, EAC3, AC-3, WMA, AAC, eAAC+ and eAAC with Nokia Music Player. For Video Player it supports H.264, MPEG4, VC-1, Real Video 10, Sorenson Spark formats. The E7-00 by Nokia also support Stereo FM Radio with RDS.

For the Applications Features the Nokia already installed with Email Client that supports attachment file such as .doc, .xls, .ppt, .pdf, .zip (word, excel, powerpoint, using Quick Office, Adobe PDF Reader, Zip Compressed File), and support Instant Messaging Client for Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Windows Live Messenger aka WLM, Google Talk aka GTalk and Ovi Chat (may need to be downloaded and installed first).

For Navigaion and Maps, the Nokia E7 used Nokia Ovi Maps with Car and Pedestrian Navigation (Free), WiFi Positioning and of course intergrated with GPS (A-GPS Type Receivers). With Nokia Social Client, you can access Facebook and Twitter in one Unified Home Screen. The Games that can be played in E7 supports Dedicated 3G Graphics with OPenGL 2.0 and supports Native / Java Games.

Table of Contents of Nokia E7-00 / E7 User Guide English

Get Started
Install Nokia Ovi Suite on Your PC
Basic Use
Customize Your Device
Social Networks
Your Pictures and Videos
Videos and TV
Music and Audio
Time Management
Device Management
Find more Help
Access Codes
Protect the Environment
Product and Safety Information
Copyright and Others Notices

Nokia E7-00 / E7 Manual User Guide English Spanish PDF Download

If you like to know how you can assembling the SIM Card aka inserting it into Nokia E7’s body, you can learn the tutorial at the image / figure that we uploaded and shared below. It also including the instruction guideline how you supposed to Charge the Phone’s Battery. For a matter of deep understanding including the text guideline instruction about these, you can go to page 13 -15 inside the User Guide PDF File of the E7 and read by yourself.

Nokia E7-00 Manual User Guide English Charging Inserting SIM Card PDF Download

Nokia E7-00 Manual User Guide English - Charging Inserting SIM Card - PDF Download

Usually, the Manual of Phone available in two types, the Full User Guide and the Quick Start Guide. However, this Nokia E7 / E7-00 (and almost all Manual that made for Nokia Series) only has User Guide File, although it available in two languages (US Version, others Region could have their on Language): English and Spanish. You can download the both of them at the links which we shared below.

Note: The Quick Start Guide is already available along with the box in paper edition (included).

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  1. Donald Hicks says

    My E7 discharged completely now, in spite of being connected to the charger for over 4 hours, will not restart. Is their a system to get it going again?

  2. Anyorikyo Vincent says

    I use Nokia E7-00 and noticed that some of the contact on the phone even though they are not duplicated, do not display names of the callers. Where names of the callers are displayed, text messages received from them do not display their names. Its only the number that is displayed. What advise would you give me since I have tried severally but cant solve this problem.

  3. Trena says

    please my charging pin is messed up, therefore i can’t charge my E7. is there another way apart from charging battery externally to charge my phone pls?

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