Nokia E90 Communicator User Guide

The Camera installed in Nokia E90 Communicator had 3.2 Megapixel Resolution and also included with Flash Light for poor condition light source, Auto Focus and Front Camera for Video Calling / Streaming with QCIF VGA up to 640 x 480 pixels. The Design as you can see the picture below used Flip Side Form Factor with combination of Numeric Keypad and small display at closed body and Full Qwerty Keyboard with large display at open slide side body.

Nokia E90 Communicator Manual User Guide PDF

Nokia E90 Communicator Owner Manual User Guide

There so many features that available in Nokia E90 Communicator, but as Communicator Phone, the main features that should be existed are the ability to create, open view and edit email attachment with QuickOffice the microsoft office file like document (.doc) word, spreadsheet excel (.xls), Zip Manager, PDF Reader trying version, and Power Point Presentation. Another Features you can had by owning the E90 Communicator by Nokia including, Music Audio Player for mp3 and acc (the most used format audio version at this time), FM Radio, VoiP 2.1 for Phone Call with cheap charged, Maps Applications, WLAN (like WiFi), Windows Live Service: Messenger Hotmail, Bluetooth, Infrared, and many more.

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Download Nokia E90 Communicator Manual User Guide PDF Download and Summary

Nokia E90 Communicator User Guide Parts Keys Phone PDF

Nokia E90 Communicator User Guide - Parts and Keys Phone

Actually, The User Manual and Quick Start Guide of Nokia E90 Communicator had included in the box when you first bought the Phone. Indeed, you don’t need to get the Digital PDF Version of the Manual if you already had the paper handbook version. But in the case you lost the Paper User Manual E90, you can still get and read the PDF version below.

Nokia E90 User Guide Download | Language English | PDF Size: 2.42 MB

The User Guide / Manual of Nokia E90 consists of all available features explanation and “how to” that would guide you to learn how to use the phone properly. For example using WLAN WiFi to connect to the internet, Using GPS and Nokia Maps (Ovi Maps) for navigation on the road of down town, Editing the Document Files with QuickOffice tutorial, help on troubleshooting with the Phone, Creating Video Recording of taking Photo with 3.2MP Camara guidance, Downloading the Application such as Facebook or Twitter client for E90, Learning parts and keys of the phone (pictured), Setting and operations, instruction to transfer data via bluetooth (pairing, finding device, turning on/off, etc) and many more.

Table of Contents of Nokia E90 Communicator Manual User Guide PDF

For Your safety
Get Started
Basic Information
Transfer Content
Office Applications
Wireless LAN
Global Positioning System
Business Voice Apps
Media Applications
Music Player
Flash Player
3D Ring Tones
Device and Data Management
Battery Information
Nokia Battery Authentication Guidelines
Care and Maintenance
Additional Safety Information

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