Nokia N86 8MP User Guide English

The main features of Nokia N86 8MP is the Camera. Camera 8 Megapixels  with 20x Digital Zoom can create an image photo at size: 3280 x 2464 pixels, and also used CMOS sensor, with Tessar lens and Carl Zeiss optics. It Focus range from 10 cm to infinity and also has focal length 4.61mm. Another tools for this Camera including Dual LED Flash, Wide exposure range, wide angel optics at 28mm, High Speed Shutter, at max 1/1000 secs also available variable aperture for F2.4, F3.2, F4.8. Image format: JPEG and EXIF.

Nokia N86 8MP User Guide Manual PDF

Nokia N86 8MP User Guide Manual

For completing the Camera you can use Photo Editor, Rotating Gallery, SlideShow with 3D sound effect, Direct Printing, White balance mode, Full screen viewfinder, Landscape orientation, Slide cover protection, screen mode, capture mode, auto exposure, and more.

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Download Nokia N86 8MP User Guide (Manual)

Nokia N86 8MP Manual User Guide Key Parts Overview PDF Download

Nokia N86 8MP Manual User Guide - Key Parts Overview PDF Download

There were a lot of section on the User Guide of N86 8MP that you can read, from start guide on understanding the menu and button, using the Touch Screen, TroubleShooting with the Phone, and of course the most wanted Manual User Guide on Using the Camera 8 Megapixels.

Download English Nokia N86 8MP User Guide | Size PDF: 4.08 MB |

Table of Contents of Nokia N86 8MP Manual User Guide English

Get Started
Find Help
Your Device
Positioning (GPS)
Nokia Maps
Home Network
Nokia Video Centre
Make Calls
Internet Calls
Contacts (Phonebook)
Personalise Your Device
Time Management
Green Tips
Product and Safety Information

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