Nokia Oro User Manual & Specifications [English, French, German, Italian (Gold)]

It been reported that right now, Nokia is no longer the leader on Smartphone Manufacturer. In fact, they drop in to third place after Apple and Samsung as the most Smartphone Fabricator in world wide. And if you wanna know the newest Smartphone that would challenges others competitor by Nokia, Nokia ORO is the newest and latest Gadget and the one that would be the ammo. Yes, at this time, we like to talk about this Nokia Oro, especially, the User Manual / User Guide and its specifications.

Nokia Oro Manual User Guide Specs Overview

Nokia Oro Manual User Guide - Specs Overview

What make this phone special it the color body polished in the casing. It uses the gold paint with combination of black and also rounded four corner edges. The one that you can see at the figure above is the gold + black. It rather bulky though, but for the other colors, the pure gold (to get a glance look about this color body casing, you can go to “specification” tab section), it quite bright and shine. Officially, these two colors named as gold dark and gold light Nokia Oro colors aka Nokia Oro Dark, and Nokia Oro Light. Why it been named as “ORO”. If you are fluent in Spanish or Italian, you had to be knew that Oro is the word for Gold. Yes, Oro means Gold.

Nokia Oro Manual User Guide English Resume

We don’t wanna talk the detail of User Guide / UG / User Manual / UM of Nokia Oro. We just wanna inform and make short resume about some of the contents that can be found on the PDF User Manual of Oro. One of them can be seen at the picture that we embedded below. It is the tutorial how you can understand the keys, the buttons, and also parts of this Phone. It including where the location of micro USB connector, the Power keys, camera, microphone, call key, lock switch, voice key, volume key and more

Nokia Oro Manual User Guide Keys Parts Layout Resume

Nokia Oro Manual User Guide - Keys Parts Layout - Resume

Restoring you Oro to original settings or sometime that familiar to be named as Factory Data Reset is the last and final solution when you got your problem with the phone (for example the phone stop responding frequently, or freezing frequently, can not remind the lock screen or password code etc). To do what we said as Hard Reset or Master Reset, you can go to page 31 of the User Guide of Nokia Oro and find the tutoria in there. For fast resume, here a fews steps instructions that you can follows: End all Active call and connection the do these > Select Menu > Settings and Phone > Phone management > Factory settings > Restore > enter lock code > Done.

Of course there are also many of tutorial and guidance that you can read on the User Manual of Nokia Oro. It including how you can use the Wi-Fi, find the access point and connected to the Internet using your Wi-Fi Hotspot, learning to pairing the bluetooth with other device (computer, PC, laptop, or bluetooth stereo headset), Setting up the Alarm, Troubleshooting and more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Nokia Oro Specifications

Nokia Oro powered with Symbian Anna Operating System. This is the latest version of Symbian OS. Along with Anna, the Nokia Oro also powered with 680 Mhz ARM 11 Processor Speed with Broadcom BCM2727 GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) and for the memory it has 8GB storage internal memory and 256MB RAM with 512MB ROM. If you don’t satisfy with 8GB onboard memory, the ORO has microSD card slot which can handle 32GB in maximum site of external storage memory.

Using touch bar (candy bar) form factor design, the Nokia Oro also designed with 3.5 inches of AMOLED Capacitive Touchscreen and has about 16M colors with 360 x 630 pixels Resolution. As a Touchscreen Smartphone, the display also embedded with Sensor features such as Proximity for Auto Turn Off / Lock of the Display Screen while in calling mode, Accelerometer for Orientation Rotation (Automatically), and last but not least the Gorilla Gallss Display polished in screen as scratch resistant material.

Nokia Oro Manual User Guide Specifications

Nokia Oro Manual User Guide - Specifications

Let move to another spot of features of Nokia ORO. How about the connectivity. Nokia Oro officially been produced on working with GSM Technology for both HSDPA or 2G GSM networks. For 3G HSDPA, the Oro support HSDPA 10.2 Mpbs or HSUPA 2Mbps, of course EDGE, GPRS Class 33 also supported. Another connectivity features, as usual, the Wi-Fi for b/g/n type of IEEE 802.11 and without amiss, the Bluetooth version 3.0 with A2DP supports and also microUSB v2.0 with USB on the go support.

For the Camera, it attached with Dual Camera on front facing which to be used as Video Calling is using VGA Camera and for main camera for Video Recording of Taking Shot of Photo (photography) has 8 Megapixel Camera. The 8MP Camera also accompanied by Camera tools and features such as Dual LED Flash Light for Light artificial assistance when in poor light source, Fixed Focus, Geo Tagging, Face Detection and HD Video Recording for 720p@25fps with Video Stabilization.

What make this Nokia Oro exclusive and astonishing is the 18 carat gold plating and polished with sapphire crystal and leather materials. This means this Oro is actually an “Oro aka Gold” Phone.

For others features that we can share with you, it can be read as follow: MP3, WMA, WAV, eAAC+ for Audio Music Player, Video Player that capable to plays DivX, XviD, MP4, H.263, H.264 and WMV, has QuickOffice for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint viewer and editor, PDF Reader with Adobe Reader, Photo Editor, Flash Lite 4.0, Web TV, TV out, FM Radio with RDS (Stereo), FM Transmitter, GPS with A-GPS support, Ovi Maps and more.

Table of Contents of Nokia Oro Manual User Guide English

Get Started
Install Nokia Ovi Suite on your PC
Basic Use
Social Networks
Your Pictures and Videos
Videos and TV
Music and Audio
Read PDF Document
Make a Calculation
Write notes
Translate words from one language to another
Open / create Zip files,
Time management
Device management
Internet Connections
Wireless LAN
USB data cable
Store your files on a remote drive
Close a network Connection,
Find more help
Access codes
Protect the environment
Product and Safety Information
Copyright and Other Notices

Nokia Oro Manual User Guide English French German Italian PDF Download

And before you download the manual of Nokia Oro at the links that we gave you below, we would like to shown you a figure that would guide you on perfecting your Oro. It is how you can learn to assemble part by part of this gadget. Such as opening the back cover casing, find the ways you can inserting SIM Card or Installing microSD Card, how to Remove and assemble Battery, Replace the cover again and more. See on page 9 to page 13 for further elaboration (including how you can turn on the Oro phone for the first time)

Nokia Oro Manual User Guide Open Close Replace Back Cover Case Rear Insert SIM Install MicroSD Assemble Remove Battery PDF Download

Nokia Oro Manual User Guide - Open Close Replace Back Cover Case Rear Insert SIM Install MicroSD Card Assemble Remove Battery - PDF Download

Just to remind you. Even though Oro is a word from Spanish (also Italian), we still couldn’t find the User Guide / USer Manual of Nokia Oro for Spanish Version Language. We’ll update asap if we found the Manual. Enjoy!

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