Nokia X2-01 User Manual for T-Mobile

First, we would like to say Sorry, because of we couldn’t gave you a complete series of nokia X2 user Guide. We didn’t have much time to create review or resume for all the User Manual that available in the internet, though if we just shared the download link of them, it could be done. For that matter, at this moment, we just wanna share the Nokia X2-01 (the X2-00 not yet reviewed, we’ll do it later) User Guide PDF and also some review of its Specifications and Features.

Physical Design: The Phone officially used Candy Bar form factor along with Physical Qwerty Keyboard (four rows) with dedicated music and Navi™ keys. The Screen Resolution used 320 x 240 pixels at 2.4 inches with TFT Technology 256K colors Dislplay. For the Full body dimension size: it has aproximately 86.64 cc volume at 119 x 59.8 x 14.3 mm.

Nokia X2-01 Manual User Guide English Spanish T-Mobile Spec Overview

Nokia X2-01 T-Mobile - Manual User Guide English Spanish - Spec Overview

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information what the inside hardware for CPU Processor Speeds which been used by this X2-01, even though the info about RAM and ROM were available. If you found the information regarding this matter, please make a comment available in the bottom of this article.

The Phone use 64 MB of RAM and equipped with 128 MB ROM along with user internal onboard memory about 55 MB (depend on the preinstalled apps or games. It been officially said it has two options Internal memory: Combo 128MB and 64MB). The Storage Memory to save and store Musics, Videos, Documents, or Applications File can be expanded / swappable using microSD external memory card up to 16GB.

Nokia X2-01 Manual User Guide English Spanish (T-Mobile) Resume

The User Manual of Nokia X2-01 below show you how you can understand the keys and parts of X2-01 Device Body. It available under “Keys and Part” sub chapter under “Your Device” Chapter at pages 16 and 17.

Nokia X2-01 Manual User Guide English Your Device Keys Parts Resume

Nokia X2-01 Manual User Guide T-Mobile English - Your Device Keys Parts - Resume

The Mall on the Menu Option, would get you to the T-Mobile Mall for the purpose that you can download and purchase extended features such as Games, Multimedia Music, Ringtones, or applications. See the Page 51 for the details.

To set up the Bluetooth and also to turning it on or off or Pairing it with other compatible Devices (compliance with version 2.1 plus Enhanced Data Rate) you can read the instruction Manual and step by step guideline how to operate it at page 32 and 33.

And for the help and tutorial to change phone settings such as using automatic keyguard, phone update, view available free and used memory space, change the Language you can find and read thoroughly at page 35. If you find difficulties on using the Phone such as you change something setting on the X2-01 and you can’t change back to the original setting or your preferred settings, the fastest way to handle this problem is using Reset Option. on page 38 you can read how to do that via Reset Device Menu!

For further elaboration such as using the Camera, using Email, make call or receive, just download the Manual and read by yourself.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Nokia X2-01 Specifications Details

Bundled with T-Mobile (in US Region) the X2-028max speed 296 Kbps download). NO 3G!!

Nokia X2-01 Manual User Guide English Spanish T-Mobile Specifications

Nokia X2-01 Manual User Guide English Spanish T-Mobile - Specifications

For the Music and Video Player, the X2-01 capable to plays these following formats: MP4, H.264, WMV, and H.263 for Video formats and WAV, AAC, WMA and MP3 for Audio formats. For Email client, it supports both IMAP or POP3 protocol. Using Nokia Messaging it supports Ovi Mail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Windows Live Mail, Hotmail and others. Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter (the most popular Social Networks Service at this day) also available.

For Instant Messaging Mobile Client (along with Nokia Messaging 3.0) it also supports Ovi Chat, WLM, YM and GTalk. The Phone equipped with low resolution Camera (VGA) at 640 x 480 pixels max Photo Resolution) with 4x Digital Zoom. Although it can be used to create Video Recording up to 15fps, we absolutely, in our personal opinion, not recommend this Phone on the purpose to achieve instant messaging Photography. You better use camera digital to do that, instead of using this phone.

For Complete list of the Tech Specifications of Nokia X2-01, we suggest you to visit this link. It would help you also to understand the Battery used by the Phone, the Applications installed (such as JAVA MIDP2.1, WAP 2.0, Adobe Flash 3.0) or features (such as Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP, USB V2.0 with microUSB, FM Radio, and else)

Table of Contents of Nokia X2-01 Manual User Guide English T-Mobile

Get Started
Your Device
Call Functions
Navigate the Menus
Visual Voicemail
Enter Text
Mall (T-Mobile)
My Account
Green Tips
Battery and Charger Information
Taking Care of Your Device
Additional Safety Information

Nokia X2-01 Manual User Guide English Spanish (T-Mobile) PDF Download

We shared the image below under conditions that it only a part of the User Manual that would give you a quick and short overview what the inside of the User Guide of X2-01 looks like. The captured / cropped image below is described about the tutorial how you can Assembling the Battery, Inserting the SIM Card and also the microSD memory card to the bonnet of the body of the Phone.

Nokia X2-01 Manual User Guide English Inserting SIM Memory Card Assembling Battery PDF Download

Nokia X2-01 Manual User Guide English - Inserting SIM Memory Card Assembling Battery - PDF Download

We found two different User Guide / User Manual of Nokia X2-01 for US Region. One of the PDF User Manual, deliberately created for Nokia X2-01 at T-Mobile Carrier, and the others did not mentioned any carrier (it could be for global User Guide or for unlocked Phone. For both of the User Guide had two language availability: English and Spanish. For the Download Links of them, we gave you below this paragraph:

Note: In Fact, there User Guide of Nokia X2-01 already included along with the package contents box including with Stereo Headsets, Batter and the Charge, in the form of Paper. But if you just want to get the Online e-Manual version, you can download from the links that we gave at above.

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  1. nokia follower says

    I am using this Nokia X2-01 phone and and it is the best Music Oriented phone perfectly suits for music lovers.

  2. bavesh says

    i’m using nokia x2 01itz internet connection turns on automatically as i’m not using can any1 help plzzzzzzzz

  3. arnold says

    I have just purchased the nokia x2 with t mobile but my internet doesnt work doI have to set it up if so how thank you

  4. Don says

    Arnold you click on the web2go icon which gives you limited web features. Then you go on the bottom page for my account and you can purchase a webdaypass for $1.49 for 24 hours.

  5. dinesh says

    in my Nokia x2-01 the mp4 video doesn’t play perfectly there is disturbance in sound
    if there is an any sofware
    plzzzzzzzz help me

  6. Ernest Quarcoo says

    I am using Nokia X2-01 about 5 days ago, Chart icon in my menu has disappear, as a result, I can’t access the internet, I can’t read text messages, I can’t I access contacts in my phonebook. Please help

  7. Jill says

    Where can I purchase a paper/booklet Manuel for my 81 year old mother who does not want a pdf file? She’s on dial up and I don’t want to print all those pages.

  8. riya says

    I m using nokia x2-01
    i wanna know tht if i make new words in prediction
    like sahil . How can i delete it frm system later

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