Nokia X6 32GB / Nokia X6 16GB User Manual

The different features between Nokia X6 32GB and Nokia X6 16GB occurred in the Phone Internal Memory Size: 32GB and 16GB. Both the Phone has same Camera Specification. Its used 5.0 Megapixel Camera (equipped with AutoFocus, Dual LED Flash Light, 4x Digital Zoom  and Image Editor) to create HD Photos and also Video Recording with widescreen quality up to 640 x 352 pixels at 30 fps (up to).

Nokia X 632GB 16GB User Guide Manual PDF

Nokia X 632GB 16GB User Guide Manual

Another Features and Specifications that the X6 had including, Stereo FM Radio to listening your favorite Radio Channel in you town, Ovi Maps with AGPS, Touch Screen User Interface with 3.2 inches and automatic orientation sensor, Supports IMAP, POP, SMTP email protocol, Video Streaming (has front camera), Music Playable formats for mp3, SPMidi, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, Bluetooth, WiFi and many more. Complete specs read here.

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Download User Guide Manual for Nokia X6 32GB and Nokia X6 16GB

Nokia X6 32GB 16GB User Guide Manual PDF Map View

Nokia X6 32GB 16GB User Guide Manual Map View

By Downloading the User Guide of X6 you’ll find the answers what the Phone can do and what it cannot do. For example you can learn on how to familiarizing the Menu and Icons of the Phone in Touch Screen Home, Learning how to use Ovi Maps and AGPS as a Navigator for your, Recording the Audio Formats tutorial, Troubleshooting that usually arisen with the Phone, Personalizing the Profile WallPaper and Ringtone, Downloading the Games and else.

Download Nokia X6 32GB 16GB User Manual [2.61 MB]

Both Manual has the same contents that why it only has one manual for X6 32GB and X6 16 GB. For Original Source and Multi Language [Chinese, Japanese, Malay, French, Germany, Spanish, Italian] just visit this official page.

Table of Contents of Nokia X6 32GB / Nokia X6 16GB User Guide Manual

Get Started
Find Help
Your Device
Make Calls
Write Text
Personalize your Device
Music Folder
Positioning GPS
Share Online
Nokia Video Center
Web Browser
Other Applications
Product and Safety Information
Copyright and Other Notices

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