Samsung Dart SGH-T499 Tass User Manual & Specifications for T-Mobile

You might not find this Samsung Dart on Mobile Phone review site (such as gsmarena) by searching with “Dart” term, because this Smartphone rather known as Samsung Tass or well-said as its code series, Samsung SGH T499 or just called as Samsung T499). If you look at the design and looks of this Samsung Dart T499, you’ll noticed that the design is almost the same as Samsung Galaxy mini. Our guessed is this Samsung Dart is the version of Samsung Galaxy mini for US Region, especially at this case for T-Mobile Carrier.

Samsung Dart SGH T499 T-Mobile Manual User Guide Specs Overview

Samsung Dart SGH T499 T-Mobile Manual User Guide - Specs Overview

This Darts comes with 3.14 inches display diameter size with TFT Capacitive Touchscreen. For the body design, the T499 uses Candy Bar form factor and only available in one option color body, the Dark Slate color (see the image above). The rounded four corner with tiny and small dimensions size (has 4.09 x 2.39 x 0.48 inches, or in International Standard Unit, 104 x 61 x 13 mm), make this Samsung Dart would be easy on packing and handling especially in pocket or wallet. Of course as a Touch Phone, the Accelerometer for automatically turns the orientation of screen for Landscape and Portrait mode also attached along with Virtual onscreen Qwerty Keyboard.

Samsung Dart SGH T499 T-Mobile Manual User Guide Quick Resume

In order to appreciate our visitor that wanna know how to perform Factory Data Reset / Hard Reset aka Master Reset, we decided to write about how to do Factory Data Reset in this first paragraph on the Resume Section Tab. Here are the steps that you must follow in order to make Hard Reset on Samsung Dart: Press Home > Menu > Settings > Privacy > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone > Erase Everything. If you had set an password for you Dart, might be you’ll prompted to enter your password first before you can perform this actions. See page 151 of User Manual of Samsung T499 (PDF File English) for further explanation detail.

Samsung Dart SGH T499 T-Mobile Manual User Guide Keys Parts Resume

Samsung Dart SGH T499 T-Mobile Manual User Guide - Keys Parts - Resume

And for the image above, is a picture that consists of images of Dart on front, rear, and side view panel with its parts and keys. You can learn where is the location of the power button, the microSD card slot, the search or home keys, the speaker, the volume, the camera and else. In fact, in the UM of the Dart, it also explained about the functions or description of the keys and parts. Read section 2: “Understanding Your Phone” to make sure about this.

Here some tutorial and guidance with the step by step tutorial handbook that you can read on the User Guide of Samsung Dart (English): How to change the phone language can be read on page 152 (including the region), how to control and adjust sound on page 142, activating Wi-Fi and connect to WLAN access point hotspot on page 135, using Swype Tips on page 117, Download and Install Applications on page 110, and more.

It also available how you can learn about phone common troubleshooting or error, learning to pairing the bluetooth, using Camera as Video Shot or Photo Capture with Geo tagging, tutorial how to use Google Maps and its Navigation to find place or as directional navigator, Playing music or watch video on Youtube help and more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Samsung Dart SGH T499 T-Mobile Specifications

Working under Android Operating Platform from Google, and also manufactured with 600Mhz Processor Speed, the Samsung Dart would be good enough as a middle end Smartphone. The Android Version used in this gadget is the version 2.2 or usually known as Android Froyo. It seems the upgradable features isn’t available at this time (to Android Gingerbread 2.3). We couldn’t find any information regarding the capacity of internal memory on this SGH T499, but we surely knew that it has expansion slot with microSD at 32GB for maximum external storage memory.

Samsung Dart SGH T499 T-Mobile Manual User Guide Specifications

Samsung Dart SGH T499 T-Mobile Manual User Guide - Specifications

Don’t expect too much on this small handy of the Dart on the specifications inside it, because this handset absolutely not deliberately “planned” to had “high-end” features and specs. The Camera only attached with 3 Megapixel Resolution Camera though the features like geolocation with geo-tagging (with GPS – AGPS support), smile detection for automatically shot picture, multi shot in instance, and Video recording QVGA@15fps (3GP format) are also available. It seems there is no secondary front facing camera on this Samsung Dart. The 3MP camera that we mentioned above is placed on the rear side of the body (see the picture).

How about the applications (preloaded we means)? Don’t worry, almost all popular Google Applications for mobile are available and ready to be used in this Dart. Google Search, Google Maps, Google Talk, Google Places, Google Mail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Voice Search, Google Calendar, Google Latitude, are some example of these, and of course you can download many of others by using Android Market. And don’t worry in getting trouble on using onscreen Qwerty virtual keyboard on Samsung Dart SGH T499, because this gadget also installed with Swype text input technology for fast typing any messages or mail.

For Microsoft Office Document viewer such as Word, Excel and Power Point, the Dart uses ThinkFree Office applications, and for social networks it also support Facebook Picasa and also Twitter. MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, MPEG4, H.263, H.264 are some Audio Music and Video formats playable on Dart to be watched and listened.

How about the connectivity features, don’t worry, along with T-Mobile Provider Data Networks Carrier, the Dart support even UMTS with HSDPA 3G up to 7.2Mbps, and indeed, for GPRS, EDGE are also supported by using Quad Band GSM (850 / 900 / 1900 /1800 Mhz) and UMTS 1700/2100 Mhz. It also has Bluetooth version 3.0, Wi-Fi for IEEE 802.11 b/g and n, and uses microUSB for USB version 2.0.

Table of Contents of Samsung Dart SGH T499 T-Mobile Manual User Guide

Getting Started
Understanding Your Phone
Memory Card
Call Functions and Contact List
Entering Text
Using the Camera
Camera and Camcorder Options
Using the Camcorder
The Gallery
Music Player
Using Playlists
Creating a Playlist
Transferring Music Files
Removing Music Files
Application and Development;
Accounts and Sync
Google Mail
Google Search
Google Latitude
Google Maps
Android Market
Downloading Google Applications
Launch Installed Google Apps
Android Development
My Account
My Device
News and Weather
Google Places
Swype Tips
Google Talk
Task Manager
ThinkFree Office
Voice Recorder
Voice Search
Wi-Fi Calling
Enable Downloading for Web Apps
PC Connections
Mobile AP,
Time Management;
Clock (Alarm),
Changing Your Settings;
Wireless and Networks
Call Settings
Sound Settings
Display Settings
Locations and Security
Screen Unlock Pattern Settings
Android Development
Accounts and Synchronization
Privacy Settings
SD Card and Phone Storage
Search Settings
Language and Keyboard Settings
Voice Input and Out Settings
Accessibility Settings
Date and Time
About Phone
Software Update,
Health and Safety Information
Warranty Information

Samsung Dart SGH T499 T-Mobile Manual User Guide PDF Download

You wanna hurry up on using this Samsung Dart phone after you got it in Phone Shop or market. Be patients because before you turn the Dart on (power it on) you need to assembling the parts of this Smartphone. And the image below would give you instructional steps how to do that, including how to open back cover casing, remove the battery then install the SIM Card or inserting the microSD Card, and how you can also reattach the battery to its compartment again and close back the cover (replace).

Samsung Dart SGH T499 T-Mobile Manual User Guide Open Back Cover Case Remove Assemble Battery Insert SIM Install microSD Card PDF Download

Samsung Dart SGH T499 T-Mobile Manual User Guide - Open Back Cover Case Remove Assemble Battery Insert SIM Install microSD Card - PDF Download

And finally, here are the two available User Manual of Samsung Dart SGH T499 for you that read to download (english and spanish). Enjoy

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    • Amber says

      Hold the back button and the home button at the same time but release the back button first it’ll look like it froze at first but it’s just taking a picture

  1. traci says

    I am also wandering how do you screen capture….my phone keeps doing it and i am not sure what i am doing to make it do this and i cant find it anywhere in the manual

    • user manual says

      Edited: Press Back button for about 2 seconds then simultaneously with Home key would perform screen capture (screenshot capture).

      • LoveMyDart says

        I love how the “user manual” is incorrect. The correct way, thanks to Amanda, is hold the back arrow, then tap the home button. The phone will vibrate and confirm you have a screen capture.

        • William Jr. says

          Thank you so, so, SO much. That was killing me. I thought I had malware or something.

        • SamsungDartUser says

          Thanks so much, this way really worked. I’ve been trying for weeks to figure it out.

  2. Jaz says

    Ive been trying to do a screen capture… I have even tried pressing the home and power button and it still doesn’t work

  3. angi says

    i have deleted the factory speech to text i guess
    b/c every time i press microphone to speak my text, it says error and i have full signal. can anyone help????

  4. Amanda says

    How to do a screen capture? Hold down the back button for like 2 seconds, and press the home key while still holding the back key.

  5. BS says

    I got my phone with T-mobile in texas, but work in Calgary Canada. I unlocked it and bought a SIM card from Roger’s with a data plan and everything, phone and texting work, but I can’t connect to the internet. Any help?

  6. Bernadett says

    How do I turn off /on the time being shown while charging my phone? Strange cause this phone doesn’t have a screen saver still it acts like one while being plugged in!

  7. shiva says

    Hi All,
    Can any one help me to remove automatic screen lock system in Samsung Dart.
    While calling to a number screen getting locked automatically then I clicked power button in the right side still not getting unlocked. please help me any one.

  8. Mimi says

    Thanks, holding down the back button and then tapping the home button worked like a charm (the other ways listed didn’t)! I have been trying for a while to figure this out. Thanks again.

  9. DIONIM says


  10. Kathy says

    Have a Dart phone….Have a Screen message that wont clear. It says: Sorry, unable to connet. Please try later. I only WiFi and no internet. Does anyone know how to clear screen ?

  11. fernando says

    so i have the samsung dart. And i have a problem with speaker. the external speaker was working fine and then one day it stopped working and started having the receiver work as the speaker. i can hear the music coming out of the receiver but not the speaker what do i do!?!?! i dont know if there is a setting to switch it back or what??

  12. says

    your product is good some of the factory setting which are the most important application datas are lost how can you help me to get it? I hope you help me as soon as possible thankyou.

  13. salman chowdhury says

    i blocked my pattern lock. I have a email id. But my internet connections is disable. So now how can i unlock my phone by using side buttons…pls help me

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