Samsung Focus SGH I917 Windows Phone 7 User Manual AT&T

Samsung Focus SGH I917 is the SmartPhone from Samsung that integrated with Windows Phone 7 Operating System Platform from Microsoft for special purpose at AT&T Carrier. This means that you’ll never get this Samsung Focus in others Mobile Carrier but AT&T Carrier. As we may knew, Windows Phone 7 is the latest version of Mobile OS from Microsoft, this means that the Focus would integrated with many of “Microsoft Mobile Applications”.

Brought out along with ATT means that the Data Networks used by Samsung SGH I917 is the GSM Type; GPRS Class 10, EDGE Class 10 and supports 3G HSDPA 7.2 Mbps. It used Full Touch Screen User Interface on 4″ (inches) Display Screen wide screen Super AMOLED. Samsung Focus used Candy Bar form factor design (touch bar) with rounder 4 corner (see the image). Samsung Focus also has 5.0 Megapixel Camera with LED Flash Light, Camcorder for Video Recording, Auto Focus, 4x Digital Zoom and Image Editor Tool. Especially for the storage memory, the Focus SGH I917 has 8GB ROM on Board Memory and supports external memory microSD card up to 32GB.

Samsung Focus SGH I917 User Guide Manual Windows Phone 7 ATT PDF

Samsung Focus SGH I917 User Guide Manual Windows Phone 7 AT&T

Of course Common Features attached in the Phone such as built in Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS / Assisted GPS with AT&T GPS Navigation, USB Data also available. Additional Microsoft Mobile Services in the Samsung Focus, Microsoft Office for Mobile that supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One Note File (Edit and View), Windows Media Player for Mobile for Audio Video Player , Bing Search, Bing Maps, Game Hub that would allows you to play games with Xbox LIVE, FM Radio, Market Place, ATT Radio, Internet Explorer and many more.

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Samsung Focus SGH I917 Windows Phone 7 User Guide Manual AT&T PDF Download

Samsung Focus SGH I917 User Manual Key Functions Front Overview ATT PDF

Samsung Focus SGH I917 User Manual - Key Functions Front Overview

User Manual of Samsung Focus SGH I917 Windows Phone 7 | Language: English US | Pages: 148 | Size: 3.07 MB

Samsung Focus SGH I917 Windows Phone 7 User Guide Manual AT&T Resume

For the User Manual of Samsung Focus, you’ll be able to get properly guidance on using the Phone such as learning on using onScreen Virtual Qwerty Keypad or even using Emoticon Mode (at page 35 and Page 38), tutorial inserting microSD card that you can find and read at page 10, Pairing the Bluetooth instruction manual at page 91 and 92, Connecting to the internet with WiFi at page 90 and many more. It also including how you can learn to use Camera 5MP to create Video Recording, Using GPS, Troubleshooting and else.

If you like to know how to use the Phone to open .doc, .xls, .ppt using Microsoft Office Mobile, you can learn from the tutorial at page 110 of the User Manual Samsung Focus SGH I917. Learning to use ATT Navigator for Driving Direction or find Place (show traffic) you can read from page 97 and 98. If you like to know the brief of the User Manual contents just read the Table of contents below and the download the PDF File of the Manual.

Note: Even you don’t have the Phone (in this case Samsung Focus), reading the Manual still valuable, for example it would be a great help as consideration whether you wanna had this phone or not (bought it or not) because the Manual provides deep understanding about the features and tools inside the Smart Phone.

Table of Contents of Samsung Focus SGH I917 Windows Phone 7 User Manual AT&T

Table of Contents
Getting Started
Understanding Your Phone
Call Functions
Entering Text
Your People Hub
Music and Videos
AT&T Radio
Changing Your Settings
Internet Explorer
PC Connections,
GPS Applications
ATT FamilyMap
AT&T myWireless Mobile
ATT Navigator Radio
AT&T U-verse Mobile
Health and Safety Information
Warranty Information

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  1. says

    hello, my samsung I917 always turns on by it self and shows me a quick start promotion!!! How to disable that ? it wasting my battery! Thank you very much for help!

  2. shelton mitchell says

    Have had problems with my focus phone since day one it gets hot, cuts off when talking, went out of town could not text,send pictures or talk. Now they say it’s the battery. Bull had it only five months and that’s to long pluse its made in china that says it all

  3. coolest says

    hi, finding it difficult to get app samsung windows 7
    market place. Alwys saying my country/market is not available. anybody in the house that can help. Nigeria

  4. Orly says

    tengo mi telefono focus i917 y el tamaño de las letras se achico, y tambien la pantalla inicial como hago para restituirlo? graciasss

  5. whyF says

    I can’t download to ma phone including all chatting site……”The mssg is downloading fail” windows phone dnt support…..please help me out

  6. Jessica says

    My phone doesn’t turn on at all anymore. The battery is fully charged but when I re-insert it, it turns on to the “SAMSUNG” screen and then shuts down again. What do I do?

    • Suluh says

      Try to turn in on while your phone is charging in. If the phone is able to turn on, the problem might relating with your phone’s battery: Get a new one.

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