Samsung Galaxy 580 GT I5801 User Manual (Chinese English)

Samsung Galaxy 580 is a Galaxy Android Phone Series by Samsung that specially designed for Taiwan, Australia and Hongkong Region. It used Android Eclair or Android 2.1 Version with Full Touch Screen User Interface. As you can see at the picture below, the Galaxy 580 used Touch Bar (monoblock) form factor with little rounded in four corner of the body. In Hongkong, the Phone available in two color; Black Color and White Color. The Screen Display used by the Phone is FTF Display with 3.2 inch (3.2″) diametre and has Resolution 240 x 400 pixels.

For the Camera attached in Samsung Galaxy 580 is 3.0 Megapixel Camera which also included with Digital Zoom, Video Recording (Camcorder), Image Editor, and others Cam’s Tools. Galaxy 580 also has Music Player that supports aac, amr, mp3, ogg, wma, mid, aac+, eaac+, smf, xmf, iMelody, amr nb, amr wb codecs and formats. Of course because the GT I5801 is an Android Phone, most of Google Mobile Services also been installed, it including GMail, Google Maps, Google Search, Android Market, and many more.

Samsung Galaxy 580 GT I5801 User Guide Manual PDF

Samsung Galaxy 580 GT I5801 User Guide Manual

For Some others features and tool applications embedded in the Samsung Galaxy 580 you can read as follow: YouTube, Microsoft Document Office Viewer for excel, word, and powerpoint with ThinkFree Office, Voice Recorder, FM Radio, WiFi / WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standart, supports HSDPA and used Quad Band Data Network Frequency for UMTS and GSM, Bluetooth Version 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate, USB V2.0 for High Speed Connection, has internal memory up to 153 MB (depend on the configuration of the Phone), supports microSDHC external memory card up to 32GB, and many more.

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Samsung Galaxy 580 GT I5801 User Guide Manual Chinese English PDF Download

Samsung Galaxy 580 GT I5801 User Manual Device Layout Keys Part PDF

Samsung Galaxy 580 GT I5801 User Manual - Device Layout Keys Parts

User Manual of Samsung Galaxy 580 | Language: Chinese Taiwan Traditional | PDF Size: 2.42 MB| Pages: 113
User Manual of Samsung Galaxy 580 | Language: Chinese Hongkong Traditional| PDF Size: 2.71 MB| Pages: 116
User Manual of Samsung Galaxy 580 | Language: English | PDF Size: 1.81 MB | Pages: 121

Samsung Galaxy 580 GT I5801 User Guide Manual Chinese English Review
If you are really good enough or familiar with Chinese Language (Traditional) we suggest you to choose the User Manual of Samsung Galaxy 580 in Chinese Version (both HK or Taiwan). Because, personally, we can’t talk Chinese, we would make a short review about the Manual of Samsung Galaxy with the English Version of UG.

The first steps before you ready to use the Galaxy 580 after you bought from the Phone market that you must knew is how to assembling the Phone with SIM Card, Battery and / or external microSD Card. The Instruction Tutorial how to install all of them you can read officially at pages 10 to 17 of the User Manual of Galaxy 580. If you like to knwo part by part and key by key of the Phone (just like the picture we been share above) you can learn and follow the guidance at page 18 and 19.

Wanna learn how to use Wi-Fi for internet connection while you are in the HotSpot Area? You can open page 84 of the UM. Learning to pairing the Bluetooth? Please just read at page 83 and 84. And there are a lot of tutorial and instruction manual available in the User Manual of Samsung Galaxy 580 that you can study, such as using Voice Recorder, Troubleshooting with the Phone, learning to use Camcorder and Camera for Photography purpose, Tuning the FM Radio to find the stations, Using Text to Speech, Change Settings, and many more.

Table of Contents of Samsung Galaxy 580 GT I5801 User Manual English

Using this Manual
Getting Started
Video Player
Music Player
FM Radio,
Personal Information;
Voice Recorder,
Daily Briefing
Samsung Apps,
PC Connections,
My Files
ThinkFree Office
Write and Go,
Overview of Menu Functions
Safety Precautions

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  1. Dindayal Singh says

    I bought this phone Samsung Galaxy 3 GT-I5801 from India, now I am using this phone in Uganda. It has been working well in India, I have one problem here, the incoming calls cant be picked up from or rejected from the touch screen mode, ( Green and red) mode on touch screen are as if not performing (Working).

  2. john morillo says

    disculpen quien me puede ayudar a conseguir el touch de este celular para ecuador……. gracias

  3. Kuda says

    Bought a Samsung Galaxy GT I5801 in January 2011 and the LCD & Touchscreen got damaged in September.It was smashed in between the car door whilst it was slipping out of my track pants pockets.Am desperately wanting to replace the LCD & Touchscreen.If i get them please contact on my email

  4. Mushtaq Lone says

    How can i capture screen shots on my samsung Gt-I5801, Is it possible without installing any new software or I have to install any new software for this purpose??…

  5. `Rakesh Mahato says

    though i have tried to take screen capture by pressing front back switch & lower middle switch ,
    i am unable to take screen capture.

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