Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 User Manual & Quick Start Guide for T-Mobile Orange

In the matter that you landing on this page due to your eager on a will that you wanna upgrade your Samsung Galaxy Ace from the default Android FroYo Operating System version 2.2 to Android 2.3 aka Android Gingerbread, we had a suggestion for you. First you need to had Samsung Kies in your Windows Desktop PC (Win XP, Vista or Windows 7). Then you can download the Samsung Kies, PC Sync from here [ about 77MB, just click the link please], and you can update your Galaxy Ace through Kies.

Just wanna let you know, if you already Update your Ace to Gingerbread Android 2.3, the User Manual of this Gingerbread [Spanish Language] can be downloaded at “PDF Download” Section Tab which we already shared with you. The Ace available in some European Country and UK along side with Orange Carrier, T-Mobile Carrier or Telefonica Carrier.

Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830 Manual User Guide Orange T-Mobile Quick Start Guide Specs Oveview

Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830 Manual User Guide Orange T-Mobile Quick Start Guide - Specs Oveview

Just like the picture that we uploaded above, the Design of Samsung Galaxy Ace–which had a series name by GT S5830, that why we can called as Samsung GT S5830–uses Candy Bar form factor. Due to the Ace only uses Virtual Onscreen Qwerty Keyboard by using the Touchscreen Display, we can also said that the Ace uses Touch Bar form factor (combination between Touchscreen + Candy Bar). In the first glace looks, this Galaxy Ace design is almost look the same as Samsung Nexus S design with just a little thinner on Display Screen in comparison with Nexus S (Nexus S uses 4″, Galaxy S uses 3.5″).

Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830 Manual User Guide T-Mobile Orange & Quick Start Guide Resume

Let start this Quick Resume by discussing the image that we attached below. There are two panel body picture of Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830 shown inside the image with the Keys and Parts name and location. By “reading” this picture, you can learn how to understand you Galaxy Ace deeper. You can learn the location of memory microSD card slot (in the case you wanna insert the microSD Card, the button to Power on / off and also to Lock the Phone, Flashbulb, Menu, HOme, Back and Volume Keys, and more. The same picture with description of its functions can be read at page 17 to page 19 of the User Manual of Ace (PDF format)

Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830 Manual User Guide Orange T-Mobile Quick Start Guide Keys Parts Layout Resume

Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830 Manual User Guide Orange T-Mobile Quick Start Guide - Keys Parts Layout - Resume

Actually almost all the User Manual made by Samsung that dedicated to Android Froyo or Gingerbread had the same content in almost all parts and section. You can say that User Manual of Samsung Galaxy Pro and User Manual of Samsung Galaxy Ace, almost had the same tutorial and explanation in many sections / chapters, even the Table of contents are quite alike. This “sameness” also happened in the ways you wanna do “Factory Data Reset”.

In page 109 under “Troubleshooting” Chapter on UM, it been explained that if you wanna perform Hard Reset a.k.a Master Reset, you can do in the situation that your Galaxy Ace is freezed or got hanged or stop responding on any Touch or press button keys. First step you need to do just reboot your Device (press the power button and wait until the phone turn off and on again, if it can’t be done, you need to open back cover casing and remove the battery than install the battery again). But in the case this not solve the problem, then you can do the Master Reset by following this steps: Menu > Settings > Privacy > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone > Erase everything.

Other tutorial and guideline help that you might need / interest: On page 87 you can learn how to use the Phone as modem (USB tethering) and how to use the Ace as Wi-Fi Portable Hotspot (Wireless Router). You can also learn how to use the Wi-Fi to access the Internet after you connected to the access point hotspot (on page83), or how you can pairing the bluetooth using A2DP to the Wireless Stereo Headset (page 81, 82).

Additional Tutorial including all of the menu and applications that preloaded within the Smartphone. For learning to capture moment with 5MP camera as Photo or Video, Using Voice Recorder, Setting the Alarm Clock, Opening and Watch the YouTube, Download and Install Apps / Apk from Android Market, Using Social Hub to make tweet on Twitter or update and comment to Faceboo Status, Learning to listen the Radio or play the Music, Changing the setting Date Language etc, and more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830 Specifications

The 3.5 inches Display of Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830 is equipped with TFT Capacitive Touchscreen that has 320 x 480 pixels Resolution with 16M colors. It furnished with Gorilla Glass Display to prevent from “scratch-able things” such as from your finger nail (scratch resistance material) and installed also with Display Touchscreen features such as Accelerometer Sensor, TouchWiz v3.0 User Interface, Touch Sensitive Control, Proximity Sensor, Light Ambient Sensor, and Multi Touch Input Method. Accelerometer is a Sensor that responsible for the Orientation Change between Landscape or Portrait (depend on the phone handling, Automatically), and Proximity responsible for Auto turning off the screen while being used to make a call or receive a call in order to save the battery (you don’t need the screen while in “calling condition, don’t you?)

Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830 Manual User Guide Orange T-Mobile Quick Start Guide Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830 Manual User Guide Orange T-Mobile Quick Start Guide - Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Ace runs under Android Froyo OS aka Android 2.2 by Google (It supposed to be Upgradable to Android 2.3 Gingerbread via Kies–as we already told you in the preamble of this post). Works together with this Android Software are Hardware specs: the 800MHz ARM 11 Processor with Qualcomm MSM 7227 chipset and uses Andreno 200 as Graphic Processor (GPU), along with 158MB internal Memory (no RAM or ROM, remind us the specs used by Samsung Galaxy Gio). It also included with 2GB external microSD memory storage (The microSD Slot can handle up to 32GB, you need to buy it separately in order to expand your external memory to this maximum limits, more space, more file can be saved and stored).

Galaxy Ace also has 5Megapixel Camera on the rear side panel of the body and it even attached with LED Flash Light (the tools that would assist you in the poor light condition to get artificial light resource in order to get clear and bright picture or video). Auto Focus, Video Recording as Camcorder up to QVGA@15fps, Face Detection and Smile Recognizer, Geo Tagging, and Image Editor also included. There is no Secondary front face camera.

We would not gave you any further explanation about this Phone, just read this followings Features an Applications available in Galaxy Ace:

It GPS with A-GPS supports, lot of Preloaded Google Applications from Google Maps, Google Search, Google Calendar, Gmail, GTalk, YouTube and of course Android Market, ThinkFree Office for Microsoft Document Viewer: word, excel and power point (.doc, .xls, .ppt), Music Audio Player for MP3, WAV and eAAC+, Video Player for MP4, H.263 and H.264 formats, Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP, Wi-Fi IEEE WLAN 802.11 b/g/n, used the phone as Wi-Fi Router Hotspot, supports DLNA Certificate with AllShare, works under GSM Technology Data Networks supports for 3G HSDPA up to 7.2Mbps, Stereo FIM Radio with RDS, Social Hub (Facebook, Twitter), and microUSB v2.0 for High Data Transfer.

Table of Contents of Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830 Manual User Guide

Using this Manual
Getting Started
Google Mail
Social Hub,
FM Radio,
Personal Information;
Voice Recorder,
Google Search
News Weather
Samsung Applications
USB tethering
Portable Hotspot
PC Connections
VPN Connections,
My Files
SIM Toolkit
Task Manage
ThinkFree Office
Voice Search,
Access the Settings Menu
Wireless and Networks
Call Settings
Locations and Security
Accounts and Sync
SD Card and Phone Storage
Language and Keyboard
Voice Input and Output
Date and Time
About Phone,
Safety Precautions

Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830 Manual User Guide T-Mobile Orange & Quick Start Guide PDF Download

Before you are ready on using the Samsung Galaxy Ace as a friend’s Gadget that would accompanied you whenever and wherever you go, the first thing that you should do after you bought the Phone is Assembling it. The Image below that we captured and re-arranged from page 10 to page 16 of The User Manual under “Assembling” chapter would give you an assistance instructional. From learning how to open the back cover casing, inserting the microSD Card, installing the SIM Card of your Provider (in UK / Europe along with T-Mobile, Orange or Telefonica Carriers), assembling the Battery or attach the Hand Strap.

Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830 Manual User Guide Orange T-Mobile Quick Start Guide Attach Hand Strap Open Replace Remove Back Cover Casing Assemble Battery Insert SIM Card MicroSD PDF Download

Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830 Manual User Guide Orange T-Mobile Quick Start Guide - Attach Hand Strap Open Replace Remove Back Cover Casing Assemble Battery Insert SIM Card MicroSD - PDF Download

No more explanation about the Download Links. Just download one of this Manual that suit for you needs. It can be the Quick Start Guide / Quick Guide in the case you just wanna know quick help, or the User Manual if you wanna know the deeper guideline. English, Spanish and German are the available Language that we could find and share at this time. Enjoy!

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    • says

      hi friend,
      u go to menu and select contacts next press left side menu key and go import and export nxt press import from sim card nxt u copy contact sim to phone…….

  1. DIPAK KALE says

    my problem is how to backup in the sd card from downloaded application from android market,because of phone memory problem i cant downlad more applications.

  2. ramana says

    after 2.2 to 2.3 i am facing language problems it is japan language look like how change to english. Can you help me

  3. Nachappa C M says

    Am having Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830 how to select our favourate song as ring tone… am not getting any option… Pls help me with this..

  4. says

    please advice me on what to do,i had my new phone gt s5830 and accidentally i forgot the pattern code i made and also the gmail i created.i have entered more than 5 patterns.i want to reset my phone on my behalf,how will i do that?thanks in advance for the help

  5. Lathasuresh says

    My doubt here is I have samsung GT5830 MOBILE.There is a flash light at the to operate the flash light?

  6. nurul says

    I am having Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830, can you help me, i want do wallpaper use my picture, but the picture so big, so how to do.

  7. Tiffany says

    To add a ringtone go click on the song and it will ask you to set as and you select ringtone you can only set ringtone to a contact that is saved to the phone.

    • user manual says

      You need “Samsung Kies” application installed in your Laptop, then connect it with USB, and it would’ sync automatically. Copy / Send the file, photos or video from there (The option can be found on Samsung Kies windows).

  8. nimmi says

    1) my screen turn out to be permanant in landscape form..i want to reset as a portrait form as its really difficult…do help me as fast as possible…..
    2) is there any reject list option.

    • user manual says

      Swipe home screen from the top of the screen to the bottom (north to south) then there is Auto rotate option in there. You can tab and change to auto rotate (turn on auto rotate – activate it), then rotate your Ace to portrait, turn off auto rotate again. Done. Now your Ace is in portrait view.

  9. Shirl says

    Hi, have just upgraded to Samsung Galaxy Ace. My old phone is a Sony Ericsson W995. Is there a way I can transfer my music and pictures from the old phone to the new please. The shop transferred my contacts list but were rattling about a card reader for the rest.

    Anyone help please?


    • user manual says

      Use Sony Ericsson PC Suite to transfer your music / pictures to PC, then using Samsung Kies to transfer those file to your Galaxy Ace. That suppose to be the fastest ways.

  10. vinccy says

    Does anyone who can tell me how to solve the internal space problem?
    I’m using Astro man / App 2 SD but my internal memory are still INSUFFICIENT~ :'(
    what should i do?
    Any suggestion please?

    • user manual says

      Maybe you need to change the default memory storage to external memory instead of internal memory (just wanna help, not sure though)

  11. chethan says

    what is kies mode…
    whenever i connect my ace to pc (have kies in pc), it shows the above thing…i m not able to use kies…plz help

  12. Mohamed Awad says

    Hai, i have upgraded samsung Ace S5830 to Gingerbread, after upgrading, i can not use my Volume keys to make Silent an Incoming Call, So pls Help,

  13. Somyokel says

    Can anyone tell me how to get my GT-S5830 to synchronize the alarm with a power up from cold? I have been able to do this with previous Samsung phones which had an auto-power up setting in the alarm section. Any ideas?

    • Adam says

      place your finger on the “lock” image and drag to right hand side of screen….it should then become unlocked to use.

  14. Tadei A. Laswai says

    When inserting the SIM Card in my handset (Samsung Ace GT-S5830L) I am getting the message “Application Requires a Working Data Connection” hence no able to get access through my Sim Card. Please advise how to solve this problem.

    • dessi davies says

      go into the accessability settings and no accessibility apps found comes up press cancel an ul have a screen saying the power key u can do it there xx

  15. says

    i brought a galaxy ace GT-S5830 . it keeps telling me there is no sd card in my phone which the sd card is new and came with the phone. so i tried another sd card from my old phone and it’s still telling me there is no sd card in the phone . any ideas how to sort this problem

  16. tez says

    please help me i got a galaxy ace phone. and one thing i dont like about this is when i got a phone call especially not using im not using the headset…while answering the phone…it would suddenly put down…because the screen is very sensitive to my cheeks…so i end losing the call.
    Is there a way for me to lock my call while im answering it…so that even if the screen touches my cheeks it wouldnt put down the other line?is there an automatic lock while im answering the call….my old samsung phone has this feature…but i wonder if there is in galaxy ace….

    • roschelle says

      When making the call, pressed the home key button and that will put screen to ur usual window but call still in progress. When ur ready to end call, slide the window screen and end call.

  17. Ben H says

    Hi guys, I am having an issue at the moment with my Galaxy Ace. I am unable to turn off data networks and keep it off. “Use packet data” automatically turns itself back on. The reason I want to turn it off is I am not on a data plan yet and it is juicing all of my credit. Thanks.

    • Darlena says

      Try going to Settings, Wireless and networks, scroll to bottom of screen and make sure VPN settings and Mobile networks are unchecked. Hope this helps.

  18. Krish Mukherjee says

    Friends, can you please let me know how I can make the capacitive touch buttons(menu key & back key) lights switched off???
    please help!

  19. Catherine says

    I have just bought a GT-S5830 ohpne and it has come with a “lock” micro adapter (looks like a memory chip” and a “micro” 2GB chip. There appears to be a “micro” hole in the phone but it is to small for the big Micro adapter chip and to big for the small chip ie neither appear to fit. Please help! I dont appear to be able to use the camera ect without a chip thanks you

  20. Naveen says

    My problem with Galaxy ace is that when ever we are in the mid of a call and want to note some numbers,im unable to note the numbers on the mobile.
    We can note them but they are gone if the call is cut.
    please help me

  21. Francesco Maolucci says

    I have purchased the phone Galaxy Ace Gt-S 5830 but from the web I cannot down load the Operating Manual. What I shall do to have it

  22. Kvk says

    I bought Galaxy Ace GTS5830i recently and downloaded few free apps from android market, and i’m find my phone is working slow since i bought, pls help me how to got about it.

  23. Amina says

    i have so many questions bt let me start with the following:how can u do a screen shoot with gt s 5830? Secondly hw can u copy a post from e.g fcbk to ur phone,?

  24. kevin says


  25. says

    hi, this is singh these mobile are looking good and good processing but i purchasing my mobile then after three day my mobile speaker is not working and i am cming in soth africa congo then i have no replace any body shopkeeper please tell me one suggestion what i am doing now for this time


  26. rakku says

    In march i bought Samasung Galaxy ace GT-S5830i, also got samsung 2GB micro sd card with the device…Not every time it is showing “blank sd card or unsupported filesystem” i tried many times to format sd card through cell and laptop…but not able to format from both…in cell it is showing the rotating circle…formating in progress…but never end and in laptop it is showing windows is not able to format…plz help

  27. dessi davies says

    i don’t understand why every1 is saying their galxy ace is soooo slow maybe because i’ve only had it a week but i have downloaded everything i need skype etc etc and i find it really quick. The only thing i’m a bit miffed about is the fact i can’t use normal t9 predictive text, swype is taking a bit of getting used to i do wish the other option was available but that’s the only thing i don’t like

  28. dessi davies says

    is there a way of turning the volume on the speaker phone up (i’ve looked everywhere in settings). I luv that because i was using a lot of battery it upgraded so it doesn’t use a lot of battery at all now. The phone i had b4 this 1 was a nokia music express (excellent phone had it for 2 yrs now my hubby (who’s a technophobe is using it now) so this is the 1st experience of a smart phone. I watched a few video’s on it and got a fantastic deal on it under £100 so all good xx

  29. dessi says

    i absolutely luv this phone the only thing i would like to able to text with t9 is there any way to change it maybe an app or something? But apart from that this is a perfect phone xx


    memory card does not work properly.although memory card in it yet showing ” insert memory card or sd card blank or has un supported filesystem. sd card is good one. Now what should i can do under this circumstances.
    Thanks to you

  31. ghandeharian says

    i need complete instruction manual for my GTS 5830i mobile to be able to use all its function

  32. MONTEE says

    Can i ask a user manual guide for SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE GT s5830, i’m having a hard time to know all the application since my phone came from paris. thanks.

  33. milad says

    hi i should send SMS to my work place every day at 8:00 am . does my sumsung galaxy S5830i have the capability of sending SMS automatically?(every day at a certain time)

  34. soniah says

    How to use video call when online on yahoo messenger..??
    Please teach me. Coz the camera only use at back side one.

  35. ydneuq says

    Pls help me…
    I have samsung galaxy ace and when i insert my mmc, it has noti saying dat “sd card is blank or unsupported file system” what should i do to restore my sd card content?? :'((

  36. vikram says

    Hi I am not getting any sound while playing any video/game/transffering any call in loudspeaker/ or not getting any ringtone while phone is ringing in my samsung GT-S5830i.

    Can someone help me out or suggest any solution
    in this issue

  37. joe says

    i hve downloaded aps from google market they appear in applications but not on the idle sreen how do i make them appear so i can use them on my galaxy ace gt

  38. Anesa says

    my Samsung galaxy ace gt-5830 received it only for Christmas and now i can’t make or receive calls , can someone help me please….

  39. fawzi says

    dès que j’allume mon portable samsung Galaxy Smart s5830 ,l’ecrn affiche le message suivant :” please click the target center with touch pen to adjust touch screen” que dois_je faire pour resoudre ce probléme? aidez_moi SVP , merci.

  40. fawzi says

    dès que j’allume mon portable samsung Galaxy Smart s5830 ,l’ecrn affiche le message suivant :”s’il vous plaît cliquer sur le centre de la cible avec stylet tactile pour régler l’écran tactile” que dois_je faire pour resoudre ce probléme? aidez_moi SVP , merci.

  41. chandrakant pisal says

    my mob details
    say too many pattern attempts then incorrect user name and password
    my mob display not work what can I do


  42. Basil Kayal says

    I cannot delete “photo for Google map” in gallery
    of Galaxy Ace 5830i. Can anyone help me to
    make the deletion? Thks qa lot.


  43. Basil Kayal says

    I cannot delete ‘photo for Google map’ from
    gallery in my Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830i.
    Can anyone help me solve this problem? Thks.


  44. says

    Open the music, press stop button, then press back button. Alternatively, press and hold home button for 3-5 seconds, tap task manager, and then you can force to end the music app by tapping "end" button.

  45. Karen Myumisarani Anne Castle says

    a hairdresser sent me a sms from their computer to my phone now I cant open it or delete it please help if someone can thank you.

  46. lisa says

    i have gt-s5830i mobil but i don’t have in my call setting auto reject list ,what should i do to have it? please answer me

  47. HENRY SNG says

    I have a Galaxy Ace GT-5830 recently, but I cannot download the Operating Manuel from the computer.
    What shall I do to have it when I try to use the mobile? Please help me. Thank you.

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