Samsung Galaxy Fit GT-S5670 User Guide (Android Froyo 2.2 / Gingerbread 2.3)

On thing that make us smile is the Rounded Design that uses by Samsung galaxy Fit. Even though the Dimensions size of this Smartphone is rather tiny, manufactured using hard rounded corner especially in the botton side of the phone , make this Galaxy Fit GT S5670 looks like some one who had a oval face that being smirk or smile. Just take a look at the picture below and you can imagine the hard rounded corner of the Galaxy fit at the bottom edge is a smile face.

Personally, this is not our choice design of Smartphone, but it is quite amazing that this Smartphone design attracts so many fans (might be from female teenager due to the girly design used by this Fit).

Samsung Galaxy Fit GT S5670 Manual User Guide Specs Overview

Samsung Galaxy Fit GT S5670 Manual User Guide - Specs Overview

Before we discuss any further about the Tech Specs aka Specifications Detail of Samsung Galaxy Fit GT-S5670, we like to inform you that this Phone (just like others family of Galaxy Series) powered with Android Operating System. By default, it runs under Android Froyo OS by Google, but it can be upgraded with the newest Android OS for Mobile Phone, the Android Gingerbread aka Android 2.3. If you like to upgrade to Gingerbread (in the future / had a plan to upgrade the OS), you need to install Samsung Kies as a PC Suite for you Samsung Galaxy Fit in order to get the latest Upgrade. You can download Samsung Kies at here. It supports for Windows Platform (XP, Vista and Windows 7).

Samsung Galaxy Fit GT S5670 Manual User Guide Resume

To the Point. Here are the step that you had to do in order to perform Factory Data Reset or usually know as Hard Reset / Master Reset in Samsung Galaxy Fit: Menu > Settings > Privacy > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone > Erase Everything. Before you perform this action, please back up all you data including video, photos and document. You may need to re-download and re-install any application that you been downloaded from Android Market after you take this Master Reset. Go to page 106 of the User Manual to find out more about this including the reason and condition why you had to do Hard Reset: Hangs, Stop Responding, Slow Performance.

Samsung Galaxy Fit GT S5670 Manual User Guide Keys Parts Layout Resume

Samsung Galaxy Fit GT S5670 Manual User Guide - Keys Parts Layout - Resume

And for the figure above, these are just a simple tutorial how you get closer look and learning about the keys and parts that available in Galaxy Fit by Samsung, including what the functions of all those keys and parts. You should need to know the location of power button in order to turn your Fit on / off or lock it, you need to know the microSD Slot if you wanna insert the microSD Card, how to use the Menu, back or Search Keys and more.

There are few differences on the User Manual of Samsung Galaxy Fit for Android Froyo 2.2 and also the other version of User Manual for Gingerbread Android 2.3 version. One of the biggest differences are placed in two section. One on the Connectivity and the others on the Settings. For Froyo being titled as Mobile AP plus USB tethering, in Gingerbread titled with Mobile Network Sharing, so do in Settings: Froyo had Search / Language and Keyboard, Gingerbread only had “Locale and Text”.

You can learn and follows any step by step instruction available in the User Manual. From the steps how to use the Camera, set the Alarm Cock, using the Phone as Wi-Fi, Pairing the Bluetooth, Works with QuickOffice to view Microsoft Word .doc, Excel .xls and Powerpoint .ppt documents, Update Facebook and Twitter using Social Hub, and more.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Samsung Galaxy Fit GT S5670 Specifications

Along with Android Froyo, Samsung Galaxy Fit powered with 600 Mhz Processor Speed and has 160MB Internal memory. It also support microSD card slot up to 32GB though 2GB already included along with the box package. The Galaxy Fit uses only Virtual Qwerty Keyboard on its TFT Capacitive Touchscreen that has 240 x 320 pixels Resolution. For the Display Screen Diameter, the Phone “only” has 3.3 inches size with 16M Colors. As usually, Proximity and Accelerometer Sensor along with TouchWiz version 3.0 User Interface also installed to works together along with the Touchscreen.

Samsung Galaxy Fit GT S5670 Manual User Guide Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Fit GT S5670 Manual User Guide - Specifications

On the Rear body panel, the Fit installed with 5 Megapixel Camera. It can included with Camera features such as Auto Focus, Digital Zoom, Video Recording, Smile Detection, Geo Tagging (uses GPS with A-GPS supports) and Image Editor. Unfortunately there is no Secondary Camera, no Flash Light and the Video Recording “only” capable to be record Video with QVGA@15fps quality (standard, not HD though).

If you are a Radio FM lovers, you don’t need to worry on missing you favorite Programs in your favorite channel because the Galaxy Fit installed with Stereo FM Radio with RDS. If you don’t wanna use your Headset, you can still listening the Radio via DNSe Sound Enhancement that been attached in the Fit. The Fit currently works under GSM Technology (may varied depend on country / region or Carrier) for both 3G and 2G (GSM, GPRS, EDGE). The HSDPA 3G capable to works up to 7.2Mbps. With this speed, it would guarantee that you’ll never experience any “waiting mode” on streaming Video or Watching the YouTube Video.

Another connectivity Internet beside of the 3G Data Networks Technology, you can also use the Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n that also installed in the Galaxy Fit GT S5670. Even you can use your Galaxy Fit Device for portable Hotspot access point (Router) along with the 3G HSDP 7.2Mbps. This features really important if you wanna share the 3G Networks along with your Family or Partner. Do not forget, microUSB v.20 and Bluetooth version 2.1 with A2DP also available in the Galaxy Fit.

On of the most popular On Screen Qwerty Keyboard assistance on writing the text such as wanna create SMS or email is the Swype Technology. Just by swype your finger along with letter and lift up for a space between word, you can make faster typing in the Galaxy Fit.

As an Android Phone, you can find most of Google Applications for Smartphone such as GMail, Gtalk, Picasa, YouTube, Android Market, Google Maps, Google Latitude, Google Place, and of course the Google Search and Google Search by Voice. Currently, Samsung galaxy Fit avaiable for two version color casing: Black one and White one (just see the image above).

For Multimedia Player, these are some of Audio Video formats that capable to be runs inside Galaxy Fit: MP3, MP4, WAV, eAAC+, WMV, WMA, H.264, H.263.

Table of Contents of Samsung Galaxy Fit GT S5670 Manual User Guide

Using this Manual
Getting Started
Google Mail
Social Hub,
FM Radio,
Personal Information;
Voice Recorder,
Google Search
News and Weather
Samsung Apps
Froyo Version;
Mobile AP
USB Tethering,
Gingerbread Version;
Mobile Network Sharing,
PC Connection
VPN Connections,
My Files
SIM Toolkit
Task Manager
Voice Search,
Access the Settings Menu
Wireless and Networks
Call Settings
Location and Security
Accounts and Sync
SD Card and Phone Storage
Froyo Version;
Language and Keyboard,
Gingerbread Version;
Locale and Text,
Voice Input and Output
Date and Time
About Phone,
Safety Precautions

Samsung Galaxy Fit GT S5670 Manual User Guide Android Froyo 2.2 Gingerbread 2.3 PDF Download

We gave you four 4 version of User Manuals of Samsung Galaxy Fit. Two in English Language (one for Froyo, and another one for Gingerbread) and the other two in German Language. But before you download, let us explain the Picture below.

On Page 11 to page 14, you can read an instruction manual how you can Open the Rear Back Cover Casing of Galaxy Fit, then you can insert the SIM card or assemble the Battery. It also consist the help how you can Install the microSD card and replace the cover back to the body properly. Charging the device also included. That all the series of images in the figure below that wanna talk. For further and detail elaboration just read it on “Read Online” Tab or download from the links below the figure that we already shared with you.

Samsung Galaxy Fit GT S5670 Manual User Guide Open Back Cover Casing Install SIM Insert MicroSD Card Assemble Battry Charging PDF Download

Samsung Galaxy Fit GT S5670 Manual User Guide - Open Back Cover Casing Install SIM Insert MicroSD Card Assemble Battry Charging - PDF Download

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  1. Himanshu Goswami says

    Samsung Galaxy Fit GT S5670 is Android technolgy based phone and awesome in it’s performance…..
    I m using it nd it never hangs…
    But only one minus point is that it’s 5 Megapixel camera is not good as 2 Megapixel of NOKIA 5230….
    I hope in there next probuction samsung will upgrade it’s camera features.. such as HD Video Rec…

  2. parbind says

    hw do i set my music , the mp3 songs as ringtone in galaxy fit.. i bought this phone yest, so please help me wit hw to use the th diff appl on it

  3. LokeshM says

    My Galaxy FIT does not detect my touch on lock screen so not able to unlock the phone most often.
    after restarting again and again also it does not works, stuck on the lock screen.
    then suddenly it starts detecting touch and runs flawlessly.and after sometime same problem comes,it stuck on lock screen and dont detect touch for hours and days.

    its very annoyyiiiiiiinggg pls helppppppppp????????

  4. Rajib Gangway says

    Hi guys

    Do you know that froyo can be upgraded to gingerbread 2.3.4 the latest version of android on Samsung kies galaxy fit ?????

    Yes Google with upgrade Samsung galaxy fit to gingerbread.

    Follow the instructions given in a web site .

    That’s all.

  5. k kishore kumar says

    i am a bsnl subscriber. i am unable to install gprs settings provided by bsnl. they are saying that there is no settings for this model. can any on e guide me to have gprs settings.

  6. behnia says

    when i add a vpn connection theres an error wich indicate that my user name or password is incorrect but i’m sure wich there are correct.
    plz tell me where ‘s problem.

  7. siddhartha says

    pls help with the gprs settings as , the one provided by the provider (airtel) is not compatiable !
    can you pls , make me manual settings !

    • Manoj says

      Hi Guys,

      I got GPRS seeting from bsnl and able to save this setting.
      Just u need to click that solve ur problem


  8. situation says

    How do you put passwords on messages so other people cannot view them unless they have the password

  9. situation says

    I would like to know how to set a password for my messages and my email is it possible to do on the phone please reply asap

    • ısa says

      smslock gaları lock rehber lock 😀 samsung uygulamasından yada andıroıd marketten ula bılırsın sıre koymak ıcın

  10. selva says

    my samsung galaxy fit s5670 is not connected to gprs at airtel opprator plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. prem says

    plz tell me how to see videos with good clarity in Samsung galaxy fit
    is any possible to see avi and mkv videos
    plz help me

  12. ewingsky says

    how to change s5670 language to english??i tried to reset my phone but after the reset the language turns to japanese..any one can help me?

  13. Shalini says

    I am a bsnl subscriber and m using galaxy fit. I hav dwnlded opera mini but m facing some problems in the installation. It is giving a msg that my phone has blocked the installation. Plz help.

  14. marion says

    I can receive text messages on my phone but cant send them.
    Have i dont something to my phone to stop them being sent.

  15. Nathan Andrei says

    Albee Don Ilustre,

    You will need to contact your wireless phone provided to get the Internet settings compatible for your phone

  16. yogesh shukla says

    i have just purchased this Samsung galaxy fit mobile. i want to start use of internet and its features which are given in it.
    so, tell me how can i start internet in my galaxy fit mobile.

    reply me as soon as possible.

  17. elizabeth says

    I don’t know how to set the internet. When i go on google there is no signal, but we have signal in the hause. HELP!

  18. smg says

    i need to change my email notification for gmail app. i can’t find the select ringtone option in the settings of gmail app.
    please help

  19. joanne says

    i have a galaxy fit, which i am happy with, but everytime i turn it on , receive calls, messages or generally show the screen, i am using credit for nothing, when i have looked at my usage account, it tells me i have used so many GB’s, but i havn’t even had the internet on, how can i stop using credit and stop the GB’s showing. thank you.

    • Prashant Dhadnekar says

      It’s not a permanent solution as after 2 to 3 min again all task will be start, then how many times end task in a day ?

    • user manual says

      You can download Samsung Kies installer for your Galaxy Fit directly via Internet and then installed in your PC.

  20. rajiv says

    i have just purchased this Samsung galaxy fit mobile. i want to start use of internet and its features which are given in it.
    so, tell me how can i start internet in my galaxy fit mobile.

    reply me as soon as possible.

  21. JUNE says

    Hi i have windows xp in my pc..but dont have a internet connection.ii tried to install kies to pc via cd given with the set.but pc does not recognize the cd ..pls help..does kies support xp..pls rpl

  22. varun singh chauhan says


  23. Ankit Mathur says

    hey..i live in delhi india…i recently bought my samsung galaxy fit in august 2011….i upgraded it to gingerbread..but now i want to get back to the factory installed froyo as i want to download original gingerbread via samsung KIES..the problem is that i don’t knw which version of froyo my phone had…can anyone tell me the build number and version number and name of the froyo installed in the phone….

  24. Iru says

    I am not able to use the bluetooth on my Samsung Galaxy Fit. It is not getting connected with other mobiles and i am not able to send and receive anything through bluetooth.

    Pls help me find the way of using it.

  25. Jyoti Arora says

    Hi, How to see my sent items and drafts in galaxy fit? I want it in folder not in converstaion plz help guys….

  26. Anand says

    Hi Everyone,

    I am from Hyderabad and I own a samsung Galaxy Fit…Can you please tell me how to tune the Radio to the Hyderabad Radio Station(s). When I checked the REGION in the settings it only shows Europe and US.
    Please help me out….

  27. Prashant Dhadnekar says

    You can download SD card transfer function app by name \movetoSD\ . The app is available on android market.

  28. lucifer_teminator jack says

    how to connect my pc to internet connection using kies and samsung galxy fit.
    please help

    is there any other version of kies which supports s5670 and connect to internet?

  29. haykalouch says

    how can i change the heyboard to 3*4 keypad? i keep trying to do it but it s not chan ging as i couldnt disable the swype mode. please help

    • user manual says

      Go to Menu > settings > Language and keyboard > Select input method > Samsung keypad.
      Open Message > Try to type with keyboard > keyboard settings > tab settings > Samsung Keypad settings > 3×4 keypad > Done

  30. sudhanshu sekhar says

    I have problem when i want to change my sim. Samsung galaxcy fit mobile is very complecated to open the cover for sim card change purpose.

  31. Shani says

    I have samsun galaxy fit gt-s 5670.. How do I put music from my computer on this mobil phone? there is no option for music when I connect them with cable..

  32. Brittney says

    I was drunk last night and I changed my personal passcode & my phone died and now I can’t remember it. How do I change it and unlock my phone?

  33. rizwan says

    is there option on galaxy fit mobile ,,,
    to make a voice call skype to pc.
    i have pc and i want to voice call on mobile device samsang galaxy fit …. so its is possible

      • Krishna Jadhav says

        / March 7, 2012

        is there option on galaxy fit mobile ,,,
        to make a voice call skype to pc.
        i have pc and i want to voice call on mobile device samsang galaxy fit …. so its is possible

        / March 16, 2012

        yes it is possible only voice call but not video call

        How it’s possible
        Reply me on

  34. vithal says

    hey i need to conform one thing if any one knw about this
    is it do galaxy fit video calling its possible pls ans me any one

  35. shirley says

    my phone suddenly cant do internet connection..maybe i accidentally change the now how’s the setting sud be to enable to connect internet..pls help

  36. viquar ahmed says

    my phone has locked accidently.the service station person said that the phone should get formated so my contact in that is there any option of saving the contact numbers plz tell

  37. trish says

    hi!! what is the problem of galaxy fit s5670 they always shutting down by it self pls help me what should i do pls help ?!!!

  38. jobet savillo says

    how can i fix my samsung fit with no audio sound? but if i attached the headset it sounds clear.. if i dettached the headset in cant hear any sounds? how can i fix it? email me please


  39. sreedharan.g says

    i have bought a samsung galaxy gt-s5670 mobile. i want the user’s manual. i am unable to download in web site.

  40. kgaugelo says

    please help:I need the wi-fi settings so that I be able to connect the wi-fi hot spots.THE IP NO:;PORT;DNS1 & DNS 2;NETMASK;PROXY………….

  41. S.ARULSELVAM says

    I ve locked my messages through smart app lock. Then also mesgg can be watching through history menu. how can be locked history menu also for mesgs. kindly help us.

  42. didit says

    My Galaxy FIT does not detect my touch on lock screen so not able to unlock the phone most often.
    after restarting again and again also it does not works, stuck on the lock screen.
    then on the nigth I’m reset, but touch screen is same not work

    Please help me

  43. kamlesh says

    i have samsung galaxy fit. i got a service msg notification only but no sms inside. how can i delete this sms icon that always shows that u have got a new sms

  44. buccarasta says

    i have a galaxy s5670. how do i turn the music off pls? if i go to the home screen the music is still playing in the background.

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