Samsung Galaxy Gio GT-S5660 User Manual (Android Froyo & GingerBread)

First of all, we are wondering why Samsung pick the word “Gio” as it GT S5660 name (trademark?). Let make a little research. We type “Gio” in Google and the result is refer to the Australian Insurance Company (What a turn over!). And the conclusion is: We couldn’t find the real “meaning” of the “Gio”. It seems that the Gio is just sound “good” and sexy “name”.

Let forget about it. Back to business. Samsung Galaxy Gio design is a little bit “girly” with four rounded Corner. As a family of Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy Gio that has a series name as GT-S5660, currently runs under Android Operating System by Google. There is no Physical Qwerty Keyboard. This means that the Gio only equipped with Virtual On Screen Qwerty Keyboard as a tool of Inputting Text Message such as for SMS or create Email or even editing the Microsoft Power Point Document.

Samsung Galaxy Gio GT S5660 Manual User Guide Specs Overview

Samsung Galaxy Gio GT S5660 Manual User Guide - Specs Overview

The Display Screen uses TFT HVGA (Half-Size Video Graphic Array) at 320 x 480 pixels Resolution on 3.2 inches Display Diagonal Diameter. Gio’s Display has 16M colors and equipped with Multi Touch Input method, TouchWiz V.3.0 UI, installed with Proximity Sensor and Accelerometer Sensor (two basic sensor with had to be existed in Smartphone with Touchscreen UI, one for Auto Rotate Orientation, and the others -Proximity Sensor – for Auto Turn Off the Screen while in “Calling Mode”). One good news is this Touchscreen already polished with Swype Text Input for faster typing in Touchscreen Display.

The Body design is quite slime and light. It currently has 110.5 x 57.5 x 12.2 mm which very fit on the ways you wanna insert it in pocket jacket or in the wallet. It only has 102 gram on its weight.

Samsung Galaxy Gio GT S5660 Manual User Guide Froyo & Gingerbread Short Resume

As usual, because there were so many visitor that looking for how to do Master Reset / Hard a.k.a Factory Data Reset, herein, we would give you a fast resume how to do Hard Reset on Samsung Galaxy Gio. But we warn you that before you perform Factory Reset, please back up you Data including Video, Music Audio or Document File first. To do Hard Reset just do this steps: Menu > Settings > Privacy > factory Data Reset > Reset Phone > Erase Everything. By doing this all the application and game that you been downloaded would be deleted and can not be retrieved / undo, see page 106 of User Manual for the detail of this action).

Samsung Galaxy Gio GT S5660 Manual User Guide Keys Parts Layout Resume

Samsung Galaxy Gio GT S5660 Manual User Guide - Keys Parts Layout - Resume

Actually there two kind of User Manual of Samsung Galaxy Gio (English Version) that available in PDF File, one dedicate for Galaxy Gio that runs under Android OS Froyo and the others for Android Gingerbread User Manual. There are only few differences that occurred in both of the Manual. Just download the one that suitable for your Samsung Galaxy Gio OS or you can compare it by downloading the both of them.

For common manual that available in both of Froyo and Gingerbread, it including the basic guideline such as how you can use Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Hotspot to connect to the Internet, using the Bluetooth and pairing it to others Bluetooth Device, learning to know how to use the Alarm Clock, Using Maps, Troubleshooting for some problem / error that usually appears, learning to use the Android Market to download and install software and more.

The Picture that we gave you above, is one of the content of User Manual that would help you to understand the Keys and Parts of the Galaxy Gio body including the Power Button / Lock button, the Menu Keys, the Volume Keys and else. You can read it directly on page 17 and 18 of the UM of Gio.

Another tutorial that you might need are How to use the Camera to create Video Recording or take a Picture Shot, learning to use Google Calendar, Setting Date and Time or Change the Language, Using Social Hub to connect to Facebook or Twitter, Listening or finding the Radio Station by using FM Radio with RDS, working with .doc word, .xls excel and .ppt powerpoint document with ThinkFree Office Application and else.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Samsung Galaxy Gio GT S5660 Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Gio armored with 800Mhz Processor Speed using Qualcomm QCT MSM7227-1 Turbo chipset and has 158MB internal memory along with 2GB microSD Card included that ready to be inserted in microSD card slot (up to 32GB maximum). This GT-S5660 Gio installed with Android Froyo Platform aka Android version 2.2 though it can be upgraded in to Android Gingerbread aka Android 2.3. You can update to the latest version of Android by using Samsung Kies Applications [Just click the link to download the Kies for your Galaxy Gio].

Samsung Galaxy Gio GT S5660 Manual User Guide Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Gio GT S5660 Manual User Guide - Specifications

This Smartphone GT S5660 uses GSM Technology for its Data Networks, and supports with 3G HSDPA up to 7.2Mbps ( GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 HSDPA 900 / 2100 Mhz). Especially for the Wi-Fi for WLAN connectivity, this Phone capable beside for Wi-Fi connection thru internet hotspot access point area, you can also use it as Wi-Fi Hostpost (of course this works in best ways along with HSDPA 7.2Mbps Data Networks Carrier). It also equipped with microUSB v2.0 and Bluetooth version 2.1 with A2DP.

Unfortunately, Samsung Galaxy Gio is not kind of Smartphone that can’t be used as Instant Photography Gadget (not quite good though). It only attached with 3.2 Megapixels Camera with Auto Focus, no LED Flash Light, no Secondary Camera, though it has Geo-Tagging features and Smile Detection tool plus Camcorder mode for Video Recording up to QVGA@15fps (poor Video quality).

Of course as an Android Phone, the Galaxy Gio also preloaded with Google Mobile Apps such as Google Search, Google Maps, Google Talk, GMail, YouTube, Android Market, and also Android Media Player (supports for playable formats including MP3, WAV, eAAC+, MP4, H.263 and H.264).

Table of Contents of Samsung Galaxy Gio GT S5660 Manual User Guide Gingerbread

Using this Manual
Getting Started;
Turn your device on and off
Get to know your device
Lock / unlock touchscreen & Keys
Get to know the idle screen
Access Applications
Customize your Device
Enter Text
Download Applications from Android Market
Download Files from the Web
Synchronise Data,
Personal Information;
Voice Recorder,
Google Search
News and Weather
Samsung Apps
Mobile Network Sharing
PC Connection
VPN Connections,
My Files
SIM Toolkit
Task Manager
ThinkFree Office
Voice Search,
Safety and Precautions

Samsung Galaxy Gio GT S5660 Manual User Guide Froyo & GingerBread PDF Download

Here are the tutorial with images that would help you to assembling the Galaxy Bio in the first time you got in your hand. It including how to open the cover casing properly, learning to assemble the battery, inserting the SIM Card, attached the Hand Strap, and also replaced the cover casing and install the microSD Card. For the detail step by step instruction of all this tips can be found at page 9 to page 16 (8 pages) under “Assembling Chapter” of the User Guide Manual PDF File.

Samsung Galaxy Gio GT S5660 Manual User Guide Open Replace Cover Casing Close Insert SIM Card Install MicroSD Assemble Battery Attach Hand Strap Hold PDF Download

Samsung Galaxy Gio GT S5660 Manual User Guide - Open Replace Cover Casing Close Insert SIM Card Install MicroSD Assemble Battery Attach Hand Strap - PDF Download

The Manuals belows consist of 4 parts: English User Manual of Samsung Galaxy Bio for Android Froyo, User Manual English for Android Gingerbread 2.3 and two User Manual in German and Spanish Languages. Remember you need to had PDF Reader to able to view this PDF Manual, other wiser you can read it on the section of “Read Online” Tab that we already gave you. Enjoy!

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  1. N.L.Subramanya says

    Please send me Samsung Galaxy FIT GT-S5670 user manual in detail in english as i donot know how to operate all menus

  2. Emma Winters says

    Please send me the detailed Samsung GT-S5660 user manual as the one given here is for someone who already know how to operate Samsung GT-S5660.

    • Angeleighna Cloete says

      i would also like to have this manual. i fully agree with you Emma this booklet is for someone who are already familiar with this phone.

  3. Emma Winters says

    Please send me the detailed Samsung GT-S5660
    user manual as the one here is for someone who already know how to operate this Samsung. Thanks

  4. Ian says

    “Gio” means “Jewel” in italian. Pretty much common language in most educated circles. Surprised you couldn’t find it in google

  5. Casandra says

    So every time i upload a picture via MMS text i not only get the pic that i upload but like 8-9 empty white boxes and one of the bell logo…anyone know how to fix this so i am only uploading the ONE pic that i need to upload?

  6. ann says

    How can i hard reset it? I cant remember my google-account and password on the phone and i need it to get into the phone due too some failures in the patternlock..

  7. ashok singh hada says

    I have gt-s5670, market is not connecting & automatic some time network also not connect. Pictures also not download. What is problem in this mobile?please send me details.

  8. Hailey Green says

    i have forgotten my password for my phone it is a virgin samsung galaxy gio can i reset my phone while it is locked ?

  9. marina says

    Please can you send me the a complete users manual of the Samsung GIO S5660, I have difficulty downloading it,

    Thank you so much

  10. ANDRE VENTER says

    please can you help me as soon as i leave town my town my phone say there is no network but if i put my sim card in another phone it works please help is there a setting that is wrong it only works in my town

  11. zubani renato says

    Per favore mi potete mandare e-mail come posso sbloccare il mio tel. samsung gt – s 5660 – non ricordo accont google ne passuord –
    ringrazio x la collaborazione

  12. Alexis says

    Please tell me how I can Use skype video on my samsung galaxy GT-S5660,i alredy have skype but the video doesn’t work.Help me plz.

  13. mat says

    i have a samsung galaxy gio gt-55660
    i have changed the numerical password to an alphabetical password . when i switch on my phone the numerical pad comes on .
    how to go to the alphabetical pad to unlock the phone , please help

  14. Rutvij patel says

    I am bought samsung galaxy gio from oman…but this mobile can not support google maps,android market,google play and other softwers…what is this….

  15. Hazel Nopera says

    Iv recntly purchsd a smsung galxy gio s5660 thru 2dgrees paymnthly plan, my daughtr nstalld a pattrn lock entrd rong pattrn an nw it is locked an wont xcept my username an passwrd is ther anothr way i cn unlock it smebody plez hlp me

  16. hajja says

    I have a samsung goi mobile. I had downloaded some theme for my mobile. but i couldn’t find those theme and i couldn’t apply it. so please tell me how to change the theme.

  17. Wayne Proudlove says

    My Samsung ST-S560 Galaxy Gio smartphone will turn on but it won’t go to the desktop. Can you please tell me how to fix this problem?
    Thanks you.

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