Samsung Galaxy Pro GT-B7510 User Manual & Quick Start Guide

Personally, We don’t really like the phone that used Qwerty Keyboard likes the one that has “Blackberry style“, but not for Samsung Galaxy Pro. Samsung Galaxy Pro (Pro means Professional, and always indicated that the Smartphone attached with Physical Qwerty Keyboard, whether it Slide out or not – Candy Bar form factor) that has a Series name as Samsung GT-B7510, though the body design is “blackberry style”, but it attached with quite large TFT Capacitive Touchscreen about 2.8 inches with the combination of full four 4 rows Physical Qwerty Keyboard. This design, if it Nokia Phone, usually named as Touch and Type Mobile Phone.

Samsung Galaxy Pro GT B7510 User Manual Quick Start Guide Specs Overview

Samsung Galaxy Pro GT B7510 User Manual Quick Start Guide - Specs Overview - Black Color Body

Even though the phone “only” uses 2.8″ and only had 256K colors with 320 x 240 pixels Resolution (LQVGA) along with the Physical Qwerty Keyboard, the Samsung Galaxy Pro Display Touchscreen is also equipped with Accelerometer Sensor for Automatically Rotating the Orientation of Screen (Auto-Rotate UI), switched automatically between Landscape and Portrait Mode and has Proximity Sensor in purpose to save the energy of battery by automatically turning off the screen while it been in use for Calling or in the wallet or in purse.

For the details of Specifications and Features (including the Applications and Hardware installed in Galaxy Pro GT-B7510) you can click the “Specifications” Tab for further information.

Samsung Galaxy Pro GT B7510 User Manual / User Guide Resume

Although, the Keys Parts Overview aka Phone Layout Tutorial is not deep enough on the ways it preserved in the User Manual of Samsung Galaxy Pro (in the case there is no elaboration detail for the functions or description each of the part or key), it still valuable in the ways you wanna learn you Galaxy Pro button and keys, though the elaboration about the detail functions is separately on the ways is served in the User Manual. Just like what we shared with you on the image below, you can also find the same picture on the UM PDF of this Device on page 17 under “Get to know your device” Section on Chapter “Getting Started”.

Samsung Galaxy Pro GT B7510 User Manual Quick Start Guide Keys Parts Resume

Samsung Galaxy Pro GT B7510 User Manual Quick Start Guide - Keys Parts - Resume

On Troubleshooting section, there is one fast solution (optional) if you face that your Samsung Galaxy Pro has a fatal error such as stop responding on any touch or press (in Touchscreen and Physical Qwerty Keyboard, usually known as device freezes or hangs), you can perform a Factory Data Reset / Hard / Master Reset. In most of Android Platform, and so do in Galaxy Pro, to do “Hard Reset” you just need to follow this ways: Menu > Settings > Privacy > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone > Erase Everything (the detail please open page 108). Remember, by performing this action, your storage and any applications that you download and install would be automatically deleted and we recommend you to backup any file especially important personal data such as document, photos, videos or music audio.

If you like to know how you can download and unistall one by one application from Android Market (official download site of Android Phone), you can read the manual instructions at page 33. But if you like to know how to use the 3.2MP camera to capture a photo or used it as Camcorder to record video Recording, you can go to page 49 until page 57. The detail tutorial and help with picture elaboration available across those pages.

How about using USB tethering aka use the phone as modem along with PC or notebook (laptop), how about using the Wi-Fi to connect to the internet or use the phone as Router Wi-Fi Hotspot, how about learning to pairing the bluetooth and use the bluetooth A2DP to listen you favorite music with Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset? Just read all of the under Connectivity Chapter on page 82 to page 89 (including learn to use Virtual Private Networks VPN connection).

You can learn almost all the features that available in Samsung Galaxy Pro with the detail tutorial from the User Manual, from learning to use the Google Maps, Settings up you phone, set the Alarm, using Task manager and more. Just read it under “Read Online” tab, or you can download both the User Manual PDF and also Quick Start Guide PDF of GT B7510 Phone under “PDF Download” Tab.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Samsung Galaxy Pro GT B7510 Specifications

After a little study, we had to say sorry because we couldn’t find any information regrading the details Specs of Processor used by Samsung Galaxy Pro. We could only find that B7510 uses 800Mhz Processor Speed which also had 512MB Internal memory Storage (built-in). Just like most of Smartphone at this day, the Galaxy Pro also supported with microSD Card Slot that can handle up to 32GB (external memory storage, 2GB already included with the package).

This phone officially released to the public in the middle of April 2011 and works under GSM Technology that supports for 3G Data Networks and also for GPRS, and EDGE. For the 3G HSDPA, the phone can be works up to 7.2 Mbps (download). If you can get this speed, you’ll never get buffering on the middle of watching YouTube or others Online Sharing Video.

Samsung Galaxy Pro GT B7510 User Manual Quick Start Guide Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Pro GT B7510 User Manual Quick Start Guide - Specifications -White Color Body

Unfortunately, this phone has not designed for Video Call usage. We can said about this due to the fact there is only one Camera on the rear side of the panel body of Samsung Galaxy Pro without secondary front facing camera that usually attached for video calling activity. Indeed, the Rear Camera only powered with 3.2MP Camera with Auto Focus, no LED Flash, 3x Digital Zoom, Smile Shutter (detection), Face Detection, Effects and Video Recording with VGA@30fps (320 x 240 pixels resolution).

Almost forget. “Galaxy” term in many case of Samsung Smartphone means that the Device powered with Android Platform. At this case, the Samsung Galaxy Pro runs with Android Froyo / Android OS verion 2.2. This also means that inside the Phone, you will got many preloaded Applications by Google, including Google Search, GMail, Google Maps, YouTube Player, Android Market, Picasa, Google Talk, Google Calendar and more.

For Connectivity Features, you can say that most of basic tools such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB that usually embedded in Smartphone are available in this Galaxy Pro. For the Wi-Fi it support 802.11 for b/g/n type, can be used as Wi-Fi Hotspot, has Bluetooth version 3.0 with Wireless Stereo Headsets Profile (A2DP), and equipped microUSB v2.0. For the Colors body, Samsung Galaxy Pro available in Black and White (the Black overview image can bee seen on the Specs Overview, and for the White colors casing you can see from the picture above)

Wanna know what Video format capable to be played on Galaxy Pro? Here are the list of them: 3GP, WMV, AAC, AAC + V2, AMR-NB, H.263 and H.264. And for Audio Music format, it supports these following formats: MP3, eAAC+, WAV, and WMA. The Phone also has FM Radio with RDS, Image Editor, ThinkFree Document Viewer and Editor for microsoft word, excel and power point, has Digital Compass, GPS with A-GPS support, and more.

Table of Contents of Samsung Galaxy Pro GT B7510 User Manual

Using this Manual
Getting Started
Google Mail
Samsung Email
Samsung IM
Social Hub,
Personal Information
Mobile AP
USB Tethering
PC Connections
VPN Connections,
My Files
ThinkFree Office
Task Manager
Voice Search,
Access the Settings Menu
Wireless and Networks
Call Settings
Location and Security
Accounts and Sync
SD Card and Phone Storage
Language and Keyboard
Voice Input and Output
Date and Time
About Phone,
Safety Precautions

Samsung Galaxy Pro GT B7510 User Manual Quick Start Guide PDF Download

The first step you need to do after you bought Samsung Galaxy Pro is unpacking the package box and the start to assembling part by part of this Gadget. The Image below would guide you how to do it properly, from learning to open the back cover casing, inserting the SIM Card, Installing the microSD Card, Attach the Handstrap, Assembling the battery and more. It elaborate deeply under page 9 to page 15 of the UM.

Samsung Galaxy Pro GT B7510 User Manual Quick Start Guide Open Back Cover Casing Assemble Battery Insert SIM Card Install microSD Replace Attach Hand Strap PDF Download

Samsung Galaxy Pro GT B7510 User Manual Quick Start Guide - Open Back Cover Casing Assemble Battery Insert SIM Card Install microSD Replace Attach Hand Strap - PDF Download

We could only find the User Manual on English Edition, both for User Manual and Quick Guide / Getting Started Guide. Just enjoy!

Update: French Version Language Available

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  1. ahmeds says

    hi, i made password for screen, and i forgot that password, and i can’t go to inside my phone how i can recover my password)..

  2. kanhiaya sachdev says

    hey m not able to connect ma galaxy pro to any device via Bluetooth Nd any file transfer is not possible….so sum 1 cn pls help me out

  3. Wanjiru says

    Hi. My Galaxy pro does not connect to the internet despite the fact that it shows that it is accessing the 3G network. Any one with issues on the battery life?

  4. Chella Chimwemwe says

    I cant access my drafts, outbox,sent items and message tone on my samsung gtb 7510, only new message is showing. how do i set?

  5. Elimosaria Maeda says

    Ti is a great smartphone. But dont have comprehensive manual other than the starter guide. That is why I have visited this site. Will give more comments after I have been enabled to download the comprehensive manual.

  6. nandita vivek says

    i have samsung galaxy pro QWERTY , it has front camera but i couldnt use it ! also the battery life is very bad !!!! always it goes to low battery ! kindly help me out anyone please!

  7. Ankur says

    can any one say how i set manual network in samsung galaxy gt b7510 because i tried so much bt its not set…
    so anyone pls sey processor or send in my id

  8. mohamed illiyas says

    you know big trouble while i am on phone display off than i press power than display on one more no shortcut keys at music player

  9. Faiz Rasool says

    Plz i want to ask how to open lock any samsung products.
    Please inform me at given my Email Address:

  10. Padma Iyengar says

    I would like a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Samsung galaxy pro III, a cellphone I got recently. Hope, you’ll help me. Thanks.


    Padma Iyengar

  11. Rasel Kabir says

    I am using samsung pro gt b 7510,
    I am looking for a free call recorder application,
    Pls. help me

  12. Agura says

    I am using a Galaxy Pro GT-B7510 now. I put a Pattern lock on my cell. Then my classmates borrowed it and tried many times until my Galaxy is lock and need to enter the Email for my Galaxy. The problem is I don’t know the Email because the brother of my mother gave it to me. Can somebody please help me?

  13. Verna says

    my battery is my problem..i used to charge it 5hrs but then it will just 30 minutes to used it..what will i do…

    • Suluh says

      Replace your battery. If the problem still occurs, go to service center on your local area. Ask for their help.

  14. akash says

    my lil sister has entered screen pattern for 10 times and now it is as locked … it ask me username and password of google account now what to do …i’ve entered my own google ID and password but it doesn’t work … what to do plz suggest me :'(

  15. navin says

    I want to move contact & SMS from mobile to Computer…. I tried with Kies…but it is not supporting Galaxy Pro B7510…able to copy from SIM but not from Phone’s INTERNAL MEMORY…would like to get some tips on the same…thanks

    • Suluh says

      uninstall the kies, download the latest version, install it once again, connect it for the first time with your Galaxy Pro.

  16. preeti says

    hey can plz tell me abt samsung gt-b7510….actully the lock key of my phone is not working properly…
    plz tell howz solve it…rply me as soon as plzzz….

  17. preeti says

    hey can plz tell me abt samsung gt-b7510….actully the lock key of my phone is not working properly…
    plz tell howz solve it…rply me as soon as plzzz….

  18. adrian says


    My problem is related to very poor call quality, my interlocutor hear me very bad.
    There is any solution ?

  19. Randall says

    Hi guys I have a serious problem, my Samsung gt-b7510l got locked out and right now is asking for my Gmail account and password and that is not the problem, the problem is that the Internet is not turn on, so the phone is not able to register my Gmail account or validate it…so I don’t know what to do to active the device’s internet from where I am stuck right now =( …Does somebody can give me some advice? Is there some way I can active the internet or access the phone in safe mode or something like that? Thanks in advanced! =D

  20. says

    my camera wont open. i need help please.. i already did factory data reset. still nothing. as i open my camera it said: Camera failed ErrorCallback.onError (-2)….. Please help thank you.. you may contact me at 09274476925 or at thank you very much

  21. A. K. TRIPATHI says

    my mobile not working properly, it is stopping on sunden, while in working condition. please do needful.

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