Samsung Galaxy Proclaim SCH-S720C User Manual for Net10 & StraightTalk

If you planned on having an Samsung Android in which it not so high on the price aka quite cheap, this Samsung Galaxy Proclaim can be one of the choice. It would be available under 200USD I guess.

Of course, having this such price means that the specifications had by this SCH-S720c isn’t good as the high end phone or the expensive one. And if you like to elaborate what the Proclaim capable for and do for, It is better that you read the Manual in which it discuss the features and some applications and capabilities of the phone — in case for consideration before your decided to have it.

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Manual User Guide SCH-S720C Net10 StraightTalk Specs Overview

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Manual User Guide SCH-S720C Net10 StraightTalk - Specs Overview

Oh one more thing to make it clear about the Net10 and StraightTalk. It means that the Proclaim designed to use CDMA technology along with Net10 and StraightTalk carrier. It currently support EVDO Rev.A up to 3.1 Mbps with CDMA100 800/1900Mhz and also CMDAOne 800/1900Mhz. Of course some basic functions for connectivity such as Wi-Fi portable hotspot and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g type, Bluetooth and USB via microUSB version 2.0 also available.

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Manual SCH S720C User Guide Resume

There is nothing much I can tell about the User Manual / User Guide of this Proclaim. If you try to find basic applications usage available on this phone, you can go to section 11: Applications in which in this section you can find a lot of tutorial about how to use the apps. It including the Camera, Clock, Alarm, Google Books, Calculator, Google Latitude, Google Place, Taks Manager and more. See the detail on page 82 to page 89.

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Manual User Guide SCH-S720C Net10 StraightTalk Phone Layout Resume

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Manual User Guide SCH-S720C Net10 StraightTalk - Phone Layout - Resume

The picture that we gave you above can be seen also on page 18 to page 20. That would help you to understand the Galaxy Proclaim and operate it properly. Such as for the back side you can see the 3Megapixel camera lens, the microphone or USB and power port. In the user Manual it also provided the detail of each part/keys functions, but we arranged differently for better and quick understanding. for example on p.19 Volume keys has details function likes “From home screen, press to adjust Master Volume, During calls or music plyaback, press to adjust volume, Press to mut the ringtone of an incoming call; Power/Lock key: Press and hold to turn the phone on or off. Press to lock the phone or to wake the screen for unlocking

And for Factory data reset, you can find the tutorial at page 109. I said that this master/hard reset would erase all data from Proclaim’s memory and reest all the settings back to its original. Go to Menu Key > Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset > Do the reset > Follow the rest. If you want to delete installed SD card, you can select the Format SD card option too.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim SCH S720C Technical Specifications

The phone designed by touch bar form factor with 3.5 inches on the display. The display uses TFT touchscreen at 320 x 480 pixels resolution with 16M colors. Although this phone is low budget type, you still able to get TouchWiz UI, Accelerometer and even Swype Technology for touch input on screen Qwerty Keyboard typing.

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Manual User Guide SCH-S720C Net10 StraightTalk Technical Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Manual User Guide SCH-S720C Net10 StraightTalk - Technical Specifications

Powered with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and 1GHz processor speed the phone also has 1GB internal memory along with 2GB included SDHD external card (replace able up to 32GB microSD card). For the camera, it equipped with 3.0 Megapixel Camera with geo-tagging, auto focus, and Video Recording. No front facing / secondary camera though.

For Music Player, it capable to play ACC, ACC+, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, eAAC+ MP3, MIDI, EVRC, WMA, WVA< and even QCELP. The Video Player supports for H.263, H.264, MPEG4, VC-1, DivX, Xvid, and more. There is also Microsoft Office document compatibility. Of course Google Talk, Google Search, YouTUbe, Picasa, Google Maps, Gmail and some other Google preloaded application also ready to be used on this Galaxy Proclaim. Download games and applications can be get by visiting Google Play. [/tab] [tab name='Contents'] Table of Contents of Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Manual SCH S720C User Guide

Getting Started
Understanding Your Phone
Call Functions
Contacts and Accounts
Entering Text
Pictures and Videos
Applications and Widgets;
Google Search
Music Player
My Files
Talk Manager
Video Player
Voice Dialer
Voice Recorder
Voice Search
Accessing Settings
Wireless and NEtworks
Call Settings
Sound Settings
Display settings
Location and Security
Accounts and sync
SD Card and Phone storage
USB Settings
Language and Keyboard
Voice input and output
Date and Time
About phone,
Health and Safety Information

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Manual SCH S720C User Guide PDF Download (English, Spanish)

“Getting Started” (first section on the Proclaim User Manual PDF) means that you need to assemble the phone before you turn in on for the first time. It is consist how you can open the back cover, insert the SIM or/and microSD card, assemble the battery then turn the phone on for the first time. Just it shown on the picture below.

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Manual User Guide SCH-S720C Net10 StraightTalk Open Back Cover Insert SIM microSD Assemble Charge Battery PDF Download

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Manual User Guide SCH-S720C Net10 StraightTalk - Open Back Cover Insert SIM microSD Assemble Charge Battery - PDF Download

The User Manual of SCH-S720 available for Spanish and English version. It English US (North America) though. Hope you get what you want.

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    • tammie says

      this is a verizon phone. I just bought it because I had the precedent and its was sprint and didn’t have coverage in my area anymore. So if verizon is good in your area this should work.

    • cameron says

      jaimie if u go to straight talk and type your zip code in it will say if u can or cant use it in your area or call them i got a phone that website said couldnt be used in mine and called em and got it working

  1. Ben says

    how do you take a screen shot with this phone? i keep doing it by accident but can never seem to do it when i want to.

    • Suluh says

      Usually, it can be done by using power button and home button combination. Try this: press power button, then press home button fro about 2 seconds.

  2. Michelle says

    I cant call out on this phone nor hear anyone but they can hear me talking. Not sure what i have locked up? Just got this new android last night. HELP!

    • Terry says

      What can I do about a weak signal….I lose all My bars while My Son has his with same phone provider….in order to place a call I turn the phone off and back on and the bars come back to 3 or 4 bars…..any one having this problem and anyone know what can be done to help it?

  3. marcy says

    I just got a samsung galaxy proclaim. When I place or recieve a call the person on the other end cant hear me very well. My voice is muffeled or they cant hear me at all.

    • Suluh says

      1. It can be the speaker. 2. It can be your SIM card with its data networks. Try to change the SIM to others phone, if the problem still occurred, ask your provider carrier help. Otherwiser, you just need to get your phone to Samsung Service center to fix your phone’s problem.

    • ChazInMT says

      This CDMA phone doesn’t have a SIM card numnutz. Have you put a phone cover on your Proclaim? If so, make sure the tiny little microphone hole isn’t covered on the bottom edge of the phone next to the MicroUSB power port. Chck to make sure this isn’t plugged up as well. My 2¢.

  4. Kevin Husslein says

    I have a gmail account but everytime I get an email it goes into both my gmail account and my email account which I don’t want. Want to get rid of the regular “email” icon so it doesn’t also receive my emails.

    • David Barnes says

      Maybe by bow you have solved this, but I’ll reply in case not…….

      1. Open Email acct, not Gmail.
      2. Press Menu
      3. Select Accounts
      4. Press Menu again
      5. Press Common Settings
      6. Un-Check the box by Download notification

      This worked for me.

  5. Emmy says

    To screen capture press and HOLD the home button. THEN press and HOLD the power button simultaneously with the home button for about 3-4 seconds. Then release. It should say screen captured and saved or something. Im so happy I finally figured it out. lol

  6. lacey says

    My battery was removed and put back in. and now when i send a text message its blank or sends it in a picture message. how do i fix this

  7. April says

    Can I disable the unlock screen? The one that says “swipe screen to unlock?” If this is possible, instructions should be greatly appreciated!

  8. tiny says

    does anybody have problems opening attachments on emails. email works fine but the attachments won’t open. do i need to download a certain app for that. Please help

  9. Heather says

    I have a bunch of music in the file “My Music” but I can’t figure out how to play the whole list. Also, while it is playing music from this file I can’t figure out how to leave the screen without the music turning off.

  10. Mahi Kashyap says

    Hello Everyone
    I am from India and using Samsung Galaxy Y. Some days ago, I went to Samsung Service Centre, as got some water damage. And they checked that, and told me that the phone touch and jack are destroyed and have to replace these. I said okay coz my phone was under warranty. But they told me that they would charge me 4000/-. As it was near the half amount of new phone’s price. Then I went to another service centre and they told me to charge 1600/-. So I gave my phone to them as they were charging less amount then first one. But my some of friends told me that they have charged me unnecessarily. Because if our any product is under warranty, the company pay for their repair. So I contacted the centre for same but they didn’t respond me for my issue. So, I filed my complaint in Consumer Court. I just hope for great help from their side as soon as possible. I just shared my experience to aware you guys. I hope it worked.

  11. says

    You have to go to the app store and install a free call blocking app. They work great to block calls and even have features to block texts if you’d like. great block options to choose from.

  12. KIM says

    Everytime I receive a call or text the phone voice tells me who I am receiving the call or text from. How do I turn that option off?

  13. Judy says

    Why does this phone have 2 FB apps on it? If I delete one, the puctures of my contacts go away. Each time I add a new friend to fb I have to uninstall fb and put it back on to get their contact pix to show up. What am I doing wrong here? It’s driving me nuts!!

  14. Ellen says

    I ask straight talk if my settings was wrong for youtube, it wont play. She told me my data was reduced becuz I wasnt closing apps correctly & that I cant use kies air to run my Tab! I never was told there was soecial rules when I bought into straight talk..I guess they expect ppl to sign in & out every 5 mins. She claimed I would mess up their towers. Ive never heard of that before.

  15. Kenneth says

    Everytime my girlfriend takes a screenshot with her straight talk proclaim her task bar will pop up no matter how she does it can someone help?

  16. Russ says

    I cannot have camera capability at my work. Does anyone know how I can disable the camera on my samsung galaxy proclaim?

  17. Johnny says

    So…. Are the two thing on the front of the phone functional? The Light and Camera at the front top of the phone. If they are, could someone please tell me how to make them work? Please and thank you.

    • Shua says

      The two camera looking things on the front of the phone are just light sensors for the auto-adjust screen brightness function.

  18. kane says

    When I am sent a pic text, it takes days for it to download, why? I have tried evrything to figure it out. Help!!!!!!!

  19. Sam says

    How do you save pictures from google images onto phone. I tried long pressing but nothing happens. Help would be much appreciated

  20. Heath says

    How do I download a ring tone on this phone, other than the preset ring tones that came with this phone? Thanks

  21. TY says

    How do I get the camera to return to the vertical position and rotate when the phone is turned horizontal?I have already set auto-rotate and tried eve`rything I know..Help Please Thanks

  22. Star says

    when you are listening to music, you can press the menu button and a set as option will pop up and that will let you set any of your songs as a ringtone, caller id, or message tone.

      • Jennifer says

        I bought the FoxFi full app. 3 days later my phone had a os update to 2.3.6 gingerbread. and now when I try to use the wifi on foxfi it says: your carrier has broken wifi mode in the latest phone update….!!!!! How can I go back to the old os. or put a new one on the phone.??? please help

  23. kim says

    does any one have the problem with txting tht i do if i send a message to some ppl the only get the first three words of it or so and it does not happen to every phone i txt does any one know why an what i can do.

  24. Pixie says

    My fox fi app quit working after phone update
    It wont connect to wifi and it says no internet connection. Any Ideas of how to repair?

  25. Randy says

    I get a blank window covering my Google search. What’s that all about. Was working fine then a blank window appeared showing only the top search bar and a fraction of the URL page.

  26. Nancy Livengood says

    I need to know how to erase any personal information from my phone. I am going to upgrade to a better phone, but don’t want any information to remain on my phone. Can you help?

  27. Kevin Hall says

    My Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Straight Talk phone won’t allow me to access the “add” key from the menu (it’s not a “live” link). Can I fix this, or is it a phone defect? Thanks…..

    • chad says

      i think this happens when the home screen you are on has no more spaces left to put icons/shortcuts/whatever

  28. Jody says

    Got an android proclaim and cant find my bookmarks when i click it my list only has Save as bookmark but no Bookmarks. Am i missing something.

    • Katlyn says

      If you’re on the browser, then once the home page gets done loading, there’s what looks like a ribbon with a star in it next to the url bar. Click on this and it takes you to your bookmarks ^^ I was confused at first too.

  29. karina says

    How do you get to your bookmarks from the browser there is the option to add something to ur bookmarks but i cant find my bookmarks anywhere

  30. Thomas says

    I’ve been using the wifi app FoxFi with no problems untold my phone did a system update now i caint get it to work. I’ve tried everything i can tink of even installed and installed the app. it says its something on my phone blocking it from workout. Anyone know how to correct this?

  31. Kara says

    When I send a text it converts it to a multimedia text even if it isn’t a long text. ia there a way to change this

  32. Whitney Cunningham says

    I have the gaxaly proclaim and i have an umber that just texted me but it wont let me reply it just keeps saying failed… Someone plz help me

  33. Head says

    I deletd all my apps dat i didnt wont an wen i play videos it takes 10 to 20 mins to play after the loading sybl went off pleae tell me a way to make me phone fast like it was when i came outta the box

  34. edward says

    what picture/image file formats will my Galaxy Proclaim accept for use? I figured out how to get my favorite mp3s onto it, but every time I try to upload a picture file (so I can customize my wallpaper/background), the wifi uploader app that I’m using says upload failed… the one time that it DID work, I looked-up the pic on my phone & it was listed but wouldn’t open – telling me it was an invalid file… ???

  35. Katlyn says

    Okay so there’s a contact in my phone that I want to send directly to voicemail when they call, but there isn’t an option’s button when I view their contact and hit the menu button. It just shows the regular buttons and I’ve tried everything to find it but can’t. Help? Please?

  36. Jennifer says

    I bought the FoxFi full app. 3 days later my phone had a os update to 2.3.6 gingerbread. and now when I try to use the wifi on foxfi it says: your carrier has broken wifi mode in the latest phone update….!!!!! How can I go back to the old os. or put a new one on the phone.??? please help

  37. Katie says

    I forgot my lock pattern, how can I reset my phone back to factory settings because I can’t get on it since I don’t remember my pattern..

  38. james says

    I have a samsung galaxy proclaim and wen i send a text message that is like more than one page long or however u wud say it it is sent topeople like a media message or a pic message and some people like have to dow.load a reg message i sent them how do i fix that someone pkease helllllppppp!!!!!! lol thank u very much

  39. todd raisor says

    My samsung galaxy proclaim will play videos on youtube but will not play videos on facebook that have been posted how do i fix this

  40. Jim says

    While using my samsung galaxy proclaims GPS, as it worked fine there was no voice how do you turn on voice ??

    • Marie says

      there is a mute button in the settings menu I hit it by accident and muted mine. Its the same setting button but within the map and navigation mode it will offer different options applicable to that app HTH

  41. Pamela says

    I just got a replacement Galaxy Proclaim phone and had to start fresh… I set up a new e-mail and there are no messages when I call it… but the notification icon at the top left of my screen won’t disappear.. how do I get rid of it??? Thank you for any help…

  42. rich says

    i took some pics with my proclaim now they are stuck in my gallery how can i delete them when i check the pic to be deleted the delete button goes awayi want to clear out my whole gallery but the phone wont let me, please help.

  43. jen says

    I took sum pics and they went an instant add folder and i cant delete them that option goes away wen i try plz help

  44. Jonathan Morgan says

    Samsung galaxy proclaim. everytime i get a text message the voice alert tells me who it is . pls someone tell me how to turn it off. thanks.

    • Suluh says

      Get AppsManagerIII on Google Play, Uninstall unnecessary apps or games, or just clear the caches.

  45. Ma'Kita Gilmoew says

    i forgot my phone pattern and my google account wont let me sign in, so what do i do?

  46. Shelia M says

    I have some how turned off the setting where I can hear my phone “ring” when receiving an incoming call. My volume is turned all the way up. I have no idea what I have done. All incoming calls go straight to voicemail!!! Can anyone tell me what I need to do to fix this!!! I hate missing calls!!! Thanks so much!

  47. miki says

    phone wont ring with incoming calls anymore. I can hear the text messages but the incoming call tone is not working. I tried everything on the phone all the sounds are up high and volume as well! please help me!

  48. rhonda jinkins says

    How do I delete instagram photos from my Gallary? I want to delete them all I have tried everything I selct all of them all itsays at the bottem is share and more it wont delete them can someone please tell me how?

  49. boomer says

    i’m being pestered by someone who got my #. downloaded mr number & that worked but now theyr using aqua-mail to send messaging. how to block?

  50. Megan says

    When I would go on facebook my phone would say running on low free disc space so I deleted some things and accidently deleted my notification bar. How do I get it back and is it possible without doing a master reset?

  51. robin says

    I am suddenly getting screen captures when.i.hit power button but NOT holding Home button. had phone 2 years just started doing this. it’s a galaxy proclaim. thanks

  52. Linda says

    I have 3 widgets in my task bar that resemble the Play Store widget. I also have a square that says:
    4 P
    1 W
    I know this is in reference to 4 pictures, 1 word game, but why is it on my task bar and what are the other widgets and how do I delete all of this.

  53. Valerie says

    I accidentally removed a harassing voicemail message and want to retrieve it. I have spoken both with Straight Talk who told me it could be retrieved remotely and that it couldn’t be retrieved. I was told by Samsung Straight Talk should have a remote department who could access the message (Straight Talk said they do not have such a department). Straight Talk then told me to go through Verizon but I was unable to do so since the phone carrier is Straight Talk. Please help. I have spent over 2 hours making phone calls regarding this issue.

    • Suluh says

      There is nothing I can do either. The voicemail was saved on the Carrier, before you deleted it. It might that the Straight Talk uses Verizon Voice Server Service to store your Straight Talk voicemail, that why they suggest you to talk to Verizon.

  54. DeeDee says

    Please help :(

    I have reviewed your website and can not find the answer on this. I just recently deleted some important text messages and have spent hours on google trying to find out if there is a way to retrieve them. I have seen this question asked several times but I do not see responses.

    Thank you in advance for input.

    • Suluh says

      There are some software that have ability to retrieve deleted file or document, but are usually designed for hard drive under NTFS or FAT file systems (microSD/SSD). If your text messages were saved and deleted to/from SIM memory or phone’s internal memory, it might a little bit hard to retrieve it.

  55. katie says

    when I go to try and use the browser it says to check my connections, it thought I was suppose to be able to access the web where ever I have cell reception. anyone know what im doing wrong

  56. annie5 says

    Help.. I cannot find ‘Voice Mail’ on my Galaxy Proclaim at all. And when someone tries to leave a voicemail, it tells them my voicemail box is Full… but I can’t find it…how do I recover it or get to it?
    Also, When someone calls me, I can swipe to allow the call but it does not connect me to them at all. I have to wait til they quit calling and check my Call Log to call them back.

  57. Stacey says

    The button to switch from English to Spanish is in a bad spot. I accidentally hit this a lot.especially when swyping. Can it be shut off?

  58. Ron D. says

    Can numbers be added to “emergency call” on the opening page? Would like to put “ICE” numbers there….

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