Samsung Galaxy S Captivate SGH i897 User Manual AT&T

Samsung Captivate in US, available in the market through AT&T Provider Carrier. The Samsung Captivate is one of Samsung Galaxy S Series: SGH i897, therefore we can called by Samsung Galaxy S Captivate SGH I897 (Just like the title of this post). As you can see on the image (pictured below), Samsung SGH i897 used Touch Bar (candy Bar) Form Factor Design with Full Touchscreen (with onscreen Qwerty Keyboard and Swype Technology for fast typing text) at 4 inches Display Super AMOLED (WVGA). Just like others Galaxy Series, the Captivate installed with Android Eclair 2.1 Version Mobile Operating System (OS) by Google.

Samsung Galaxy S Captivate SGH I897 Manual User Guide PDF

Samsung Galaxy S Captivate SGH I897 Manual User Guide

Captivate by Samsung also attached with 5.0 Megapixel Camera with Automatic Focus and Touch Focus, 4x (400 percent) Digital Zoom, Smile Detection, Camcorder aka create Video Recording, Action shot and many more. For Music Audio Player it supports file audio with extensions formats like aac, aac+, mp3, wma, xmf, midi, and for Video formats Captivate Video Players supports mpeg4, aac, aac+ h.2.63, h.264, 3gp, mp4, and m4A (according to SGH i897 User Manual). How about the Storage Memory? With microSD you can had 32 GB Memory and for internal memory of Captivate is embedded with 16 GB ROM and 512 MB RAM. You are social networker lover? Don’t worry, the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate already installed with Facebook, MySpace and Twitter Application (the most popular social networking on earth today). Without a miss: Bluetooth, WiFi, USB Cable also included.

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Samsung Galaxy S Captivate SGH i897 Manual User Guide PDF Download and Resume

Samsung Galaxy S Captivate SGH i897 User Manual Keys Parts Front PDF

Samsung Galaxy S Captivate SGH i897 User Manual - Keys Parts Front

By Downloading the User Manual of Samsung Captivate and the read it, you’ll find deep instruction on how to understanding and using the Phone, for example using ATT Applications such as ATT Music, ATT Radio, ATT Mpas, ATT Hot Spots, Using Bluetooth for wireless networking or Wifi (including configuration and pairing tutorial), Understanding the Phone body with keys and parts (pictured above, GPS, Google Search, Troubleshooting, settings and setups, using Google Maps Latitude, and GTalk, How to create video recording using camcorder with its setting and configuration, taking a good picture with 5 MP Camera, Uploading help and View YouTube Video from Captivate, Voice Recorder, Change Wallpaper, Language, Profile help, and many more.

Table of Contents of Samsung Galaxy S Captivate SGH i897 AT&T User Manual

Table of Contents
Getting Started
Understanding Your PHone
Call Functions
Entering Text
Contacts and Adress Book
Media Hub
ATT Music
Music Player
Using Playlists
ATT Radio
Mobile Video
Video Player
Using the Camera
Camera Camcorder Options
Using the Camcorder
Changing your Settings
FC Connection
Health and Safety Info
Warranty Information

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  1. susan hooks says

    i have had this phone since november. spoke with some one at samsung and she said she would send a manual. still waiting for it. tried to download from this site and get the message “website not available “.. someone needs to send me some kind of user manual asap. this is crazy.

  2. Teshome Belayneh says

    I have Samsung Galaxy S Captivate SGH I897 mobile. But I don’t have any user manual. The mobile doesn’t work when it is cold. Therefore, still I need the manual.

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