Samsung Galaxy S Continuum SCH I400 User Manual Specs Sheet Verizon Wireless

In others country, you might found that Samsung Galaxy S is just one series, but in US, there are some of Samsung Galaxy S that has different name and series that also had different Carrier. For example Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant, exclusively designed for T Mobile Carrier. And for Samsung Galaxy S Continuum SCH I400 this Android Phone released for Verizon Wireless Carrier. Just like the other Galaxy S Series by Samsung, the Continuum SCH I400 also installed with Android 2.1 Eclair Operating System for Mobile Phone by Google.

Let talk about the Tech Spec and Features of this Android SmartPhone. Samsung Continuum equipped with 1GHz Processor Speed (had 512 ROM / 384 RAM and 2GB internal memory, 8GB external microSD Memory included (expandable up to 32 GB) and using CDMA Technology networks under 800/1900 Frequency that supports 3G EVDO Rev A. Touch Tablet / Touch Bar (Candy Bar) is the form factor of this phone which had 3.4 inches (3.4″) Display TouchScreen 480 x 800 Pixels with AMOLED Screen. For User Interface in typing the text messsages (SMS / email), the Continuum SCH I400 using onscreen Qwety Keyboard with WSYPE Technology.

Samsung Galaxy S Continuum SCH I400 User Guide Manual Verizon

Samsung Galaxy S Continuum SCH I400 User Guide Manual Verizon

Samsung Galaxy S Continuum SCH I400 also equipped with 5.0 Megapixels Camera and Cmacorder that has Auto Focus, 4x Digital Zoom and LED Flash, capable to create HD Video and Playbak u to 720p. Tough it run under Android Eclair, the main Maps used in this SmartPhone (installed) was Bing Maps (including the Bing Search), but you can still used Google Maps (need to be installed first). Another Features attached in the Galaxy S Continuum are, ThinkFree Document Viewer (Microsoft Office Doc; word, excel, powerpoint), Bluetooth Wireless Technology version 3.0, Wireless Fidelity aka WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, VZ Navigator, Text to Speech (that would allow you just to used your voice speech to make text messages without need to touch the keyboard phone), USB, DLNA via AllShare, GMail, Android Market, Google Services for Mobile and many more.

You can download the PDF File that contains the Information about the specification and features (and also FAQs, Tips Trick, Getting to know the Phone Menu and Features) from the Verizon Continuum Spec Sheet (DataSheet) below:

Samsung Galaxy S Continuum SCH I400 Specifications Sheet / DataSheet PDF | PDF Size: 3.45 MB | Language: English US | Pages: 2

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Samsung Galaxy S Continuum SCH I400 User Guide Manual Specs Sheet Verizon Wireless PDF Download

Samsung Galaxy S Continuum SCH I400 User Manual Front Side View PDF

Samsung Galaxy S Continuum SCH I400 User Manual - Front Side View

Samsung Galaxy S Continuum User Manual | Language: English US | PDF Size: 7.13 MB | Pages: 183

Samsung Galaxy S Continuum SCH I400 User Guide Manual Specs Sheet Verizon Wireless PDF Overview

Resume: On the Section 8 of the User Manual of Samsung Galaxy S Continuum, you’ll find how to use the Music Player, Manage and Transfer Media and also tutorial on using V CAST Tones, V CAST Music with Rhapsody. Section 8: Music placed on pages 82 to 87. If you like to learn how to use Facebook, MySpace and Twitter Application (using Twidroyd), you can read the instruction manual at pages 80 to 81. Wanna learn how to use Bluetooth, WiFi for internet connection or just pairing it with others device for Data Sharing? Just Open pages 96 and 99, then start learning how to use it from there.

There plenty of Tutorial, and Instruction Manual / Guide in the User Manual of SCH I400 Continuum that you can find. It including how to use the 5MP Camera for Video Recording, Learning to use Keys and Functions of the Phone (pictured), Settings the Phone, Using Android Market to download Application and Games, using Skype for Mobile, Using My Verizon Mobile, and many more. Just download the Manual Please!.

Table of Contents of Samsung Galaxy S Continuum SCH I400 User Guide Manual

Samsung Continuum User Manual
Table of Contents
Getting Started
Understanding Your Phone
Call Functions
Contacts and Accounts
Entering Text
Web and Social Networking
Pictures and Video
3G Mobile Hotspot
Dial Up Networking
Memory Card,
Application and Widgets;
Android Market
Buddies Now
City ID
Car Cradle
Corporate Email
Desk Cradle
Feeds and Updates
My Verizon Mobile
Skype Mobile
ThinkFree Office
V CAST Music Tones Videos
VZ Navigator
Voice Recorder
Write and Go,
Health and Safety Information
Warranty Information

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