Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate SCH I500 User Manual Verizon Wireless

Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate in US marketed with Verizon Wireless. It used Android Eclair 2.1 Google Mobile Operating System, with capabilities to access Android Market, Facebook Application, Twitter, and MySpace. Taking Photo and creating Video Recording with 5.0 Megapixel Camera with Auto Focus and 4x Digital Zoom with Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate would be quite enough to memories all your moment and memory. Actually, there are so much detail and Specifications that you can know regarding with this SCH I5000, including the CPU Processor used by this Phone the Memory, the Installed Preloaded Appliacation, the detail Wi-Fi WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth Version and USB and more. But we are not eager to tell you about this, we just wanna talk about its User Manual / User Guide of the Fascinate.

Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate SCH I500 User Manual Guide PDF

Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate SCH I500 User Manual Guide

Using GSM network technology (GPRS EDGE HSDPA) and also full Touch Screen User Interface with Swype Technology On Screen Qwerty Keyboard in 4inches Display WVGA (Super AMOLED) are others features in Samsung Fascinate.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Download User Manual Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate and Review

Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate SCH I500 User Manual Front View PDF

Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate SCH I500 User Manual Front Body Phone View

Using Android Platform, this means you can access at one account to GMail, Google Maps, YouTube, and other Google Mobile Service (it ready to update to Android Froyo 2.2). You can find the tutorial on using  MPEG4, AAC, AAC+, H.263, H.264 Video Formats and Video Music Formats likes AAC, MIDI, MP3, WMA, XMF. Another help from User Manual of Galaxy S Fascinate including TroubleShooting manual, how to settings and setup the phone, using WiFi for internet, configuration of bluetooth (pairing), and more.

Download User Manual Fascinate [ Language: English | PDF Size: 6.54 MB ]

Table of Contents of Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate SCH I500 User Manual

Samsung Fascinate User Manual
Table of Contents
Getting Started
Understanding Your Phone
Call Functions
Cantacts and Accounts
Entering Text
Web and Social Networking
Pictures and Video
Applications and Widgets
Health and Safety Information
Warranty Information

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  1. arlene mehlman says

    I am very disappointed that a printed manual is not available for my new galaxy. I cannot download 127 plus pages. This is a very difficult phone to use, especially for people who are not telephone savvy. The least verizon could do with all the money I pay you is send me a printed guide for using my samsung galaxy fascinate.

    • Erin says

      Your company is not the one requesting not to get the manual included with the phone. Almost all companies that make smart phones are not including a printed version of the manual to save on paper and to “go green.” If you need a printed version one is available on the PDF viewer on your phone or available for download onto your computer for reference. If that is not enough, you can call Samsung and request they send you a hard copy.
      I hope that was helpful.

  2. Stuart says

    I have a Galaxy S and installed “Advanced Clock Widget”, which worked fine for about a week then I and then it stopped working. I uninstalled it and then re-installed it, but I can’t get it to reappear. I went to Settings, Applicvations Applications, Manage apps, Show All and nothing happened. I agree that the Samsung isn’t a really user friendly phone compared to the Blackberry Curve 2 I used before. Obviously some of its features are better, too. SR

  3. Lin says

    i seemed to have misplaced my user guide manual (galaxy s facsinate) and i wanted to know how to block certain numbers and text messages? it would be a really big help. thank you

    • user manual says

      It just simple steps: Add the number that you wanna block to contact list, Tab and hold the number in contact list > then add the number to “Add to black list” > Done

    • user manual says

      It should be there. First add the number to contact list and name it as “A” or whatever, then tab and hold until you been prompted with new window. It would consists of like these: Edit, Delete, Join Contacts, Send Contact Information, Add to favourites, Add to group, Add to blacklist, Send namecard via, etc. Scroll it if you didn’t find it.

    • user manual says

      Ok, may be the second way could be done: Tab the contact name that you wanna block ( You’ll see the profile of her/him, picture, Default ring tones, Video call etc), the click setting menu (left bottom corner of your Fascinate) > tab more > It should be the “Add to black list” menu appears along with “print a namecard” > tab Add to black list > Done.

      If it still can’t be done, try to contact to Service Center, ask for Upgrading your Android OS.

  4. Philip says

    I will be in Germany and want to have my phone work. Do I get a SIM when I get there or ask Verizon to provide international service?

  5. Audrey says

    I recently purchased 3 batteries that came from China for my Samsung Fascinate I500. When I put one in my phone it said cannot be c.harged. That it is non supported. It works in the phone but I cannot recharge. Any suggestions??

  6. Christina Ballew says

    I recently purchased a samsung galaxy s model sch-1500 it has a front camera but has no option for self shot. So how do I use it? is there an app I need to install or something

  7. Shae,shae says

    Hello i have the samsung galaxy s i500 an I reallu want to to knkw if this phone has a dront camara if so how do i use it??

  8. Dulyet says

    Hello… I have a Samsung galaxy sch-1500… I just want to know if it has a front camera… If so.. hw do you use it???

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