Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 User Manual

Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000, officially released in Europe that used Android 2.1 aka Android Eclair as Mobile Phone Operating System. About the Processor Speed used by Galaxy S, in about 1 GHz Speed. For Display and User Interface of Samsung Galaxy S, used On Board Qwerty Keyboard with SWYPE Technology in Super Amoled 4 inches.

Samsung  Galaxy S GT I9000 Manual User Guide PDF

Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 Manual User Guide

The Camera installed in the GT I9000 was using 5 Megapixel Camera with Digital Zoom and Auto Focus that can be used to create High Definition Picture and also Video Recording at 720 x 1280 in 30 frame per second. Another Features available in Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 including Google Mobile Applications such as Google Talk, Google Mail, Google Search with Chrome Lite Browser and also Google Maps (Street View) with aGPS. Android Market also available. For Memory it used 2GB internal memory that can be expanded up to 32GB with microSD.

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Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 Manual User Guide Download n Review

Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 User Manual PDF Phone Layout

Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 User Manual Phone Layout

User Guide / User Manual is a kind of guideline that would be useful for any user that want to know how to operate the device (in this case Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 Phone). Samsung Galaxy S User Guide would help you to learn how to used Media Player to play Music or Video, Using ThinkFree Document Viewer to open Word, excel or Power point file, using the SWYPE for fast typing on Screen Qwerty Keyboard, using FM Radio, configuration of the Phone, set up the Bluetooth to pair to other devices, Using WiFi for Internet Connection while you are in HotSpot Area, Assembling the microSD, Battery and SIM card to the body of the Phone, Troubleshooting and many more.

There are two manual that we want to share: the User Manual of Samsung Galaxy S and Quick Start Guide of GT I9000

Table of Contents of Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 User Manual

Using this Manual
Getting Started
Personal Information
Safety and Usage Information

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    • Marilyn Murdoch says

      The Samsung Galaxy GT-19000 was a used phone given to me but I have no instructions for it. I do not remember how to answer the phone.

  1. Liza says

    hi i put a pattern lock on my galaxy and my daughter played with it…. its shows too many pattern attempts and it’s asking me to sign in to google account..can’t remember having an account in google pls help?

      • Brooke says

        I am having this same problem… do you do this Factory Data Reset???? it says in the manual to do it from the menu key…. but I cannot access that because locked out of the phone…. My phone will not let me do anything other than turn it off without the google username & password….. I tried to recover the google username & password on my computer but that did not work either….. I think I ended up just creating a new account by accident…..

  2. Christine says

    How do I delete multiple email messages at once? I have almost 3000 messages and only know how to delete them per page = 6 at a time.

    • BlackFireNova says

      If this is a Gmail acct, all you need to do is go into your
      acct online and delete them there, or mark them all
      As read and archive then. Note, with the huge amt of storage Gmail
      Allows there is really no need to delete. Just mark as read and
      Archive, your phone will then re-sync.

  3. Rohit Joshi says

    My brand new Samsung GALAXY S GT-I9000 is unable to store any charge. There is nothing wrong with the charger or voltage. If there is something wrong with the IC what should i do??

  4. Rohit Joshi says

    ..Also please give me the detail addresses of samsung mobile service centres in India which n repair or replace my handset regarding the IC problem.

  5. Nichola says

    My phone tilt has stopped working, Ive checked the settings and tryed turning the phone off but that doesn’t work, can you help please

  6. vicki s says

    I have a galaxy s gt-19000 and i was logged into Facebook and now i can’t access it. When i try to go back into Facebook it comes up with a message saying Data connectivity problem – the page contains too many server redirects.
    I haven a clue what to do. Can you please help me. Thanks

  7. Randy says

    I made mistick and touch the esrase bottom,all my data information are come, pictures ,musics, and videos, plz help me to restore back

  8. Vali Zare says

    Dear Sir
    I can use the Mobile TV application. The appeared error is” MTVS application is currently not avaiable”. Do you have an idea to help me?

  9. shivagani naidu says

    my samsung galaxy s vibrant keeps freezing when i turn it on…what do i do? its just 3 months old!

  10. Lynette Greig says


    The person I’ve called cannot hear me but I can hear them. Can you please help?

    Thank you

  11. Lynette Greig says

    The person I’ve called cannot hear me; I can hear them on my Samsung Galaxy GT 19000. Can you please help?

  12. SAMMY says

    please i want to knoe if i can connect my samsung Galaxy S GT-19000 to a computer striaght with the USB cable because i ve tried several times bt the computer doesnt recognise it…dont know if it needs an installation CD before i can use with the computer and no CD was inclueded when i purchased

  13. Caroline Dunlop says

    My daughter played with my Galaxy S GT 19000, and set my voice call ringtone
    video call ringtone to to default ring tone, I cant seem to change ring tones now. Please help.


  14. Caroline Dunlop says

    My daughter played with my Galaxy S 19000 and set the voice call ring tone and video call ring tone to default. Now I am unable to change to other tones.

    Please help

  15. Chris says

    I have somehow changed my inbox scewwn to a dark blue with a slightly lighter shade of blue which makes it impossible to read email. i ahve been through all the dislplay settings without success!
    How fdo i change this back to a good old fashioned black on white?
    Help…any assitance appreciated.

  16. Liana says

    i need help to block a certain number from my phone (Galaxy S) but i can’t seem to do it. n i can’t seem to find my user manual. it would be a really big help.

    • user manual says

      Add the number that you wanna block to contact list, Tab and hold the number in contact list > then add the number to “Add to black list” > Done

  17. Jay says

    I have extemely important information located in my text messages and would like to save them prior to conducting a factory reset due to fatal errors occuring. The only option is to save to the sim card. Unfortunately the sim card can only hold about a dozen text messages. Is there any way to save them to the SD card or thru samsung kies onto a PC?

  18. Josquine says

    I know it’s a basic question, but I want to change the message I left on the ‘answering machine’ of my GAlaxy S GT19000 and I can’t find out how to!

  19. Sandra Young says

    I’ve pressed a button by mistake and the cell towers keep sending text messages from “CB”. How do I turn this off?

  20. peter says

    hi sandra me to is having a problem with this bloody cb i been to my carrier and thay have no idear how to stop it let me no if u have a win ty

  21. Denyse Evans says

    Hello I’m not sure what I did but my galaxy vibrant no longer rings it goes directly to the voice mail

  22. gerry lavery says

    yesterday I purchased a galaxy gt-19000 phone when I installed my sim card in the phone I could see all the contacts under the contact list .. But now (probably because of something I did) I can now see only the contacts that i have stored on the ph .. when I download to computer I can get the contacts on the sim card … question how do I see contacts on the sim card as well as those stored on the phone …
    thanks in anticipation


    • Jules says

      Hi Gerry,

      I had the same problem, but I checked in the user guide above and on page 66 is info about importing contacts. Try that.


  23. Angela Alvim says

    I have a Samsung phone Galaxy GT 19000. He has a problem. He did not warn you with a beep when you’re about to run out of battery. This has caused me many problems. The solution is not also in the manual.
    Could you help me?

  24. Marcy says

    I have a Samsung Galaxy s GT19000 . It has worked well for a month and is still working well other than text messaging. It will not send messages thoughit foes receive. I was fiddling with some settings just before the problem but I think I undid them all anyway. Have tried re booting ?? Help !

  25. Garry says

    I have the same problem. (Probably the same cause also.) I know when somebody calls but I am unable to connect and answer. I can call them back, however.

  26. says

    I have bought a mobile telephone Samsung Galaxy GT 19000.

    But I cannot get a telephone calle- there is message line not available( ligne n’es pas disponible) each time I telephone. There is no sonnery for incoming calls. Could you please tell me what could be the error ?

    Charles Perera

  27. NAVENDRAN says


  28. Robin Power says

    I have a Samsung Galaxy GT 19000 and apart from the internet becoming extremely slow, I cannot hear any video’s that I receive. All previous videos in my video database still have sound attached… it anything I have done?
    I was advised to download any updates….but where do I find them?

  29. Robin Power says

    I have a Samsung Galaxy GT 19000T and apart from the internet connection becoming extremely slow, any video’s I now receive, have no audio. All previous videos received (stored in my video database) still have audio.
    I was advised to download software updates and that should fix the problem but I am unable to locate them….any help would be greatly appreciated

  30. Jane Gelston says

    I wish to have more info on how to work the apps, also i do have the user manual but there are icons etc which are not shown and i do not know what they mean, is there a video on how to use,i think that would be easier for me to understand,
    this is my first time with a touch screen, i am 71 and this high teck is confusing, please help.
    regards Jane

  31. Dominic says


    I have a little problem with my Samsung Galaxy S GT19000. When i’m jusing WIFI, i loses my connesction after a min or 2. Than i have to restart my mobile to have a connection again. But still after some time i lose my connection. i’m trying to find it on my mobile what the problem is, but no luck. i hope that some one can help me here, Thank you Greets Dominic

  32. neville says

    Would you please tell me where i can obtain a copy of user manual for my samgsun galaxy
    gt 19000 .many thanks.

  33. Maria says

    my problem is how do i get to the blocked contact list and erase some of those numbers, and how can i manage my contacts

  34. Pamela says

    I used to be able to receive pics on my phone but for some reason I can’t get them anymore. Can someone help please I took it into the shop they changed a setting and said I would be able to get them now..??? Thanks

  35. anderson says

    alguem pode me dizer pq. meu wifi nao pegar mas, antes pegava agora so da erro de servidor, e é so nomeu galaxy. ajudem-me c puderem

  36. Pat Coughlan says

    My Galaxy S has suddenly stopped displaying my Contacts, even though I saved them always to the SIM card. Help!

  37. Heidi says

    we have samsung galaxy 1 can not receive pictures on MMS I Anybody can help, we have pressed something so we can not see images

  38. Steven Romerez says

    Page not found! (errorCode:404)
    Pleeze need help dramaticlly NOW !!!
    Need NOW to repair object list arbitrarily at this junction !!!!

  39. Lateef Ahmad says

    My samsungS2 190001 is showing continous charging sign without charger being attached to my mobile .Please inform how to solve this problem.

  40. Sue says

    I cant access my emails from my Samsung phone. I do not have a Google account. This is FRUSTRATING!! What can I do?

    • Suluh says

      Try to download email application from Google Play Store. You can install Gmail, or Yahoo Mail. Hope that would give you a simple solution for your trouble.

  41. Aaron says

    G’day my Samsung galaxy S 19000 has had the pattern locked entered too many times and is now asking me for a gmail account I made one and tried entering it and it didn’t work then I factory reset it on a full battery and it never worked, have tried it ten times now and it still doesn’t work.
    Any suggestions? You’re help would be muchly appreciated :)

    • Suluh says

      Make sure the phone had internet connection before you enter your google account with its password (Wi-Fi or use the data networks from your mobile carrier). Else, try to go to Samsung Service Center. Ask for their help.

  42. pat says

    MY19000 is giving me a galaxy 19000 then e mobile then hello then a large S with colours purple, it will go no further it like all data gone how do i fix it thanks.

  43. Danilo says

    olá eu tenho um samsung galaxy s i9000 mais ele fica parecendo dos EE , NO Canto de cima da tela para eu acessar com o chip , eu Gostaria de saber como faça para desativar aquele aplicativo , pós gasta credito , sem eu querer ?

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