Samsung Galaxy S III Mini GT-I8190 User Manual & Quick Start Guide

Samsung galaxy S III mini GT-I8190 or Samsung Galaxy S3 mini is the “light” version of Samsung Galaxy S III. You can say that this GT-I8130 is the “downgrade” level of SGS3. Although it uses the same Android Version (Jelly Bean version 4.1 OS), the Camera, the Processor, the RAM, the size of touchscreen, the Resolution of display, all had been reduced.

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini GT I8190 Marble White & Pebble Blue Colors Case

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini GT I8190 Marble White & Pebble Blue Colors Case

Using Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen but without Corning Gorilla Glass 2 protection, the SGS3 mini has 4.0 inches diagonal diameter display size with 480 x 800 pixels resolution (233 ppi pixel density). Along with Lithium-ion battery which has 1500 mAH capacity, this device has 111.5 grams weight (3.92 ounces). For the dimension of the body: 121.6 x 63 x 9.9 in millimeter or about 4.79 x 2.48 x 0.39 inches.

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini (S3) GT I8190 User Manual & Quick Start Guide Resume

The device layout of Samsung Galaxy S3 mini (GT-I8190) like the one that we gave you below (pictured) can be seen on both User Manual of the phone and also the Quick Start Guide of this device (find on PDF Download Tab for the PDF file). By reading it, you’ll learn where is the location of Power button, where the headset jack, the GPS antenna, the Volume button, the Home button, the Multipurpose jack, Back key, Proximity sensor, and more. And then you can closer and closer to be able to understand your SGS3 mini.

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini GT I8190 User Manual Device Layout

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini GT I8190 User Manual Device Layout: Keys Parts

For basic functions tutorial such as how you can add a contact to your contact lists, how to create SMS or read SMS, how to use the Mobilebox pro, making call or receiving it, and others communication features, all you can read on from page 44 to page 56 of the Manual.

On the Troubleshooting chapter, there is a good information that you can use in case you experienced that your SGS3 mini freezes or hang or stop function. If the device is frozen or stop responding (unresponsive), try to reboot (force restart) your smartphone by pressing the Power button for about 9-12 seconds. If this problem still occurred, you can solve this issue by performing Factory data reset / Hard Reset: Go to Settings > Backup and reset > Factory data reset > Reset device > Erase everything.

Remember that the hang / stop responding problem may occurred due to the applications that you installed are not working well. You can still try to resolve this issue by installing the applications that you suspected to be the cause of your frozen phone. If you still wanna do Hard /Master Reset, make sure you had a backup all your document, videos, photos, and data.

Looking for how you can turn on your Wi-Fi and join Wi-Fi hotspot networks on the Galaxy S II Mini? Just open page 38 and find the tutorial in there. Wanna transfer music files (mp3, mp4, 3gp, etc), image files (bmp, gif, jpg, png), videos (mp4, avi, wmv, flv, mkv), documents files (doc, docx, pps, ppt, xls, zip, txt, pdf, etc) from PC to your SGS3 mini using USB cable connection, go to page 40 and 41 and read the full manual in there (you might need to install Samsung Kies). Pair the bluetooth? read on page 62 and 63 of the Manual.

Of course there are a lot of more. From setting the sound, using the camera, set the alarm, play videos, change the language, update the firmware, and else. Just get all the guidance by reading the PDF Manual of the SGS3 mini I8190.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini (SGS3 mini) GT I8190 Specifications

Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean OS) runs on Samsung Galaxy S III mini couldn’t work without 1GHz dual-core Cortex A9 processor and 1GB RAM. For the chipset it uses NovaThor U8420 and Mali-400 is chosen as Graphic Processor Unit. In UK or Europe, this Galaxy S3 mini GT-I8190 commonly supports GSM data networks technology with 3G capability up to HSDPA 14.4 Mbps or HSUPA 5.76 Mbsp. Although it might depend on the mobile carrier on your region, in which the device would also supports CDMA mobile carrier connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini GT I8190 Marble White Colors Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini GT I8190 Marble White Colors – Specifications

If Samsung Galaxy S III is equipped with 8 Megapixel Camera, this mini version of SGS3 is only attached with 5 Megapixel Camera resolution. It’s placed on the rear panel of the phone along with LED Flash light. This “main” camera is able to record up to 720p@30fps video. Geo-tagging autofocus, face detection, touchfocus are also included features on the phone’s camera. If you wanna ask, is the SGS3 mini able to be used as Video Call? The answer is Yes. It has front facing camera, although only VGA camera.

For your information, there is microSD external card slot on this phone that you can use as additional storage. The fact that the phone only has 8GB storage (other version has 16GB) would make sure feel that it’s not enough space to save your document, videos, or games. Though, it depend on your behavior.

Most of common connectivity such as Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotpos, Bluetooth, NFC, USB connection are provided on this Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I8190. For preloaded applications, you will find S Planer, Voice Recorder, S Voice, Google Search, Voice Search, Mediencenter, Kundencenter, NAVIGON select, Google Maps (Local, Latitude, Navigation), Gmail, Mobile TV, FM Radio, Youtube, Chrome, Flipboard, and more.

Table of Contents of Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) Mini GT I8190 User Manual

Getting started
Google Mail
Mobilbox Pro,
Web & Network
Application & media stores;
Play Store
Samsung Apps
S Suggest
Game Hub
Play Books
Play Movies
Video Hub
Telekom Music
TOP Games,
Travel & local

Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) Mini GT I8190 User Manual & Quick Start Guide PDF Download

This is the first step you need to know if you wanna use the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini: Open the back cover in order to be able to insert the SIM card or micro SD memory card (optional), including how to remove it; Assemble or remove the battery, charge the device, turn on the device and replace back the back cover casing. See the figure below for better understanding. If it’s still not enough, read the Quick Start Guide on page 9 or the Manual on “Getting Started” chapter.

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini GT I8190 User Manual Open Back Cover Insert SIM Remove microSD Memory Assemble Battery

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini GT I8190 User Manual Open Back Cover Insert SIM Remove microSD Memory Assemble Battery

Almost forget, the SGS3 mini is available on two colors casing: Pebble Blue and Marble White. For the PDF Files, get the download links here:

Although it uses the name of Galaxy S3 but in mini type, actually, if you read the User Manual of the device, the smartphone has a big gap compare to the real SGS3. The User Manual still give you the best tutorial for your need. Including how you can do Hard Reset, Set the FM Radio, Adjust Display, use Wi-Fi Hotspot, Use A2DP Bluetooth profile, Inserting SIM or memory, and else.
Samsung Galaxy S III Mini GT-I8190 User Manual Review
Date Published: 12/26/2012
I give the User Manual of SGS3 min GT-I8190 five stars due to most of the guidance that you need to know are available with good explanation and elaboration.
5 / 5 stars
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  1. Jimmy says

    I’ve just switched to Samsung S3 mini. Please advice on how I can have the calendar feature retain record for previous months beyond 2 months.
    Been to an authorized dealer for Samsung but they were not of any help.

  2. Rajesh says

    Can you send me the complete user guide for Samsung Galaxy III mini. I found that the box just had a quick start manual. I will appreciate if you can send me the detailed catalogue for this phone to enable me understand the phone better, which i have purchased recently.

    • Larry Gray says

      Can you send me the complete user guide for Samsung Galaxy III mini. I found that the box just had a quick start manual. I will appreciate if you can send me the detailed catalog for this phone to enable me understand the phone better, which i have purchased recently.

  3. Danny says

    How do I reset/clear password on GT-I8190?

    The mobile phone worked fine. However, after I set the password, I couldn’t get past the password entry screen. It keeps saying “Try again” as if I enter the wrong/incorrect password. I did not forget my password, but it is not accepted by the mobile. Maybe the password was stored incorrectly or corrupted?

  4. poppie says

    new user, why when I receive a call and swipe the screen before answering ph. call is gone, whats the matter with this nitemare device

  5. Jerome says

    sir can you please help me.. my message/inbox occurred a problem everytime. while im texting [coming from nowhere] my msg disappear and pop up [msg is not working] and i need to restart the phone to see my msgs again. I always encounter this almost twice a day and i dont want to restart it everytime cuz it can affect my phone. do you have idea or solution to resolve this please help me thank you

  6. JessCarnwath says

    I have a micro-sim, but I can’t figure out where and how I insert it? Would someone please help, I only got the phone recently and I’m getting desperate

    • Lynn says

      I have just up graded to a Samsung Galaxy SIII mini, if possible I would like a manual or user guide please, there is a small booklet quick start guide, but it doesn’t show me how to locate anything, or setting things.

  7. pchisholm says

    Very nice smart phone that I have recently purchased ! Only problem is I am disappointed with Samsung for not including a full user manual with product !!
    The quick start guide included is not detailed enough for the likes of new users such as myself. Please can you email me with the
    3 mini GT-18190 user manual !

      • Ferb says

        I’m using Samsung GT-18200, when I turn on my wifi. There will be a message pop-up in the screen Turning on portable Wi-Fi hotspot. And it takes a time to response. I can’t turn on my wifi.

  8. shirley says

    i have a samsung galaxy s3 mini. I find that i can only one phone number for contacts. (Sim card from previous phone. ) can you please advise how can i get more than 1 numbers for my contacts?

  9. Fed says

    hi, please help… i got my samsung s3 mini from singapore and i can’t use internet here in the philippines… it says ‘no connection’… what am i to do… tnx tnx

  10. karthik says

    how can i change china language to English language in s3 mini?
    i have been installed tamil font application after that all font has been changed in i think china language even when am typing numbering also changed what can i do help me please

  11. lee says

    I have restart my Samsung III and I did the backup but when I switch it on I cant find anything,so how do I get all my images,music and my other downloaded stuff?

  12. johnson emmanuel says

    when updating on facebook my galaxy 18190 is not showing via galaxy, pls can u help me on how to make it show via galaxy

  13. Carolina says


    I just bought a samsung galaxy s3 mini by Amazon but it came in chinese (didn’t know until I got it). Of course, I don’t understand anything, I wonder if there is a way following the icons or something like that to change the language to English?? Or what other solution you can give me, please?


    • Patricia Gilbert says

      Mine came in Chinese too and I need help with the same problem, I’m about to send it back, HELP PLEASE

  14. aneecap says

    gps enable / disable option is absent in my samsung s3 mini GT 18190… what can i do to resolve this problem

  15. Dela says

    Pls i need samsung s3 mini setup. I restarted my phone and low nd behold my phone is no more picking any sim cards. Pls i need d setup in order to reset my phone.

  16. Patricia Gilbert says

    I purchased the phone off eBay and they sent it to me with foreign language instructions and foreign language in the phone, someone PLEASE HELP ME

  17. NANCY DOOKNIE says

    I need a user guide in English for my Samsung GALAXY III mini GI-18190 which I just purchased.
    I only got one in Spanish, which I can’t understand.
    I am not able to use the phone until I know how.
    Please help me !

  18. margaret says

    can you help me to set default for pages tring to set google app store as default but when I want to go to it it always asks I press to go amd it asks just ones or always I press always it says go to application manager then all then set the default but you cant its not lit so you cant can anyone please help

  19. ametsitsi michael says

    please how can i switch between edge and 3g on my galaxy s3 mini and how will i know which one i’m using? thank you.

    • Suluh says

      Clean any junk files and cache from your phone. You can use Clean Master application and the like to do it. Delete unnecessary data (pictures, videos, documents, apps) should be the last option.

  20. Deocres says

    My phone had,a problem,of starting.n
    Now,it is,has gone off completely when am charging it shows signal nd,it disappear.plz how can i make,it on?

  21. Stefania says

    buona sera mi potete inviare il manuale completo d’uso del cell samsung GT-18190N? mi serve proprio. devo sapere se blocco una persona ,quando mi chiama la trovo sul registro con simboli uguali ma con piccole aggiunte di segni. insomma mi serve la guida complea di tutte le funzioni e di come si usano o si impostano. per favore.
    grazie fin d’ora

  22. Karen says

    This is my first smart phone. It’s okay, but I do not get any kind of notice when there someone leaves a voicemail. I called AT&T customer care and they said they reset it for me. Still nothing. How can I fix this?

  23. Nayani says

    Can u pls send me the complete user manual.
    and also my screen is stucking when i tried to make a call.. any solutions or any mistakes that i have done..
    it is better to have a complete user guide so that we can understand the device perfectly and no harm.

  24. Joellie Bolos says

    please help me!! My Samsung i8190 can’t seek/find any wifi or bluetooth connection even there is.. Please help..

  25. graziella says

    ma non e possibile avere 1 telefonino che non ci sia istruzione i n italiano e 1 vergogna sono pentita di avere comprato galaxy gt-18190

  26. Maryellen Poust says

    I also would like a users guide for a Samsung Galaxy 3. Please let me know how to purchase one in English. Thank You

  27. Carlos Diaz says

    Hola, tengo un problema con mi nuevo samsung-galaxy-s-iii-mini-s3-gt-i8190N
    El problema es cuando hago una llamada o respondo una llamada, al poner el samsung-galaxy-s-iii-mini-s3-gt-i8190N en mi oreja, se corta la comunicación. En la guia que es proporcionada por samsung-galaxy-s-iii-mini-s3-gt-i8190 no consigo como solucionar este problema.
    Agradecería si me ayudan a solucionar el problema.

  28. Sanjit Datta says

    Video picture gets rotated when being viewed in pc. Can that be corrected in mobile for viewing in pc correctly. How date can be inserted on picture taken on mobile.

  29. naomi says

    I am using s3 gt 18190, please help me, my phone does not download mms or send mms. I don’t know if it is because message size is 125kb.

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