Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT-I9001 User Manual & Quick Start Guide

May be, Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001 is the first Smartphone by Samsung that powered with the fastest Single Core CPU at this time (June 2011): It powered with 1.4GHz Scorpion Processor with Android 205 GPU, Qualcomm MSM8255T Snapdragon chipset. Moreover, this Samsung Galaxy S 2011 Edition (another name of Samsung i9001 / Galaxy S Plus) also installed with 2GB ROM and 512MB RAM. Of course as a Galaxy Series Handset, this device runs under Android Operating Systems version 2.3, as we known as Android Gingerbread. This Phone used Candy bar form factor with Touchscreen UI a.k.a Touch Bar form factor.

Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001 User Manual Quick Start Guide Specs Overview

Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001 User Manual Quick Start Guide - Specs Overview

This Smartphone comes only with on Screen Virtual Qwerty Keyboard which also means that this device not equipped with Physical Keyboard. The Virtual Keyboard comes along with Super AMOLED Capacitive Touchscreen Display in 4 inches Diagonal Diameter ( a little bit thinner than Samsung Galaxy S II GT I9100 that comes with 4.3 inched Diameter). The Touchscreen has 16M colors and 480 x 800 Pixels Resolution. Of course Scratch Resistant Material with Gorilla Glass Display, Auto Rotate Orientation Landscape and Portrait with Accelerometer Sensor, Proximity for Auto Turn Off screen in order to save battery while calling, supports Multi Touch input method and Touch sensitive Controla along with TouchWiz 3.0 UI also some of features embedded along with the 4.0″ Display Screen fo Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001

Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001 User Manual Quick Start Guide Resume

If you just need a simple and quick tutorial how you can works with your Samsung Galaxy S Plus for the first time such as learning to assemble part by part (the detail with image we shared under “PDF Download” Section Tab), or you wanna know how you can turn on you phone by pressing the Power button (which one is the power button?), Or the basic functions such as how to make a call or send sms and type message with Swype Keypad (or Samsung Keypad — optional), and you don’t want to know the farther about others manual, we recommend you to read and download the Quick Start Guide of Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001.

Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001 User Manual Quick Start Guide Keys Parts Layout Resume

Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001 User Manual Quick Start Guidev- Keys Parts Layout - Resume

Otherwise you wanna know deeper and deeper tutorial and elaboration how to use the Phone with its menu, applications, functions and what phone can do or can’t do, you should read the User Manual of this Phone. You can learn how to use Bluetooth such as how to turn on / off the bluetooth and pairing it with other devices ( read on page 93), learnign to use Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet or use it as Wi-Fi Hotspot WLAN (read it on page 95 and 96), or how you can Capture the moment via 5MP camera as Video or Photo Image, learning to read and dowload eBook using Aldiko Book, etc, all available with step by step instruction on UM of this gadget.

Menu > Settings > Privacy > Factory Data Reset > Reset phone > Erase everything. That the steps that you should follow in order to make you phone get back just like the first time you bought it. It usually called as Master Reset or Hard reset and also know as Factory Data Reset. To get to know the detail why you should perform this action, go to page 131 of the User Manual under “Troubleshooting” chapter. Usually you can perform this job because you phone freeze and has fatal error and can’t be handle by rebooting it.

How about set the Alarm, delete the alarm clock, or stop it? Read the full simple manual guidance on page 106. If you are a professional worker or a student that usually works with Microsoft Office such as for presentation by using Power Point (ppt. pptx) or working with Spreadsheet Excel (xls, xlsx) or Word (txt, doc, docx) and PDF, you can learn how to use ThinkFree Office to create or view those document files (go to page 113 to find out more).

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001 Specifications

As you can see at the picture below, Samsung Galaxy S Plus available in two colors body casing: Black and White Colors. For Data Network Technology (it may varied depend on carrier and regional country) used by Galaxy S GT I9001 is the GSM Quad Band 850/ 900 / 1800 /1900 Mhz for 2G EDGE, GPRS or GSM, and UMTS 3G tree band 900 / 1900 and 2100 Mhz frequency HSDPA up to 14.4 Mbps and HSUPA up to 5.76 Mbsp (download speed). For the dimension size, the phone quite slim and sleek by only has 9.9mm thickness at 122.4 x 64.2 mm (L x W) and has 119 grams on weight.

Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001 User Manual Quick Start Guide Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001 User Manual Quick Start Guide - Specifications

Even though Galaxy S Plus only uses Virtual Qwerty Keyboard, you don’t have to worry about how fast you can type by using this Touchscreen Display because Swype Technology as Predictive Text Input is already installed within. As an Android Phone Platform, Google Search, Google Maps, Google Maps Navigation (with GPS : Asissted-GPS / A-GPS supports) , Google Calendar, GTalk, Gmail, Google Latitude, Google Place, YouTube and other Google Apps also included (of course Android Market as a place where you can search and find hundred thousand applications for your Galaxy S Plus also ready to be used).

For Multimedia Features, the S Plus attached with FM Radio with RDS and embedded Dual Camera features. On the rear side along with Auto Focus, Geo Tagging, Touch Focus, Face Detection and Smile Recognition, the 5 Megapixels Camera that can be create up to 2593 x 2944 pixels Photo Picture and Video Recording up to 720p@30fps (HD) is ready to serve you desire on Photography usage. One thing miss in this feature is that Samsung Galaxy S Plus 5MP Camera do not has LED Flash Light. For secondary camera, in front face it uses VGA Camera 0.3MP for Video Calling purpose.

How about Video Player and Audio Music Player? Don’t worry, most of popular Video and Audio formats likes MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, FLAC, WMA, WAV, AMR, OGG, MIDI (Audio), and MPEG4, H.263, H.264, DivX, XviD, WMV, AVI, 3GP, Flash (Video) are supported. How about Bluetooth WLAN or USB? Don’t be naive! Of course Samsung Galaxy S GT I9001 also has these features, it currently has Bluetooth Version 3.0 support Wi-Fi WLAN IEEE 802.11 for b, g and n type and uses microUSB version 2.0. The Wi-Fi also supports for DLNA and can be used as portable Wi-Fi Hotspot (Router, up to 5 devices connection)

Table of Contents of Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001 User Manual

Using this Manual
Getting Started
Google Mail
Social Hub,
Music Hub
FM Radio,
Personal Information;
Voice Recorder,
Google Search
Samsung Apps
Daily Briefing
Press Reader
Mobile Network Sharing
TV Connection TV Out Mode
PC Connections
VPN connections,
Aldiko eBook
Kies Air
Mini Diary
My Files
Task Manager
ThinkFree Office
Voice Dialer
Voice Search
Write and Go,
Access the Settings Menu
Wireless and Network
Call Settings
Location and Security
Accounts and Sync
SD Card and Phone Storage
Locale and Text
Voice Input and Output
Date and Time
About Phone,
Safety Precautions

Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001 User Manual Quick Start Guide English Dutch PDF Download

You can find the picture below ( how you can open back cover casing, assembling the battery, install SIM Card / remove and replace battery) inside User Manual and also Quick Start Guide of Galaxy S Plust GT I9001 aka Samsung Galaxy S 2011 Edition. In User Manual you can find it on page 10 to page 17, otherwise on Quick Start Guide QSG you can read it from page 4 to page 6 (though the tutorial how you can insert microSD card and attach hand strap only available on User Manual)

Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001 User Manual Quick Start Guide Assembling Battery Open Replace Back Cover Casing Insert SIM Install MicroSD Card Attach HandStrap PDF Download

Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT I9001 User Manual Quick Start Guide - Assembling Battery Open Replace Back Cover Casing Insert SIM Install MicroSD Card Attach HandStrap - PDF Download

At this time, we only could find the User Manual and QSG of Samsung Galaxy S Plust GT I9001 only on two language: English Europe and Dutch. We will update soon if the other Language such as French, German or Spanish are available (currently this Smartphone isn’t release yet on Spain, German, or France)

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  1. Rohit Joshi says

    my brand new samsung galaxy gt 1900 is unable to store charge. There is nothing wrong with the charger or voltage. IF the IC is malfunctioning what should i do about it?

  2. ian r says

    How do I erase the windows that are already open. My phone keeps giving me a message that I have too many windows open already

  3. Ram kumar bajagai says

    how can i read Nepali and Hindi words in my Samsung galaxy gt-i9001???? help me plz how to get Nepali fant in my mobile???

  4. masoud says

    how can i install applications,think about this i want to install a dictionary for my phone.
    please guide me.

  5. viki says

    I recently purchased a samsung GT-19001. I am unable to send or recieve photos. I do have it in the package with the phone tho. Please advise
    Thank you

  6. NIRMA says


  7. Mr.HtunKhineOo says

    I Want the colour of phone is white over sarface. but it is half back cover is white. why is the phone colour is all white?

  8. freemam_andrei says

    on my samsung galay s plus it loock like i have only 350mb ram insted of 512mb ram i wander why… someoame answer me????

  9. albert teh says

    Hi, Freeman_andrei. Mine has 358 left instead of 512 ram also. I guess is either the system may ve used up some of the ram or we may ve been cheated by the phone spec. My friend sgs2 spec has a 1gb ram, but at the phone it stated 760mb of ram only. In future, it is wise to buy a smartphone only who has a demo set for testing.

  10. govind says

    Hi recently i buy samsung galexy s plus gt-i9001.when i open jagran or any other hindi font page in browser it shows like boxes when i open the full html page. what is the solution for this?can u help me. i am in oman now

  11. riyaztabish says

    Sir I am recently purchese a samsung galexy pro gt-b 7510 but not open menu and come on screen one massege «your. Samsung home. Application closed. Unexpectly try agen» plz give a saluotion

  12. Gopal says

    I am confused about Wi Fi Hotspot in Galaxy S plus. While the specification shows it’s availability, when I went to Croma and Reliance Digital in Bangalore and asked the sales person to show me the proof, they could not and admitted that it does not have Wi fi Hotspot. They went o network connections and into WLAN. There it showed connection using usb devise only. Where as for both R and S2 it clearly showed wifi Hotspot.

    What is the real status?

  13. larbi says

    Hello, I have an urgent problem with my galaxy more GT19001 when I make or I receive a call(appeal) I hears(understands,intends,listens,agrees) saw nothing and overturned until be of use to me as kit free hand or of high speaker stay up help me found the function(office) on which I have of rest(support) so that it arrives thank you for your assistance(audience)

  14. Rachel says

    I want to delete g mail from my samsung galaxy s plus..GT- 19001,can someone please tell me how to do this.I keep getting an error about sync password not reconized,i need to get rid of this name,when i look into accounts and sync,it has been turned off but i want it deleted.cheers if anyone can advise.ordaxea

  15. divanshu says

    i m using samsung galaxy s plus…talking about ram it shows only 350…but it has 512 mb ram…the ram it doesnt shows is being used by the system.

  16. nizardheen says

    my phone is locked i get the message are too many pattern attempts to unlock sign inwith your google ac but i put google ac message is say theuser is unvalied pls me the solution

  17. Lani says

    I first purchased LG Optimus, but few days after I changed it to SAMSUNG GALAXY S Plus 19001-only to realize later that it doesn’t have a FLASH on camera. I used it several times using a “NIGHT” button, but the result is always the same—IT’S TOO DARK. Awful! How can I have a clearer shot with Galaxy S Plus without a flash? I regret, I have changed my first purchase LG Optimus, It had a much, much clearer snap shot even in the dark. Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

  18. says

    My samsung galaxy i9001 a plus discriminates against certain network. When I first opened the phone out of box, it worked perfectly on MTN network, later it stopped receiving calls, It would ring but refuse to answer calls when “accept” is pressed, it simply hangs for about 3 mins and then revert to home page. Data network is ok. However on another network these issues are non-existent as it works perfectly. I reset to factory an yet no improvement, What could be wrong with the phone

  19. gd says

    my settings for galaxy s plus does not get saved.
    can someone plz help in dis? whenevr i assign ringtone to any contact or to general profile after restarting my cell settings get changed.

  20. mic says

    When I send an sms with my samsung galaxy s+ it says failed and then i have to send it again, why doesn’t my smses go through the first time, it happens with every sms i send and it takes a while for my smses to deliver to someone, please help???

    • vijay says

      when i send 20 sms at a time it dooes not go. only sending obtion shows. no delivery report is ferquenly happening.sms can not go properly and also i want stop sms speak by phone how to stop it tell me please.

  21. sushil puri says

    Please help connect my galaxy s plus gi9001
    connect to computer so that my music, some files could be transferred.
    I have received only quick start guide with only 28 pages.
    either send detailed user manual or some software which could make my computer connect to it

  22. jackie dominguez says

    Please help trying to transfer music from my galaxy s plus to my pc…how do i do this

    • says

      Download and install a program onto your PC called “Kies” then just connect your phone to the pc using the usb cable which came with the phone and the software should connect with it.
      The software is FREE and can easily be found on the internet through a search on its name.

    • says

      When viewing your SMS just hold down your finger onto the screen for the part you wish to forward… a menu will then popup and give you further options including the option to forward the SMS.

  23. connie Jensen says

    Jeg har for nylig købt en Samsung GT-19.001. Jeg kan ikke sende eller modtage billeder.
    Hvordan gør jeg det

  24. TERRRY says


  25. Nafaz says

    my new S plus gt i9001 suddenly switched off and didnt get on after i press 3 button at once (power off, volume down and home button) and it appears on screen “”Downloading… do not turn off target”” now i kept for 8 hrs,,, pls help me out!

  26. amaka eze says

    i dont know were my baby press in my s plus gt 19001 suddenly all the pictures ,videos, and important files, massages, disapear. i lost my mother i use it to video everything and alot of important files. any hope for me please help me..

  27. swapnil says

    Dear Sir
    Im using samsung GT-I9001 have problem in phone wi-fi & bluetooth is not working. bluetooth / wi-fi screen show its on but not work please help me

  28. Sathish ksk says

    The phone contact saved in phone memory what can i do to save in sim card mobile Gt i9001 s plus

  29. Prem thoreppa says

    how can i read Nepali and Hindi
    words in my Samsung galaxy gt-
    i9001???? help me plz how to get
    Nepali font in my mobile??? Plz plz advie me.

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