Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant SGH t959 User Manual T-Mobile

Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant SGH t959 in US brought to you under T-Mobile Carrier.  The Vibrant used Android Eclair 2.1 that can be upgraded into Android 2.2 Froyo when it available. Full Touch Screen User Interface with Slim and square rounded corner is the Desing of SGH t959. For the dimension of Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant it used 4.82” x 2.54” x 0.39” ( inches).

Samsung Vibrant SGH t959 T- Mobile Manual User Guide PDF

Samsung Vibrant SGH t959 T- Mobile Manual User Guide

Features in Samsung Vibrant including 5 Megapixel Camera that would create High Definitions Video and Image Photo, Onscreen Qwerty Keyboard with Swype Technology, Google Maps, Google Search,  GMail, Youtube, and also embedded with Sims 3 Games. WiFi, Bluetooth, Music Player, Mobile TV, and many others features also available.

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Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant SGH t959 User Guide Manual Download and Review

Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant SGH t959 User Manual Phone Overview Front

Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant SGH t959 User Manual Phone Overview Front

By Reading the Manual / User Guide of Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant you’ll be able to dig all the feature inside the Phone deeper. How to use the Message Options, using Google Talk as Instant Messaging, Buy and Download MP3 from Amazon, Transfer File using Bluetooth, Play Music, Using 5MP Camera as Camcorder (with Options and Features), TroubleShooting, Setup and Setting, Bluetooth A2DP for Stereo wireless Headset, and many more.

User Guide Manual PDF [ PDF Size: 4.51 MB ] | Language English US

Table of Contents of Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant SGH t959 User Manual

Table of Contents
Getting Started
Understanding Your Phone
Memory card
Call Functions and Contacts List
Entering Text
Applications and Development
Time Management
Changing Your Settings
Health and Safety Information
Warranty Information

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  1. Jimmy Ragan says

    lost puzzle and will not beep for text messages are anything.
    how do I get notifications on front screen again? or do i need to reset? please help

    • user manual says

      If the problem appeared recently, you can use the reset, although we recommend that you find the solution manually instead of using reset option (through settings message feature or else).

  2. kkk says

    when im charging the phone the screen is not working..what should i do? i mean i cant use the phone while charging..

  3. Jessica Szwoch says

    I really cant stand the swipe to unlock the little connect the dots or what ever. how do i change it to a number lock ?

  4. Angela Araujo says

    Por gentileza gostaria de saber um site para fazer dowload em inglês ou português do celular SAMSUNG GALAXY S VIBRANT sgh t959 (câmera na parte de trás)?
    Obrigada por toda e qualquer ajuda!

  5. Rohithreddy says

    My Sam T959 external sd card was formatted accidentally, cn any1 plz tell me as how to recover dat lost data plz………?

    • user manual says

      You need a microSD card reader in your PC (Laptop / Computer), install Data Recovery Software (get data back for example), then you can recover you lost data (hopefully).

  6. says

    i have a samsung galaxy s phone, my son gave me but he had no user guide,is there any way you could send me one so i can learn how to use my phone? my model # is SGH-T959 THANK-YOU
    4125 HAMILTON AVE.
    CINTI., OHIO 45223

  7. David says

    I have the SGH-T959 samsung model & i have randomly taken screen captures. I want to know how to do it purposly!! help!!

    • Suluh says

      Use the alternative file manager apps instead. Find it on Google Play Store. There are plenty of them.

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