Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 4G User Manual & Tech Specs for T-Mobile

Samsung Galaxy S II for T-Mobile (SGS2 TMobile) that has a series name SGH T989 is the “brother” of Samsung Galaxy S II for Sprint (SPH D710 / Epic 4G Touch), the sister of Samsung Galaxy S2 for AT&T (SGH i777) and also the son of Samsung Galaxy S2 Global (GT I9100), although as a brother, sister or son of the previous SGS2, the design looks is a little bit difference, especially on the curved four corner (a little bit hard curved, see image below) . As usually, before we give you the User Manual (UM) / User Guide (UG) of this Samsung Galaxy S II SGH T989, we like to talk about the features and specs hardware of this device.

One more thing relating with the name of this SGS2 T-Mobile. According to this Smartphone also known as Samsung Hercules or just called with its series, Samsung SGH T989

Samsung Galaxy S2 S II Manual User Guide SGH T989 T-Mobile Specs Overview

Samsung Galaxy S2 S II Manual User Guide SGH T989 T-Mobile - Specs Overview

The Display Design. Comes with 4.52 inches diagonal diameter size of the display screen make this SGS2 T-Mobile has the same screen size as SGS2 Sprint D710 (SGS2 AT&T has “only” 4.3″, so do the SGS2 GT I9100 Global), with a little bit more curved in the four corners body. This screen also manufactures with the same material like SGS2 for Sprint and SGS2 for AT&T (all SGS2 has the same screen “product” actually); It uses Super AMOLED Plus Capacitive Touchscreen with TouchWiz UI v4.0 and protected with scratch-resistant surface via Corning Gorilla Glass Display. For the screen resolution, this gadget equipped with WVGA touchscreen in 800 by 480 pixel resolutions (800 x 480 pixels).

For the size and weight of SGS2 T-Mobile, you can read as follows: height 5.11 inches / 129.8 mm, width 2.71 inches / 68.8mm, depth 0.37 inches / 9.4 mm and weight 4.77 ounces / 135 grams. Of course the 4.52″ Diplay also accompanied by Gyroscope Sensor, eCompass, support multi-touch input method, touch sensitive, proximity sensor for auto turn off while the screen are enough close to object (usually during phone calling which the phone being pressed to the ear), and auto rotate orientation for landscape and portrait with Accelerometer sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S II S2 SGH T989 4G T-Mobile Manual User Guide Resume

OK, let begin to learn your Samsung Galaxy S II SGH T989. It would be good if we start from learning how to know the keys and parts of the SGS2 including the buttons, and its functions. If you just wanna know the locations and which parts are been available in the body of SGS2, we recommend you to learn from the tutorial image that we embedded below.

For further reading, such as you wanna know the functions of the keys / buttons and parts (such as Power button/ Screen Lock, Home keys, Search Keys, Apps keys, Camera, microSD slot, USB slot) you can follow the elaboration descriptions which available on the User Manual / User Guide PDF of SGS2 on page 24 to page 28 under “Section 2: Understanding Your Devide”.

Samsung Galaxy S2 S II Manual User Guide SGH T989 T-Mobile Keys Parts Home Screen Layout Resume

Samsung Galaxy S2 S II Manual User Guide SGH T989 T-Mobile - Keys Parts Home Screen Layout - Resume

There tens applications and features that been discussed and shared the tutorial available in the UG of SGS2 T-Mobile. We would resume it two or three of them, especially the ones that regularly been searching by anyone who own Samsung Galaxy S2. Let start from how can you do a Master Reset.

If you already used the SGS2 for may times, you might face that your Smartphone getting slower or even the Touchscreen suddenly freeze / unresponsive to many times, you might want your phone go back on working just like your first time use it (factory default). To do these, you can perform Factory data reset / Hard Reset by following this step by steps instructions (go to page 227 on UG to make sure about this): Go to Home > Apps > Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset > Reset Phone > Erase everything (sometime password is needed). Remember to back up your captured photos, videos or data before do this action.

Others: If you like to change your language settings of yur SGS2 SGH T989, you can read the guidance at page 228. If you like to know how use bluetooth or pairing the bluetooth, go to page 184 of UM, or for Wi-Fi usage instructions, read the help instruction at page 190. Wanna know to set the alarm? Read it on page 196. The Overview detail can be read shortly on “Content” Section Tab.

If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser.

Samsung Galaxy S II S2 SGH T989 T-Mobile Technical Specifications

The Technical Specifications (Tech Specs) that we gonna write here would be follow the accuracy that been written in Official Page of Samsung Galaxy S II SGH T989 T-Mobile on Samsung Site and T-Mobile Site (as the main source). We are not guarantee if it not the same specs with your own SGSII T989 ( We believe you don’t have it yet due to it officially released tomorrow on October 12, 2011).

The Processor and Operating System. As a Galaxy Series, the Android OS by Google is a must (Why? It because the Galaxy term refer to Samsung Smartphone with Android OS). SGS2 T989 powered by Android Gingerbread 2.3.5 and runs using dual-core 1.5GHz CPUs from Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 Processor (this might the fastest CPU at this time. Compare to SGS2 I9100 that only installed with dual-core 1.2GHz Processor). For the Memory, SGS2 T989 armored with 16GB built in storage memory, and installed with 1GB RAM, which also supports for microSD external memory up to 32GB (maximum).

Samsung Galaxy S2 S II Manual User Guide SGH T989 T-Mobile Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S2 S II Manual User Guide SGH T989 T-Mobile - Specifications

We inserted the 4G term in the title of this SGS2 because this phone supports for 4G Data Networks technology. It been said that supports for HSPA+ 4G up to HSDPA 42.2 Mbps download speed. Though, the GSM for EDGE, UMTS and HSPA for HSUP 5.76 Mbps also available ( UMTS 1700 / 2100 Mhz, GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz frequency). Alternatively you can also connect your SGS2 T989 via Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 for a/b/g/n type. Bluetooth version 3.0 and also USB
version 2.0 with MHL adaptor (HDMI output), USB on-the-go, DLAN, Wi-Fi Portable Hotspot (router) also ready to be used in this gadget.

Multimedia and Photography / Video. SGS2 T-Mobile attached with dual camera: front facing for video calling (chat on the go), and rear / back facing for video recording and photo capture. The front cam has 2 Megapixel resolution and the rear one has 8 Megapixel Camera with LED Flash light anda capable to capture video up to HD 1080p@30fps. The 8MP Cam also capable to create photo capture which accompanied by some features such as LED Flash Light for Light source assistance when in poor light condition, Smile and Face Detection, Auto and Touch Focus, Geo Tagging, Image Editor, Digital Zoom, shoot panorama landscape and more.

For the battery, it uses rechargeable lithium-ion battery 1850 mAh (comment: it seems this battery to can’t stand longer if you are using simultaneously for Games or other apps that need to turn on the screen at longer times).

Table of Contents of Samsung Galaxy S II S2 SGH T989 T-Mobile Manual User Guide

Getting started
Understanding Your Device
Memory Card
Call Functions and Contacts List
Entering Text
Using the Camera
Camera Options
Using the Camcorder
Photo Editor
The Gallery
Using the Video Player
Media Hub
Using Playlists
Creating a Playlist
Transferring Music Files
Removing Music Files
T-Mobile TV
Applications and Development;
411 & More
Accounts and sync
Asphalt 6
Bonus Apps
Google Mail
Google Search
IM (Instant Messaging)
Kies air
Google latitude
Google Maps
Android Market
Downloading a new Google Application
Launching an Installed Google Application
Android Development
Media Hub
Mini diary
More for Me
My Account
My Device
News and Weather
Photo Editor
Google Places
Polaris Office
Pro Apps
Social Hub
T-Mobile Mall
T-Mobile Name ID
T-Mobiel TV
Google Talk
Task Manager
TeleNav GPS
Video Chat
Visual Voicemail
Voice Command
Voice Recorder
Voice Search
Voice Talk
Zinio Reader,
Enable Download for Web Applications
PC Connections
Kies Air
Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot,
Time Management;
World Clock
Setting a Timer
Configuring a Desk Clock,
Changing Your Settings;
Wireless and Networks
USB Utilities
VPN Settings
Call settings
Sound Settings
Display Settings
Power Saving Mode
Location and Security
Screen Unlock Pattern Settings
Android Development
Accounts and Synchronization
Motion Settings
Privacy Settings
SD Card and Phone Storage
Search Settings
Language and Keyboard Settings
Voice Input and Output settings
Accessibility Settings
Dock Settings
Date and Time
About Phone
Software Update,
Health and Safety Information
Warranty Information

Samsung Galaxy S II S2 SGH T989 T-Mobile Manual User Guide PDF Download

Wanna know how to open the back cover battery compartement? Want to know how to remove and assemble the battery? Want to know how you can insert or install and remove microSD Card or SIM Card? Or how to charged the battery properly? Just follow the guideline tutorial that you can get on “Section 1: Getting Started” at page 11 to page 17. Alternatively you can see quick series image tutorial from the figure below.

Samsung Galaxy S2 S II Manual User Guide SGH T989 T-Mobile Open Back Cover Casing Insert SIM Card Install MicroSD Storage Memory Remove Attach Assemble Battery Charging PDF Download

Samsung Galaxy S2 S II Manual User Guide SGH T989 T-Mobile - Open Back Cover Casing Insert SIM Card Install MicroSD Storage Memory Remove Attach Assemble Battery Charging - PDF Download

The file size for both Spansih and English version of User Guide / User Manual of Samsung Galaxy S II for T-Mobile (SGH T989) below is a bit huge. Thus, we recommend you to use your Download Manager to get its. Enjoy!

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  1. jacky gomez says

    i would like to know if there is a way to recover videos from the SD memory card. the videos we had seem to have been moved. please let me know. thank you.

    • Ruben Perez says

      I lost my owners manuel for my Samsung Galaxy S11 Epic 4G Touch can you send me a replacement. Thank You

  2. Tammy Pledger says

    I think I made a big mistake! Not to smart about all this smart phone! I wanted to download a radio app it said something about email so I went to the email icon not gmail remembered it was gmail so I put down the name gmail and proceeded with the rest of my info. Not good! Now I have two gmail and receiving two of every thing in different formats. Big trouble! Help me PLEASE! Can you send me a user manual??? Samsung Galaxy S2 T989. It was a Christmas gift

  3. Roberta says

    If someone has and can send the manual for the samsung sgh t989, I would be so greatful. I love my phone, but the manual that came with it really tells nothing.Thank you in advance.

  4. Bonnie says

    What ever happen to the good old days when you got a manual with your new phone? I feel like I am just left out there on my own to just figure it out how ever. Could someone please send me a manual on the Samsung Galaxy S II thank you for your help.

  5. stephanie says

    i went to cotacts for example i held jose and a list poped up so i pushed join contact so now im wondering where it went to because its no where on my contacts can u help me

  6. Yogi says

    I installed Samsung kies on my computer and connected my Samsung galaxy s2 to the computer. Kies had updates and I installed the updates and it tried to update the phone but, now the phone doesn’t boot. Please advice. Thank you in advance.

  7. Ion says

    Hey i want to buy a phone like this from ebay but unlocked and i don’t understand if it comes with ear pads or not..can someone help me?

  8. heydi garcia says

    My phone keeps shutting off or turning off does any one else had this issue and how do i solve it please help me

  9. Marcelo Sánchez says

    El modelo SGH-T989, ¿no tiene una aplicación de Radio FM? Es decir que puede escuchar radio local con solo colocar los auriculares, sin utilizar una app que me deba conectar a Internet.


  10. LUCAS MANG'ARA says

    i have travel with my samsung galaxy s2 T989 from america to tanzania but when i put Tanzania sim card it display ENTER NETWORK LOCK CONTROL KEY …………UNLOCK .please help.

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