Samsung Galaxy Tab SPH P100 User Manual for Sprint

Except the Color Body of the Samsung Galaxy tab SPH P100 (used white color on the back, see image below), the others Tech Specs of SPH P100 is the same as Samsung Galaxy Tab SGH I987, and for features available in Galaxy Tab SPH P100 (use black color on rear body) is almost the same as Samsung Galaxy Tab SCH I800 (the differences between SCH I800 and SPH P100 only the Carrier Features; Sprint Tools and Verizon Tools). Just like what we said, the Tech Specs of SPH P100 was the same with SGH I987, Using 7″ (7 inches) Display Screen WSVGA TFT LCD at 600 x 1024 pixels and used Touch Tablet (Portrait Primary). Central Processing Unit (CPU) been installed in this P100 Tablet was also 1GHz Speed CPU, Cortex A8 Hummingbird along with 512 ROM / 512 RAM, 2G internal User Memory, 16GB microSD external memory included (up to 32GB) and used CDMA Network technology 1900/800 that supports EVDO RevA and WiFi from Sprint Carrier.

For the Camera, it used 1.3 Megapixel Camera on front body of the Tablet, and used 3 Megapixel Camera with Auto Focus and Flash Light at the rear (back) side of the Body. Bluetooth, WiFi, and also USB also supported. For the Sensor the Galaxy Tab SPH P100 also used Accelerometer, Geomagnetic, Gyro and Luminance. The Tab also available with onscreen Qwerty Keyboard (Swype technology included) and Numeric virtual Keypad. Almost forget, P100 Sprint Tablet also run under Android 2.2 Froyo Google Operating System Platform.

Samsung Galaxy Tab SPH P100 Manual User Guide Sprint PDF

Samsung Galaxy Tab SPH P100 Manual User Guide Sprint

Others Features on Galaxy Tab SPH P100 you can read as follows; Facebook, MySpace, Twitter Application, Google Services; Google Maps, GMail, GTalk, Google Search, Google Latitude, YouTube, Media Hub to Watch Movie and TV Shows, Amazon Kindle eReader and ThinkFree Office for Document Viewer (.doc word, .xls Excel and .ppt PowerPoint), DivX, Video and Audio Music Player, GPS Navigation, Android Market, Games, and more.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab SPH P100 Manual User Guide Sprint PDF Download

Samsung Galaxy Tab SPH P100 User Manual Guide Layout Key Functions PDF

Samsung Galaxy Tab SPH P100 User Guide - Layout Key Functions

Download Samsung Galaxy Tab SPH P100 Sprint User Guide | Language: English US | Pages:238 | PDF Size: 9.88 MB

Summary and Resume of the User Guide Galaxy Tab SPH P100 Sprint: If you wonder how to use the Camera to create Video Recording or to create Photo Shot, you can learn from the Section 2G under “Your Device” on “Camera” content at pages 110 to 119. Learning how to use Sprint WiFi or Sprint HotSpot, you can learn from User Guide PDF at pages 143 to 146. Another tutorial and step by step instruction available in the User Manual / Guide including Pairing the bluetooth, using Task Manager, Assembling the Phone with sim, battery and memory card help, Sprint Applications, using Google Maps, GPS Service and Navigation, and many more.

Table of Contents of Samsung Galaxy Tab SPH P100 User Guide Sprint

Table of Contents
Your Device’s Menu
Getting Started
Your Device;
Device Basics
Calendar and Tools
Voice Services
MicroSD Card
Sprint Service;
Sprint Service: The Basics
Web and Data Services
Entertainment: Music and Videos
GPS Navigation,
Safety and Warranty Information;
Important Safety Information
Manufacturer’s Warranty,

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  1. Mike says

    I need to reset my tablet and the factory reset isnt working. Plus i cant get googe play store to come up its like its not on my tablet….please help

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